VW Up Beats Review; Nice Interior and Color Options

VW Up Beats Review; Nice Interior and Color Options

Very subtle has updated the VW Up Beats, with the naked eye, the differences are barely visible. The major change is in the technique: VW’s little one there is from now on also with a 90 HP TSI engine. Shocking changed is the VW Up Beats on the outside not, there are at most some minor alterations made to the bumpers and headlights. Underneath there has happened: in addition to new comfort-enhancing Electronics is the New Up Beats now also available with a direct injected turbo engine, a three-cylinder 1.0 TSI that is good for 90 HP.

The 2017 VW Up Beats is without getting used to operate, thanks to a dashboard that is clean. With the Maps + More-app you have a navigation system, you can play music and of course phone calls. The apps is free of charge, the holder and the connection with the vehicle data you pay € 113. The driver and front passenger have little to complain about, in terms of space in the back have you as an adult little to search. The hold of the Volkswagen is 251 litres in size. For that you need the trunk floor some time in the lowest position. You have less volume required, then you can also put a little higher the floor and got some more tilgemak.

The three-cylinder TSI engine measuring 999 cc and we know with 95, 110 and 115 HP also from the Volkswagen Polo and Golf and many other models from the Volkswagen Group. With the 90-horsepower engine is the VW Up Beats a high-spirited Rascal. There is always enough pull in house and that starting at a modest speed. It’s just not the case that the engine delivers its performance in peace, you hear clear – perhaps something to clear – that-ie at work. Fortunately, the pleasant gearbox plenty of rest in the car. The vijfbak has rather long transmissions and is nicely matched to the motor characteristic; the maximum pulling power is available from 1,500 rpm. Volkswagen has with the facelift of the VW Up Beats the mount and the Steering left for what they are and that means that the emphasis is on please. The Up has a comfortable tuning of springs and dampers.

Specs and Price of New VW Up Beats

Brand Volkswagen
Model Up! 1.0 Tsi 90hp Up! Beats
Car body 5-door, Hatchback
Transmission 5-speed, manual
Drive for
Test year 2016
Price € 14,970

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