Tesla Cybertruck Overview – a bit Ugly, But People Like it

Tesla Cybertruck Overview – a bit Ugly, But People Like it

The expected model was unveiled in Los Angeles. Tesla Cybertruck will arrive in 2022 but the American company has already received about 200 thousand orders

A futuristic look and break design compared to any other model on the market: Tesla and Elon Musk have wanted to amaze once again by presenting Cybertruck, the American home pickup that should see the first models arrive on the market in 2022 and ready to revolutionize the world of ‘car.

A highly anticipated debut that has revealed to the world forms and characteristics of the sixth model of the American company founded by the visionary Musk. The new Cybertruck will have shapes never seen before and a steel exoskeleton that the founder of the star and stripe brand defines impenetrable and indestructible thanks to an armored body.

  • Range: 500+ miles
  • 0-60 mph acceleration: <2.9 seconds
  • Towing capacity: More than 14,000 lbs
  • Payload: Up to 3,500 lbs
  • Vault length: 6.5 feet
  • Storage capacity: 100 cubic feet of exterior, lockable storage including the vault, frunk, and sail pillars.
  • Suspension: 4″ in either direction
  • Touchscreen size: 17″
  • Body: Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless steel. If there was something better, we’d use it.
  • Seating capacity: Up to six adults
  • Charging: Can be charged at home, at Destination Charging locations, and with our network of more than 14,000 Superchargers, including on our newest V3 technology, which is helpful for long hauls and towing.


A vehicle, the one that should be marketed in the United States starting from 2021, which will be electric with three different versions with increasing autonomy from 400, 480 and 800 km with the trimotor version that promises with incredible performances that will lead Tesla Cybertruck to accelerate up to at 210 km/h top speed with acceleration from 0 to 96 km / h in 2.9 seconds. A car that will have, among its features, also the pneumatic suspension that can vary the set-up of 10 cm both uphill and downhill and also the possibility of counting on the Tesla Autopilot package that will also be able to handle the trailer, to park and support 100% autonomous driving.

Tesla Cybertruck Price & Configurations

5.88 meters long, 2.01 wide and 1.9 meters high, Cybertruck also boasts a 1.9 meter long body that can hold a load of 2,830 liters of volume closed under an electrically operated hard-top with a capacity of towing up to 6.350 kg and the possibility of operating an integrated ramp to pick up another vehicle, such as the Tesla electric quad bike.

Inside, then, there will be room for six people arranged in two different rows with a decidedly minimalist dashboard where the 17 “central display stands out on a slab.

Three versions will be offered with prices starting from $39,900 to go up depending on the engines chosen, passing through the $49.900 of the two-unit version to reach a maximum of $ 69.900 for the three-engine version, while it is already possible to book the vehicle with just $100 so that orders have already exceeded 200 thousand units.

An expected debut that Musk himself contributed to feeding so much that all eyes were on Cybertruck at the presentation of the vehicle in Los Angeles.

To convince even the most skeptical the same founder of the American company that made the spread of the electric his mission wanted to test the characteristics of his new project by first striking the body with a club to test the resistance and then throwing marbles steel on armored windows; the experiment, however, did not go the right way so much that the window, although not crossed, shattered, making Musk curse who tried to pull himself out of the way with a joke.

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