2019 Subaru Impreza; Safety and Reliable [REVIEW]

2019 Subaru Impreza; Safety and Reliable [REVIEW]

After seven years of absence, the 2019 Subaru Impreza is back. With all its virtues: behavior, inner space, priority given to the bottom rather than to the frills. But is there an audience in Canada for a compact four-wheel drive, petrol engine, and automatic box?

Impreza! In the collective memory, this name slams like a whip. Comes to mind a blue Subaru, topped by a huge fin and World Rally Champion. However, this Impreza dates from 2003 and continued its course only in video games or rare WRX versions. Subaru has remained faithful to the two architectural principles that are the mainstays of the Japanese House: Permanent integral transmission, flat-cylinder boxer engine to reduce vibration and lower the center of gravity. But now puts them at the service of more family values: safety, reliability.

Launched in 2007 by the Impreza N ° 3, the first of the saga to adopt a tailgate, this turn disoriented the French public: Why four-wheel drive in a peaceful compact, moreover as sad to watch as a rainy day? In Canada, his career was brief: four years and then went.

Redesign and Changes

The Impreza N ° 5 will try to reconnect the thread of this interrupted dialogue, but it really does not speak the same language as the other compact: as if integral transmission and flat cylinders were not enough to differentiate it, it adds atmospheric engine Petrol, gearbox with continuous variation and large template (4.46 m). From then on, the Malus watch it at the turn: 1 050 € minimum. This is a lot because full transmission and automatic box already weigh on prices: from 23 990 € in a single version 1.6 114 hp, it is true well-equipped standard (automatic air-conditioning, adaptive controller).

Of course, the Impreza N ° 5 has a more careful design, bent its flanks. But still does not catch the look, with its grille that lacks personality. In spite of its merits, it is likely to kill on the same obstacle as its elder: except to live in a mountain area, which really needs a compact four-wheel drive in canada? The XV, its SUV declination which will be launched in January 2018, is better suited to the tastes of the public: high driving position and large chest, for 1 500 € more.

With its new platform, light and rigid, the Impreza loves the curves: it is engaged without hesitation, lays its wheels at the point, turns flat, and its permanent integral transmission watches over the fluidity of the movement by dividing the torque between its four Wheels to ensure linear acceleration in curve output. Three words are enough to describe his behavior: stability, efficacy, and softness since the Impreza at the center of low gravity do not need to harden its suspensions to withstand the temptation of the roll.

But his talent is on two limits. The atmospheric petrol engine 1.6 114 ch is too low in torque (150 Nm) to keep pace. A dimmer box, Japanese specialty (Nissan, Honda, Subaru), it’s perfect in town, but irritating for those who want to increase the tone on the road, or even simply take an overrun: elastic and soft acceleration, shrill noise. With these two shackles and the weight of its automatic transmission, in addition, the 2019 Subaru Impreza to the chassis of thoroughbred gallops the 0-100 km at the rhythm of a plow: 12.4 s When the gear lever is switched on, the Sport mode does not provide the solution: it increases the sound level more than the responsiveness.

A turbo would have given punch to the 1.6 essence of the Impreza. Subaru, virtuous, refused to resort to this artifice which preserves the official consumption but degrades in real life. result, double full. The Impreza is struggling to relaunch on the winding steep slopes: This is the road profile of the mountainous regions to which its permanent full transmission seems to be intended. and presents all the arguments that are pleasing to a gas station attendant: Petrol ATMO engine, integral transmission, automatic gearbox. Its energy bill suffers: from 6.2 to 6.8 L/100 km in a mixed cycle according to tire size, from 1 050 to 2 733 € of Discount.

This is the hallmark of any Subaru: the essential, not the superfluous. The Board of the 2019 Subaru Impreza is stripped of frills, to the point of appearing empty at first glance, but proves to be functional and well arranged. The seats are firm and offer a good hold. The Impreza did not yield to the mode of the narrow side glazing: its cockpit is therefore naturally luminous, while the width of the rear window and the depth of the quarter favor the camera of the driver.

Beautiful template, long wheelbase (2.67 m): The rear passengers can take their ease aboard the Impreza even if the central occupant has to contend with the transmission tunnel passing between his legs. The chest, on the other hand, points in the low average of the category due to a high floor: 385 L. And does not know, in the absence of a two-position floor, to present a perfectly flat loading area when the records of the bench are folded.

The Impreza goes less than most of its rivals in the interior refinement and the profusion of equipment: no recoil radar, for example. It has, however, broken, and it is happy, with the almost monastic austerity of its elders: its finish marks a clear progress compared to the previous Impreza, within particular a central console lacquered with black, chromed surfaces, even elegant and Discreet color stitching on the dashboard in the high luxury finish.

2019 Subaru Impreza Price and Trims

Integral Transmission, petrol engine and automatic gearbox: This conjunction is rare in the compacts in here. Or you have to climb very high: Audi A3 TFSI 190 CH (34 500 €), Mercedes Classe A 220 184 ch (36 100 €), Ford Focus RS 2.3 250 PS (39 700 €), Seat Leon ST TSI 300 ch, (40 135 €), Infiniti Q30 2.0 211 CH (41 130 €), Volkswagen Golf TSI 310 CH (45 890 €) , BMW Series 1 M140i 340 hp (52 600 €).

The 2019 Subaru Impreza, 23 990 €, is therefore alone in its small garden. It can only be compared to compact two-wheel drive of equivalent power. The Peugeot 308 (4.25 m, 420 L of Trunk), segment leader, gives the price trend: 22 900 € in 1.2 petrol 110 hp (11.1 s from 0 to 100 km/h) and Active finish with equipment close to the first level Impreza.

Along with compact like the Mazda 3 (4.47 m, 364 l chest) Request 23 500 € in version 2.0 petrol ATMO 120 hp (8.9 s). Even by adding a penalty to which Peugeot 308 110 CH (4.1 L/100 km, 97 g/km CO2) and Mazda 3 120 hp (5.1 L, 119 g) escape, the Impreza keeps a competitive rate considering its full transmission and automatic gearbox. But at the purchase as for use, there is much cheaper in the segment, with forwarding transmission and mechanical box.


It’s always the same story with Subaru. The journalists will sing the praises of the new Impreza, as they did for the XV, forester or break Legacy: dynamic qualities, comfort, interior space. And, as usual, the French public will not buy, or so little: 600 sales in sight for Subaru on the balance sheet 2017, against 2 650 in 1999

The automobile is traded. But Subaru has kept an engineer honesty: full transmission and flat cylinders of rigor, no small turbo petrol engine that allows deceiving the malus, equipment reduced to the essentials to gain weight, design relegated to the rank of secondary matter. This speech pleases in the northern countries: austere manners, snowy roads in winter.

But there is hardly any echo in the countries of the South. They are less wealthy: an integral transmission is expensive, a boxer engine also since its special architecture prevents an industrial sharing, the Malus strikes. They are mainly of Latin temperament, sensitive to the curve of a wing, to the charm of a differentiated tinted roof or 3d effects lamps … As a result, the fate of the Impreza is sealed. She’ll be smoking in Switzerland and Seattle. Not in Los Angeles or Nice.

Pros and Cons

We love

  • Road behavior: stability, comfort
  • The Living space
  • The tariff, competitive in light of the staffing (full transmission, CVT)

We regret

  • The CVT box stifles the qualities of the chassis and the engine
  • Full Transmission + petrol engine + CVT = Big Malus
  • In France, is there a market for a compact four-wheel drive?

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