Most Safest Used Car on The Market Right Now – Top 6 2019/2020

Most Safest Used Car on The Market Right Now – Top 6 2019/2020

From the Volkswagen Golf, via Honda Civic and Volvo V40, here are the safest used cars on the market right now.

road safety is something that is very important, from year to year the number of accidents on the streets has indeed decreased.

To ensure that accidents are less and less dangerous, both the responsibility of drivers, who are increasingly aware of the risks associated with speeding, driving, and carelessness at the wheel, and car manufacturers that have concentrated their efforts, thanks to increasingly stringent safety regulations. Here are, according to the ranking compiled by CarGurus – one of the leading global car marketplaces – the safest used cars on the market.


Taking the safest car on the market is the Volvo V40; the Swedish manufacturer, in fact, has always made attention to safety a real trademark so much so as to have been the first, precisely on the V40, to adopt the Pedestrian Airbag technology, that is the protection dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists who, in In the event of contact, it limits the damage caused by the accident. It is no coincidence that the Volvo V40, for several years now, has a state-of-the-art safety package that includes an anti-crash system thanks to which the car is able to brake autonomously if the vehicle in front slows down. All measures that make it the safest car on the market.


On the second step of the safety podium, instead, is the Honda Civic. The car of the Japanese company can boast a rich safety package with sensors, radars, and cameras able to warn the driver about potential dangers by activating, if necessary, the assistance systems such as that related to emergency braking which, if the driver does not responds to acoustic or visual signals, reduce vehicle speed. Furthermore, among the safety-related systems, the Honda Civic can also boast adaptive cruise control – not always present on cars that already have a few years of life behind it – and the lane maintenance system that corrects the trajectory making it the second car safest car on the market.


To complete the podium, then, here is the Hyundai i30 which, in 2017, obtained the highest scores in the categories related to pedestrians, occupants children and adults in the safety rating drafted by Euro NCAP. In fact, the car can boast an active safety package equal to that of upper segment cars with an autonomous braking system capable of recognizing pedestrians up to 80 km / h, the Advanced Smart Cruise Control and also the system Blind Spot Detection which signals the presence of cars in the blind corner of the outside rear-view mirror.


Immediately out of the top 3, instead, there is the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer that ranks in fourth place thanks to the use, by the Bavarian manufacturer, of very high quality steels combined with safety systems typical of BMW Connected Drive as the ‘driving assistant that allows you to follow the flow of traffic respecting the distance selected with respect to the car in front by adjusting the speed independently and steering actively, if necessary. In addition to this, there is also a driver assistance system that maintains the lane, provided that at least one hand is resting on the steering wheel.


In fifth place in this special classification on safer used cars, there is, instead, the Mazda3 which, in the Euro NCAP tests, has achieved important results with a 98% occupant protection that reaches 87% as far as it’s about children on board. To contribute to the good placement obtained by the Japanese car there is also the intelligent braking system in the city, although optional, which helps to minimize the possibility of frontal impacts.


The sixth position, instead, for the Volkswagen Golf, one of the most sold cars in the history of the car, which can boast a safety system that makes technology its strong point thanks to the use of the infotainment and navigation system Discover. The device, in fact, although optional, allows a predefined number of driver gestures to be coded, allowing the system to sense the request of the driver, thus executing the desired command; in this way the driver can perform different functions without taking his eyes off the road, significantly reducing the risk associated with accidents caused by distraction.

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