New TVR Griffith 2019 Previews, Specification and Prices

New TVR Griffith 2019 Previews, Specification and Prices

The legendary British Car builder finally presents the new model that marks its renaissance. Pure Sport in the old fashion, the TVR Griffith 2019 could show many of the current GT!

After years of waiting, we can finally discover the new sport produced by TVR. It should be remembered that the small British manufacturer had not manufactured any cars since the monstrous Sagaris stopped in 2006. After years of wandering, the takeover by the Edgar in 2014 seems to have borne fruit and the result is there, with the presentation of this Griffith.

The third Griffith

The brand new coupe is, therefore, the third model to wear this appellation, after the two convertibles released in 1965 and 1990. Adopting lines that mix fluidity and aggression, this forward engine propulsion offers râblées proportions, showing shorter but also wider than a Porsche Cayman, with 4.31 m long for 1.85 m wide.

The English GT is indeed equipped with an atmospheric 5.0 V8, which would be derived from the current Ford Mustang GT. After passing through the hands of Cosworth, this block develops close to 500 hp and allows the Griffith to shoot down the 0 to 100 km/in less than 4 s. With such performance and a weight/power ratio of 400 hp to the ton, as much as saying that even a Porsche 911 GT3 could be worried!

Despite its wasp size, the cockpit of the TVR seems less spartan than that of a Lotus requires and offers a luxurious and sporty ambiance, including a dashboard covered with leather and Alcantara.

It will still have to wait a while before we can cross a Griffith in the street, since the production will only start at the end of the year 2018, with a Launch Edition limited to 500 copies. Rhe Price of The New Griffith Posted at 90 000 pounds (or close to 100 000 €), the rate remains fairly reasonable in terms of the performance announced.

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