New Nissan Micra VS Renault Clio Seat Capacity

New Nissan Micra VS Renault Clio; Who’s better? – Family disputes are often the most passionate. Completely renewed and now made in France, the Nissan Micra would like to dethrone her cousin, the Renault Clio. Led by the same 3-cylinder gasoline of 90 HP, they highlight however very different arguments.

The automotive world not yet entirely consists of SUV and, until further notice, versatile cities remains of France’s most popular models: four of them are indeed in the top ten best-selling cars since the beginning of the year 2017. And the undisputed Queen of the genre remains the Renault Clio, always at the top of the sales all categories before the Peugeot 208. Measure the qualities of the all-new Nissan Micra in the face of this standard statement meter so obviously, like the choice of comparing them in petrol version, a fuel that dominates more outrageously than ever in this category.

The Fifth generation Nissan Micra is produced in France in the factory Renault of Flint. She also released same strings that produced the Clio in France and share the same engines with his French cousin, Renault-Nissan Alliance forces. It must be said that with this fifth generation, the Micra change of segment. A small city car, she joined the Pack of the ‘versatile’ thanks to its additional 17 cm.

“In terms of style, the new Micra seems straight out of a Manga with his almost caricatured angles“

However, the two cousins are not twins. They do not quite share the same platform, even if their architecture is similar. And in terms of style, the Japanese seems straight come a manga with his almost caricatured angles. In the orange color of our test model, we see it. As if that wasn’t enough, the Tekna finish adds with 17-inch series wheels. An endowment that pays: its selling price is higher than € 740 than the Clio Intent. For a model that arises as an alternative, that no lack of nerve!

The increasingly Dimension Renault Clio

In the face of his cousin, the Clio can highlight its restyling undertaken last year. She has won more unflattering than before materials and multimedia equipment up-to-date. She keeps measurements among the most generous in its segment with a 4.06 m long, or 7 cm more than its Japanese rival. A difference that matters, we shall see. We can also welcome once again the work of Laurens Van Den Acker. The fluid style of the French supermini has not aged a bit despite the pervasiveness of the model. We can safely predict that, despite his prior art, it will age better than that – very tortured – the Micra.

Settling in the Micra, the owner of the old model will struggle to find his children. The driving position is much more sporty and small flying at three branches invites to conduct. And the changes don’t stop there. The Japanese seems to have taken lessons in comfort before settling in France : it offers a rather flexible depreciation and a pretty good filtering Bill even if irregularities cause sensitive percussion, probably due to our trial version 17-inch rims.

Unfortunately, this convenience pay fund peacekeeping: the Micra takes quite easily roll and does not offer the same serenity Clio that remains a benchmark for road holding. Equipped 16-inch wheels, the French is however somewhat firmer than the Micra and, in all cases, our two competitors are far from achieving the excellence of the Peugeot 208, both more accurate and more comfortable.

On paper, our two competitors are equipped strictly of the same engine, namely the three cylinder turbo 90 c. Nevertheless, differences in management are clearly perceptible to the use. Thus on the Micra, the effect of turbo appears more pronounced, which gives the impression of a net trough at low revs and makes the throttle response says. A particularly unpleasant defect in the city. On the Clio, the accelerations are more smoothed and the dosage of the right pedal easier. Quite sound, these engines are also very vibrant. However, we hear a little less noise transmission on the Clio. They are indeed very present on the first two reports in the Micra, a relic of the previous two generations. We also regret his catchy box order, particularly in the fifth.

New Nissan Micra VS Renault Clio – Interior

The Clio compares well with his young rival so far, should surrender with respect to the quality of finish. Despite its recent restyling, she always sin by its bright plastics and unflattering deburring. The Micra makes great efforts in this area and totally forget the errors of its predecessor. It is of course even more striking on our model with the orange customization pack, with coating color on the dash and upholstery with faux. Playing on the other hand in terms of storage, not necessarily very generous in both cases. If the Clio offers a small chest in his arm, the Micra replicates by its very large general use lit from the bottom of console.

Devastated to finish a chapter, the Clio takes a sacred rematch in terms of livability. Yet, she is not champion in the field, but she found less talented than she. The Micra sacrifices its back seat on the altar of design. An adult over 1.75 m must grovel to the back and legs space appears even less generous than on the little French girl. In both cases, the seat is not a model of comfort, the foundations and records being insufficiently drilled. Side chest, two rivals announce 300 liters useful volume but the loading sill is higher on the Japanese and less regular forms of his trunk.

We have said, the Micra Tekna is more expensive than our Clio Intens. However, she has good reason to justify its extra cost. More modern, she offers serial a battery of cry last safety equipment: assistant of maintaining active online, with pedestrian detection automatic emergency braking and even a camera to read traffic signs. A battery very full audience at the rather effective conduct on a daily basis on which Clio totally ignores : it’s simple, none of these facilities is available in series or as an option, not even in town yet very useful emergency automatic braking. A gap more damaging as more modern competitors are appearing.

“Despite its higher rate, the Nissan Micra clearly takes the lead on the Renault Clio price/equipment reporting“

The advantage of the Japanese does not stop there since it also offers a Bose sound system (it is true unconvincing) and the camera back in series, while it takes pay €1 550 to afford the equivalent on the Renault. The catalog of options of the Micra reserves other inaccessible features on the Clio as the Vision 360, the alert angle-death and the ability to customize a little more provided than the Renault. It differs from his rival by his lights led series. In short, despite its higher price, the Japanese takes much report equipment/price advantage. Chapter consumption, the Clio turns a little more sober, but the three cylinders like little be solicited: in heavy use or in traffic jams, its consumption can exceed the 8 l / 100 km on our two urban women.

New Nissan Micra VS Renault Clio  – The Winner is Renault Clio

At the time of the balance sheet, the Renault Clio saved furniture thanks to its greater homogeneity. His superior livability and more serene handling make a more versatile everyday car. You still don’t understand however why Renault has not updated its range of equipment on the occasion of its last restyling. It is in this area that it is put in trouble by the Nissan Micra and all the latest in its segment that is biased to the audience to conduct. If this argument is not enough to the Japanese to win the match, he could be quite different with the new Seat Ibiza and the future Volkswagen Polo. The Queen keeps his throne, but for how much longer?

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