2021 Mercedes Vito Passenger Capacity


Mercedes renews its best known commercial vehicle, the Vito, putting a targeted and functional hand to style and technological contents. Thanks to its three different configurations, Tourer, Mixto, and Van. With numerous specific equipment, the new Vito can always better meet the needs of daily use.

We are talking about small entrepreneurs or traders, but also taxi drivers or Car rental with driver, up to the large family who does not want (or cannot) reaches the heights of elegance and luxury of the more “bourgeois” and expensive Class V; therefore not only the army of freelancers.

A little anecdote: did you know that Vito’s name does not refer to the classic Italian truck driver but derives from the Spanish city Vitoria, where the Mercedes factory has been based since 1975? And from that year, until 1981, light commercial vehicles’ production began with the N1300 and MB100 models. But only in 1996, the first generation of  Mercedes Vito was born. We come to (almost) our days since the last generation has managed to sell over 530,000 units since 2014. This result has allowed it to reach the podium of the top three best-selling compact commercial vehicles in the world.

I am now back to the last release, the one I tried these days in the splendid scenery of a Roman “outdoor,” right on Lake Bracciano’s shores, less than an hour from the capital and headquarters the military airport of Vigna di Valle. Its spectacular Air Force Museum was the setting for the presentation. If you are in those parts, the advice is to visit it: another Italian excellence not to be missed.

2021 Mercedes Vito Redesign

The facelift was very light; in fact, it involves small tweaks to the style of the headlights and grille, as well as the adoption of brand new light-alloy wheels. Flank and tail remain almost identical. But the most important novelty concerns the 4-cylinder diesel engine, which in this latest OM654 version is already able to comply with the restrictions on polluting emissions of 2039

A concentrate of technology that took  10 years of development to replace the old OM651. This Euro 6d approved engine has been updated in numerous components and lightened to reach a weight of only 168 kg, to reduce operating costs.

Engine Specs

The Vito is available in three length solutions, from 4.89 to 5.37 meters, in the Compact, Long, and Extra-long variants and with two wheelbase sizes: 3.26 and 3.43 meters.

Thanks to these dimensions, the payload reaches up to 1,369 kg, while the height of fewer than 2 meters ensures free access to underground garages, multi-story car parks, etc. The Vito is available with the front, rear, and integral drive and manual 6-speed or 9-speed automatic transmission combined with the different engines.

The Mercedes van is also available with an extensive range of engines, starting with the 110 CDI version with 102 hp and 270 Nm of torque. Then, you go up to the 114 CDI with 136 hp with 330 Nm of torque, 116 CDI with 163 hp and 380 Nm torque, and 119 CDI with 190 hp / 440 Nm.  The Tourer version, the less “business” and more oriented to passenger transport, is also available 124 CDI, or with the most performing engine of 239 HP and 500 Nm of torque.

Test Drive

And the latter is precisely the Vito that I drove during this first contact. A couple of hours spent on board an SUV with attention to detail and pleasant to drive, more than a van dedicated to hard work.

The welcome is in a spacious environment, where everyone, absolutely everyone, the 9 passengers have plenty of space. Some coatings are not only robust but also quality. The dashboard integrates the new air vents and the 7 “touchscreen of the new infotainment system, supporting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and satellite navigation.

Again, it seems to be behind the wheel of a large sedan or SUV rather than a “commercial.” And I find confirmation of this even while driving. The nearly 240 hp four-cylinder supports the weight of the Vito Tourer very well. The thrust is not strong but balanced, with the gearbox correctly distributing the nine gears.

In traffic, it is necessary to pay attention to the measurements. Still, the steering ensures the right precision and guarantees a very tight turning angle to make me do one less maneuver in parking. If that’s not enough, there is also the rear camera to take advantage of every available centimeter between one car and another.

On the comfort side, the suspensions suffocate well the blows of the most ruined roads, and I guarantee you that there are many in Rome, but also in terms of driving, they ensure good precision by working in concert with the steering.

Safety Features

The new Mercedes Vito has numerous driving aids as standard, such as the automatic emergency braking Brake Assist, the DISTRONIC (active cruise control with integrated speed limiter), the Crosswind Assist to counteract the dangers of crosswind, and the Attention Assist to monitor the driver’s level of fatigue. Devices that can be integrated with others such as blind-spot monitoring, departure warning, and lane-keeping.

New Mercedes Vito 2021 Price & Lease Deals

Vito Furgone and Vito Mixto are sold in the Cargo and Pro trim levels, while for the Vito Tourer, you can choose between Base, Pro, and Select.

Prices start at €24,027, rising to €25,554 for the Mixto and € 27,057 for the Tourer. As this type of vehicle is usually not bought for cash, Mercedes has provided a series of exciting formulas starting with leasing for the model Van 114 CDI Long Pro, which does not require an advance and sets the installment for 6 months at 30 euros, a figure that rises to 290 euros in the following 48 months with low interest.

The new Mercedes Compact van is also available in the electric e-Vito version with 90 kWh batteries for over 420 km of range. Its price is 44,754 euros, but an absorbing formula to drive is the long-term rental with 48 installments of 856 euros + VAT / 80,000 km with zero advance. This proposal also includes air conditioning and the charging column.


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