New DS7 Crossback 2020 Review – Enjoy The BlueHDi 130 LUX SUV!

New DS7 Crossback 2020 Review – Enjoy The BlueHDi 130 LUX SUV!

The DS7 Crossback 2020 plays the upscale SUV in diesel version 180 hp and 225 hp petrol, but it also offers a more modest motorization of 130 hp to lighten the bill and appeal, including businesses. A good idea?

The new DS7 Crossback arrived on the market early 2018, with its high-end engines: 2.0 BlueHDi 180 hp and 1.6 PureTech 225 hp. The reality on the ground, it is also a more modest power diesel to lower the price of access to individuals, and especially present a lighter tax bill from companies that represent a strategic sales channel. Here is the DS7 Crossback diesel entry-level, equipped with the recent 1.5 BlueHDi 130. It is he who must seduce companies, before the arrival of the E-tense hybrid-rechargeable version in 2019 and his gift lot tax.

New DS7 Crossback Diesel Price

The price of the DS7 BlueHDi 130 starts at 31 600 € and it’s CO 2 emissions at 103 g / km position it far from the ecological penalty and in a good position for the TVS (tax on company vehicles). With an effort of € 1,200, you can choose the EAT8 Automatic gearbox that suits this type of car and has no influence on the CO2 level. Our DS7 Crossback Test was devoid of it. So we settled for the six-speed manual gearbox.

Our DS7 is presented in a beautiful livery: Performance Line +. The French SUV thus takes on a dynamic look with Alcantara upholstery in the cabin, a neat finish and distinguished equipment such as the BRM watch (see all standard equipment). In exchange for this flattering version, you have to pay € 40,500. A price that remains below the average selling price of the DS7 which rises to
48 000 €.

Test Drive

No need to scrutinize the stopwatch by the thousandths of a second here. An engine 1499 cm 3 in a good sized SUV has never made a miracle. But this BlueHDi of 130 hp and 300 Nm of torque is not satisfied either to make the figuration. Soft enough and rather alert mid-revs, it allows taking the DS7 with some good will. In the city and on the peri-urban routes, everything is fine and the quiet mechanics is very well suited to the cozy atmosphere on board.

The mission is a little complicated on the long ramps of highway and load where, this time, the diesel lack of resources to offer performance worthy of the rank of this SUV. The box control well guided but slow enough does not encourage the dynamism, the chassis either. The latter favors comfort, which it does very well even in this private configuration of the piloted suspension that scans the road (equipment reserved for BlueHDi 180).

Not very dynamic, but not clumsy either, this version of the DS7 is more appreciated in a normal or calm driving. In this dispute, do not hesitate to extend the bill of € 1,200 for the services of the automatic transmission. Finally, the DS7 Crossback BlueHDi 130 excels where it is expected: consumption. Our road course has an average flow of 5.9 l / 100 km and it is easy to stay under 7 l / 100 km highway. Good values for an SUV of this size and which makes think all those who want to switch to gasoline on this type of high and bulky gear.

Interior of New DS7 Performance Line +

With the Performance Line + finish, the DS7 dresses Alcantara on the seats, the dashboard and the door panels. The finish is beautifully crafted. BRM clock at the top of the dashboard. The box control is accurate but quite slow. The rear seats of the DS7 Performance Line + offer an electrically reclining backrest. A good point for comfort. The front seats are welcoming and they offer excellent support. The length adjustment of the seat is a plus.


DS is not the only upscale brand to equip its modest engine models to satisfy businesses. However, in the small circle of the premium claimed by the brand, few SUV go down so low in displacement and power. With its positioning straddling between two segments (compact model platform like a Q3 and Q5 template ), the DS7 is aimed here at the low fringe. And all are better since the 2020 BMW X1 18d, 2019 Audi Q3 35TDI and Volvo XC40 D3 are equipped with a 2.0 diesel 150 hp. This competition starts at a slightly higher price (36 200 € for X1 18d, 33 950 € for the XC40, while the price of the new Q3 is not yet known), but their monthly rent (the most important for companies) is not necessarily higher.

2020 DS7 Crossback BlueHDi 130 Review – Verdict

This version does not have the flavor of the PureTech 225 gasoline model whose approval more closely matches the high status of the DS7. But this BlueHDi 130 fulfills its mission where it is expected: lower access price, attractive CO 2 level for businesses and very reasonable real consumption. And since it lacks breadth and dynamism, so choose it with the box EAT8 to adopt a comfortable driving befits the French SUV.

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