2019 BMW M5 Review; M5 With Four-Wheel Drive

2019 BMW M5 Review; M5 With Four-Wheel Drive

Farewell propulsion, hello Full transmission: For its sixth generation, its Majesty 2019 BMW M5 operates a turn at 180 °, but does not completely eradicate the figures at 360 °. A sacred trickster, who does what she wants from her 600 Horsepower Magic!

BMW M5 (invariable own name, appeared in 1984): Sedan knowing how to humiliate famous sportsmen while coiling five passengers in a seasoned road passenger compartment. An imaginary definition, but immutable for five generations. although each has brought its little revolution.

The M5 E39 went from the six cylinders to the V8, in 1998. The M5 E60 preferred the V10 and the robotic box, in 2005. The M5 F10 was converted to the Biturbo, in 2012. As for the new M5 F90, it adopts a true integral transmission, as its direct rivals Audi RS6 and Mercedes-AMG E 63. One last choice more cleaving than all the previous, both the propulsion architecture seemed to stick to BMW in general, and to the M models in particular.

At startup, the new M5 wakes up in 4WD mode: With high acceleration and/or pointed wheels, the front axle receives up to 50% of the torque via a multi-disc clutch. a value already honorable considering the maximum torque: 750 Nm in total, from 1 800 RPM!

What to anticipate any skating bait, and offer the M5 the best acceleration of its history: 3.4 s from 0 to 100 km/h, when the previous them to 4.3 s in a burning gum odor. That the fans of this telogen are reassuring: the M5 offers two other modes of transmission far less serious

First, a 4WD Sports mode, which limits the torque transfer forward, and accelerates the outer rear wheel to further enhance agility (thanks to the active rear differential). Then, a 2WD mode, which allows the driver to dose the 600 hp on the only rear wheels, without any driving assistance: anti-slip and traction control are not allowed to cite in this crazy mode. We’ll start with a 4WD, okay?

2019 BMW M5 Price

The Latest BWM M5 peaks at 126.500€ and, for once, the series staffing does not lack anything in daily use: hands-free key, a backup camera, high head display, 4-zone air conditioning, touchscreen GPS and 16 HP Harman Kardon Audio system come on board.

The opinion of the radicals will be more mixed, by discovering the indispensable use of the options to enjoy the Sport exhaust (1 500 €), the maximum speed raised from 250 km/h to 305 km/h (2 400 € with a piloting course included) or the carbon-ceramic brakes at 8 900 €.

Another factor to be taken into account is the cost of registering such a machine from 1 January 2018: at 10 500 € of malus required, it may be necessary to add a surcharge of €500 per horse tax if the car exceeds 34 Hp (capped at 8 000 € , by chance, on an M5 to 52 Horsepower ), which does not replace the cost of the grey card estimated at 2 120 € on average. On arrival? The purchaser of an M5 may have to add 20 600 € of taxes to the purchase price! But, let’s change the subject …

2019 BMW M5 Test Drive

We are moving this intimidating M5 but a “doctor” Motorsport holds us: mandatory briefing. Far from calming our excitement, it aims to get us to revise the plethora of available settings: Two anti-slip laws, three firmness of shock absorbers, three levels of steering assistance, three accelerator managements, six gearbox modes. And of course, the three transmission positions

Like the old M5, it is, fortunately, possible to program its preferred configurations and to access it via two keys of shortcuts housed on the branches of the steering wheel. Practice! And to make your brother-in-law’s line pilot jealous and his endless procedures start.

The dynamic test finally arrives, and our first timidity veers to immediate confidence: the M5 takes off smoothly, out its eight reports without the slightest blow, whispers at 2 000 rpm on the freeway, manages an almost autonomous line optional. So much so that it could be a basic 520i, both this rocket pampers its passengers and shows itself easy to move. Releasing the muscles of our neck was yet a mistake

The first straight acceleration forcefully sends our skull to the headrest and generates an almost unrealistic thrust in this 5-meter long carriage. Group of cyclists, heavyweight queue, Porsche 911 atmospheric range: Nothing resists, during the reliance, this incredible road, which compresses the occupants in their files without the slightest respite from 2.000 to 7 000 rpm.

It must be said that the V8 4.4 Biturbo of 600 HP was able to surround itself: the integral transmission quietly let’s sleep the traction, while the new Automatic box (a ZF with eight reports unpublished) appears as fast as a robotic double clutch. More present than before with the Sports exhaust, the hoarse sound completes to participate in the sensations … even if the turbos logically forbid the more acute, purer voice of a Lexus GS-F to atmospheric V8.

And the balance in turns, in all this? As adjustable as everything else, the M5 passing from reassuring integral in 4WD mode, to the serious contender of the “drifter” Ken Block in 2WD mode. Our preference goes to the intermediate mode 4WD Sport, which already allows happy commas in the output of pins to acceleration, traction, and progressiveness in addition!

It remains to deactivate the ESP antiskid (a castrator nothing, even in Sports mode) to enjoy it fully, and let appear an M5 rather agile on a circuit, even when entering turns. For a sedan curling the 2 real tons (and which therefore imposes the option carbon-ceramic braking for runway use), this is unpublished.

Interior of the BMW M5

At first sight? A Board of BMW 5 series, well manufactured, respectful of ergonomic codes. The M5 differs rather by details. Like this eight-speed auto-box lever, with three manual modes and three automatic modes, selectable at its top. Or these other tuning keys for the accelerator, steering, suspensions, and Sports exhaust. Digital display meters do not cover the entire slab as the Audi virtual cockpit. The 10.25-inch screen is more practical because tactile and always doubled with a jog wheel. The Sports seats M at 1950 € can be used to adjust the seat and the width of the side flanges. The 2019 BMW M5 speeds up like a Ferrari but welcomes its rear passengers much better.


With its three-face transmission, the new BMW M5 (600 hp, 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 s, 305 km/h maxi Optional) no longer fears any rival. Neither the Audi RS6 Avant Performance, only 4 x 2 (V8 Biturbo 605 Horsepower, 3.7 s, 280 km/h), nor the Lexus GS-F, only 2 D (V8 ATMO 477 hp, 4.6 s, 270 km/h). Nor even the latest Mercedes-AMG e 63, which also features a 4 x 2 or 2 C mode in its most powerful version (the E 63 “s” with 612 HP, 3.4 s, and 300 km/h optional), but no fun intermediate position.

On this planet of “race” roads, a free electron is finally to be considered: the Tesla Model S. In version P100D, it combines integral transmission, a maximum power exceeding 600 Hp and driving mode Ludicrous which puts everyone agrees on the test from 0 to 100 km/H: 2.7 s! remains a 100% electrically pleasing propulsion at the steering wheel … but not adapted if it is a question of chaining the track towers, or crossing Germany foot to the floor.

2019 BMW M5 Verdict

An M5 with four-wheel drive? An insult to the lineage according to some purists, and the best 2019 BMW M5 of the story according to us. With its possibilities of almost infinite adjustments, the new M5 pushes the concept of versatility to the climax, even better mastering the compromise comfort/high performance, but also that of agility/stability in curves, configurable according to the Tastes of his different riders. Before the next generation confirmed hybrid, here may be the best M5 of all time, past, and future, so. A must.

Pros and Cons


  • Three-mode transmission,
  • That sticks to all driving styles
  • Engine Responsiveness/Impressive box
  • Very good comfort reported to the level of performance


  • The anti-skid necessarily disconnected in propulsion mode
  • The budget for use and registration

2019 BMW M5 Review; M5 With Four-Wheel Drive Pictures

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