2019 Alpine A110 Overview; Interior, Engine Performance, Price

2019 Alpine A110 Overview; Interior, Engine Performance, Price

It is the hour of truth for the new 2019 Alpine A110, with its first road and circuit tests next week. Find our impressions at its steering wheel from Tuesday 5 December 2017.

The 2019  Alpine A110, it was seen in all its seams, it was stalked in the salons, it was compared to its predecessor (read A110 vs. Berlinetta), but it still lacks the essential: its essay! D-Day arrives since the Mark organizes the essays with the journalists as soon as next week.

For the first tests of the A110, Alpine plays the game with road tests in the region of Marseille: The small roads of the hinterland are a feast and the demanding routes for a sport full of promises.

Alpine A110 test on circuit

The A110 tests are also carried out on circuit, in this case at the Grand Sambuc. The track of this circuit is small, but it is for Alpine to test the agility of the A110 safely. It should also be noted that this circuit has an imperfect bitumen … which is surely not a coincidence and which will make it possible to highlight the balancing talents of the new French sport

The Alpine A110 has no right to error: It is expected at the turn by a whole fringe of enthusiasts … and by competition. Its commercial launch will also be highly regarded on the Dieppe side, where the factory has taken over the production of this two-seat coupe, 22 years after the A610 stop.

The detailed prices of the Alpine A110 are not yet revealed, but the brand had put on sale the A110 first Edition at the time of its revelation at the Geneva Auto Show 2017. The 1 955 copies of this overequipped version sold at Price 58500 Euro have all found taker very quickly. This is quite auspicious for the French bombinette of 252 Horsepower.

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