2019 Mercedes A Class Interior [New Pictures Update]

2019 Mercedes A Class Interior [New Pictures Update]

In 2012, the Mercedes Class was able to wear the minivan’s clothes in order to endorse the one of a chic compact sedan. But the suit was cut a little too short. Its replacement, which will be marketed in 2018, reveals a cockpit and a chest a little sampler. Discovery. It is now a Cabin Mercedes, the brand often reveals first the cockpits of its models before revealing the bodywork. This is the Mercedes C-class that initiated this practice in the fall of 2013 to be forgiven for the poor quality aboard the previous Opus launched in 2007. It is also this strategy that has been chosen to highlight the inner virtues of the 2019 Mercedes A Class which will be marketed in 2018.

A “virtual cockpit” for the Mercedes Class A

This fourth generation, the second in the form of a compact sedan after two grinds of the minivan, between a single-foot in the digital age. The A class that has largely contributed to the rejuvenation of the brand’s clientele should show the example always attracting a connected population.

The interior designers of the new Mercedes A Class, under the leadership of Hartmut Sinkwitz, immediately wanted a clean cockpit.

The instrumentation is based on a digital slab which is extended by a non-tactile screen placed at the top of the central console. This panoramic set is devoid of the traditional cap that usually covers the dashboard. The 2019 Mercedes A Class fits in the continuity of Mercedes class S and Mercedes E class, but it brings a touch of modernity. So it’s now the class C that looks “old” with its tablet reported on the central console.

Three configurations are proposed. The entry-level Class A is placed on two 7-inch diagonal displays (17.78 cm). Above is the juxtaposition of a 7-inch screen with a second of 10.25 inches (26 cm). Finally, the most upscale versions of the Mercedes class A 2018 line up two 10.25-inch screens. The highest class E and class S positions side by side two 12.3-inch screens, so the hierarchy is respected.

In his quest to purify his furniture, the new class has integrated the air conditioning controls on the central screen. However, in order not to suffer from a bad ergonomics-to the image, for example, PSA models-commands give direct access to the desired temperature.

Below, the parallel with the Mercedes E-Class Coupé is extended by the aerators whose shape mimics a turbine of an airplane. Encrusted with a black lacquered headband, they raise the whole and bring a sporty touch.

The new class has thus regilded its coat of arms and now holds the comparison with the Audi A3 which had put a big pressure on the current model. With its virtual cockpit and it’s air conditioning interface which has since been copied by the … Dacia Duster (!), the rival to the rings had placed the bar very high. The Mercedes A Class believed 2018 holds the comparison.

Latest yards of the new Mercedes class A, increase its habitability and its trunk volume. The space on board progresses, especially in width, and more at the front than at the back.

The front seats are heated, air-conditioned, massaging and, on some versions, become multi-contoured with more than 20 settings. In other words, air chambers allow redefining the outlines to come as close to the body as possible. Mercedes also indicates a 7 mm forward and 8 mm rear roof guard, but this is hardly noticeable in fact. On the other hand, accessibility has been improved. The backrest inclination at the back is quite pronounced and one will travel with the knees a little high perched.

The loading capacity is also progressing. The gain is 29 liters, which ultimately gives a capacity of 370 liters in 5-seater configuration. The Class A 2018 is positioned exactly in the segment average. The Audi A3 has 380 liters and the BMW 1 series engulfed 360 liters.

For practicality, the bench files (60/40 in series or 40/20/40 optional) can be straightened vertically using a graduated ruler. A very comfortable configuration for the rear passengers but which is convenient for transporting cardboard or cubic objects. Also, strollers like golf bags are now welcome.

Good news never comes alone, access to the safe is also improved. The new Mercedes Class A will have two-part taillights, it is now a standard on the segment, the Audi A3 and BMW 1 series have adopted this format. This recipe widens the opening of the tailgate by 20 cm. Finally, the depth of the chest gains 11.5 cm at the floor level. Without becoming a real family sedan, the new Mercedes Class A wins in versatility.

To discover the body of the 2019 Mercedes A Class, we will have to wait until the Geneva show next March. But before that, at the CES in Las Vegas in January, the compact Mercedes sedan will deliver its technological secrets.

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