Kia Stonic 2018 Review; The new Urban SUV from Kia

Kia Stonic 2018 Review; The new Urban SUV from Kia

Kia Stonic 2018 Review – The new small SUV Kia opened its doors. True SUV? No, rather a high on legs, a crossover sedan in short. A subtle nuance that however has implications for life on board. Explanations.

KIA has just unveiled the Kia Stonic 2018, his new urban SUV, the Kia Sportagebrother in Amsterdam. More than a pure SUV sugar, recipe that he left to his cousin the Hyundai Kona, revealed last week in Milan, the Stonic is a crossover.

Mean that it is a sedan high on legs that borrows from recreational vehicles their fittings of an adventurer (strengthened reported wheel arches, roof bars, the bottom of box and shield). Simply put, New Kia Stonic, it’s a top Kia Rio perched SUV sauce.

Kia Stonic 2018 Interior

Installed at the wheel of the Kia Stonic 2018, the horizontal organization of the dashboard (borrowed from the Rio and trimmed to a headband CAP to cover their tracks) does not at all the universe of the SUV. The steering wheel with flat, positioned below the seat, legs almost stretched out under the hood are more reminiscent of a sedan, or even in a sporty coupe.

The touch screen of the multimedia system displays a 7 inch (17,78 cm) diagonal. Implantation by strata (GPS upstairs, orders for air conditioning in the Middle then connection down) adopts an organization modeled at Audi.

Besides our test model, the orange color elements suggest to those who personalize theAudi Q2. But the comparison stops there, the quality of finish of the Kia Stonic 2018 isn’t at the same level and disappoints even slightly for a generalist model.

However, at the foot of the console, storage spaces are practical and many, they compensate for the shallow door bins.

A high ceiling

At the rear, not lack of space, livability is generous, but it’s at the expense of trunk volume.
Profile, Stonic 2018 sports a receding Pavilion and a bottom-up glazing, what forecast a poor habitability. In fact it is nothing, on the contrary. It’s a good surprise, dug side Foundation provide a guard to the roof. The central square is slightly more in height but it is not penalized by a central tunnel.

“Kia Stonic 2018 offers no 4 x 4 version”

Available only in traction, the Kia Stonic 2018 offers a flat floor. Space to the legs is also satisfactory. Only fly in the ointment, the presence of plastics to the unflattering grain on the storm doors.

Modularity, New Kia Stonic cannot hide his origins of the sedan. It employs the same recipe that his cousin Rio, namely a seat and the seat is fixed and which records can be folded according to a Division 2/3-1/3.

While the floor of the boot has a double bottom. But don’t expect anything more, sliding seat reclining fewer still.

Small high chest of access

KIA announces a trunk of 352 liters volume when the removable floor is in the down position. It is a capacity in the average low of the segment, far example of the new Citro├źn C3 Aircross who gobbles up 410 liters and reached same 520 liters when the seat is pushed up to the front.

Korean nevertheless offers a wide opening cargo and which the sides are vertical. A downside, however, the height of the threshold reached 78 cm, it’s almost 20 cm higher than the Peugeot 2008!

Kia Stonic 2018 Release Date and Price

Kia Stonic 2018 will deliver its price in early September and will be piloted in mid-September.
Just more family in its benefits as the Rio, Kia Stonic 2018 will seduce by its more distinctive look and their customization possibilities. A car a little more exclusive than a sedan, versatile, but less typical than an SUV. Suffice to say that his window of opportunity is rather narrow.

The Kia Stonic 2018 should pull out of the game, by a dynamic behavior and content, weight in check during the first tests in mid-September. Not to mention a rate positioning will be known early September.

Photo Credit: KIA

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