Ford Focus RS 2019 Redesign and Changes

While she is already one of the compacts the best in the market, the Ford Focus 2019 can now be equipped with a Performance package, whose goal is to further increase its effectiveness.

With its all-wheel drive and its 2.3 turbo 350 HP, the Ford Focus 2019 RS to third generation is already one of the most efficient cars that are on the sports compact segment. Yet it seems that wasn’t enough for some, since the brand at the oval will propose early next September a Performance pack option.

The main advantage of this Performance pack is the addition of a Quaife limited slip differential on the front axle. This allows to better distribute torque to the front wheels, in order to ensure optimum traction. As explained by Leo Roeks, Director Europe for Ford Performance: ” the Quaife limited slip differential will allow the Focus RS to maximize the grip on the front to pick up more speed in the turns and better acceleration output.”

Ford Focus 2019 Performance

The Performance package version is distinguished by its hue blue Nitrous and his body parts painted in Matt Black. The power of the engine remains the same, with 350 HP and 470 Nm, and the performance of the car do not change. This Ford Focus 2019 with the Performance pack can nevertheless be distinguished by certain aesthetic specificities.

She dons the blue Nitrous body hue, contrasting with the treatment in Matt Black roof and mirrors. Spoiler overlooking the Pavilion adopted him this matte black appearance, with blue RS logos on the sides too.

There is also 19 inches with SR logo black rims, Brembo four piston, as well as the Recaro bucket seats black which takes the edge leather of monobloc brake calipers the tint blue Nitrous. The rate of this optional package is not release yet.

Ford Focus RS 2019 Redesign and Changes Pictures

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