Audi TT RS-R ABT Overview; 500 Horsepower Engine!

Audi TT RS-R ABT Overview; 500 Horsepower Engine!

The Audi TT RS engine has risen from 340 to 400 hp. If this power is not enough, the German tuner ABT can offer you 480 CH, or even 500 ch. A level far away from that of the Audi R8. In this summer, you have just taken possession of your Audi TT RS, but something is heartbreaking, its 400 horses seem a little fair.

No worries, the German tuning specialist ABT has looked at the case of your coupe or your roadster. Unveiled at the Geneva 2017 last March, this version dubbed Audi TT RS-R is now available for sale. The diffuser under the rear shield is carbon and contains a specific exhaust line.

ABT offers two levels of optimization of the 5-cylinder turbo 2.5 TFSI engine. The first called ABT Power allows to move from 400 to 480 horses. The torque value climbs from 480 nm to 550 nm. This mechanical transformation is charged 5 400 € excl. VAT.It’s price, once the kit (mechanical + aesthetic laid) reaches 93 258 euros without malus.

And the second, referred to as ABT Power S, reached 500 hp and 570 Nm, respectively. For the latter, this will be a limited edition of 50 copies. The price of the modification is 13 000 € excl. VAT as besides the mechanics, it incorporates a specific body kit called TT RS-R entirely made of carbon.

A Seductive body kit

The body kit of the Audi TT RS-R consists of fins reported on the front shield, of a blade under the latter, elements added to the bottom of the crates at the rear wheels, a diffuser under the rear shield, door sills and an exclusive fuel trap. The suspension is reviewed using shorter springs and the exhaust replaced by a stainless steel model with the reworked sound. On the other hand, Audi also formally offers a Performance Parts kit to give your TT a race car look

Performance worthy of the Audi R8

Made in 3.9 seconds by the RS TT Roadster “Standard”, the exercise from 0 to 100 km/h requires only 3.5 seconds with the Audi TT RS-R ABT Power S. It is closer to the performance of its big sister the Audi R8 Spyder powered by a V10 engine of 540 hp and which performs this acceleration test in 3.6 seconds.

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