2021 Tesla Model X Release Date & Price

2021 Tesla Model X is a car that I still original and revolutionary – though short will turn five years – and as it was before her the Model S,  as it will be the “monstrous” Cybertruck coming soon. As far as I am concerned, with the crossover of the American House, it was not loved at first sight, but curiosity was great because it arouses very mixed feelings in me. For this, I immediately go back to my meeting with the electron American and I must admit that even today it has a style that I like.

2021 Tesla Model X Redesign – Exclusive Design

If it passes on the street I turn to look at it – I refer to its overall shape, so aerodynamic and smooth in its 503 cm in length, for this reason, it never goes out of fashion.

There are still ideas for wow! like the “Falcon Wings” doors whose hawk-shaped opening makes the gaze of young and old, including myself. The surprise remains in ON mode as soon as I step into the cockpit. It will be the brightness on board thanks to the windshield that extends up to the roof, it will be the high-resolution displays, but every time (or almost) I am amazed.

This Model X has white leather upholstery with black finishes options for $1800, which create a truly effective contrast game: very chic, but minimal.

Then, the perception of quality is touched by hand (in the face of prejudices on all “plastic” American machines), the silence of the electric motors does not make me hear a crunch and the fingers touch only soft coatings on almost every part of the passenger compartment.

The American crossover has six seats and gives an unparalleled sense of business class. In front, in the middle and behind there is room for everyone, the Falcon Wings doors have a double joint to divide when they get up and rise so much (in the absence of obstacles) that I can stand inside the car before sitting down.

The electric adjustment of the armchairs allows you to find a comfortable posture and the absence of “bulky” mechanical parts offers more volume to passengers, but also to luggage. Overall there are 2,189 liters, of which 187 liters from the cockpit under the front hood and where I can store a couple of soft suitcases, a detail not to be underestimated since the program is precise to make a trip with the family.


What better occasion to test the resistance of the 100 kWh batteries of this 2021 Model X Long Range? A journey that will also be a small challenge, since until the return I will not be able to refuel the accumulators, but the road book comforts me, I think I remain well below the 507 km declared in the WLTP combined cycle.

For this reason, I focus more on assistance systems and gadgets for driving comfort and pleasure, because I need a thorough review. They can all be called up via the mega touchscreen in the center of the dashboard, which is a Tesla trademark. It measures 17 ” and is in color, high resolution.

a Lot of Features

Whenever I deal with this device, I initially feel a little intimidated, who wouldn’t? I can do everything by touching it, but I need a tutorial to remember the functions as a whole. I learn one and forget another immediately afterward, my fault. From here you can adjust the air conditioner, the driver assistance systems, the infotainment, the Google Earth navigator and the video games, including the virtual pucks.

After having spent an afternoon to learn the basic functions, I feel more confident and I can drive the Model X. The battery is at its best, but I want to understand if I can trust her and her autonomy. I hope I left behind the anxiety of traveling all the electric cars that I have driven to date.

2021 Tesla Model X Performance & Range

I throw myself into the traffic, from the city center, I can get a good pace towards more peripheral areas and the dynamics of the car amazes me. How do you drive a 2,533-pound pachyderm in traffic? Let’s say you have to distance yourself from what is around us, but it is a matter of little and the 2021 Model X becomes more friendly.

The two electric motors move the large crossover with apparent simplicity: the snap from a standstill is nothing short of lightning – remember that the zero-percent is covered in 4.6 seconds.

The breathtaking feeling here is noticeable and the back attaches to the seat, think about it for a moment, I am talking about a 2.5-tonne car. Traction (4WD) is extraordinary and there is no loss of adhesion, the Model X does not skid!

I don’t go further, get back into traffic and take a look at the screen that shows me the range of the car before refueling. I have consumed a lot of energy, which has decreased in parallel with what I have pressed on the accelerator and I have not spared the crossover in this first approach. But it was worth it.

The navigator identifies the road to the nearest Tesla Supercharger column, which is just outside the city, all I have to do is follow the signs and I attack, avid for electrons. The flap is behind the left rear light, it takes a moment to connect the cable. With this solution, the fastest, it can take less than an hour to get back to 100%. Calculator in hand, the autonomy in the city is 330 km, not so far from what I had thought.

Since we are here, I make a brief memorandum on ways and charging times starting from the base: the machine has a Type 2 connector on board and there are all the adapters necessary to connect it, from the simple network socket (that of the 230V garage ) up to industrial and single-phase and three-phase connections, which withstand higher loads and reduce waiting times.

I bring you some simple examples to understand. With the 2.3 kW power outlet,  regenerate the battery by 10 km per hour. With the single-phase connection (the blue one) at 7.4 kW, 31 km are recharged in an hour (in my opinion the right way to rest assured).

If you have the possibility to connect with a three-phase (the red ones), go from 11 kW/46 km per hour of charging, up to 16.5 kW / 70 km per hour. Given an average price of 0.24 euros / kW, the bill is quickly done. You need about 24 euros to load the 100 kW of the 2021 Model X. I preferred to simplify the scheme in this way, I know perfectly well that there are different time slots and prices, but I consider it a small “jungle” not suitable for explanation now.

Full batteries, loaded luggage, and family on board, I press the brake pedal and my door closes automatically, I leave with a mixture of trust and fear: mixed together they generate the usual anxiety, which I hope will disappear with the passing of the kilometers.

Traveling with the Model X 2021 is an experience that every car enthusiast should do, be it favorable or contrary to this type of car. It almost seems to be suspended in a bubble created by silence, space, brightness, and performance. And then there is the Autopilot, a sort of guardian angel who oversees driving thanks to sensors and cameras scattered everywhere. Here we are driving autonomous level 2, the maximum regulated by law for now, in essence, the Tesla Model X can accelerate and brake on its own, but also remain in the center of the road and follow the curves.

The ultimate condition is to put your hands on the steering wheel every 30 seconds because you must understand that I am alert and I have the situation under control. I throw my eye on the computer and I have an abundant reserve of autonomy, I don’t worry.

The highway allows me to stabilize energy consumption, but I don’t go fast and it seems to be a paradox. I have in my hands an object structured to go up to 250 km/h, so if I could, I would travel much faster than the 130 km / h of the law, but in the end, I keep myself between 110 and 120 hours to not consume too much.

How boring … In any case, I arrive at my destination on time with weapons (the family) and luggage. I still have a good reserve of energy: the instrument tells me 62%. I can go home without problems, even without attaching the car to the garage outlet for two days. In fact, I allow myself a few short tours in the surroundings and I share the pleasure of driving it.


At the end of the weekend, I head for the city and have time to calculate the overall range, which reaches 380 km. They could be a little more, I remember that it all depends on how much you use the accelerator, on the traffic and on the operating temperature of the batteries. I have to go one last time to the Tesla super columns outside the city. Not bad, I consider it a farewell after this test drives a little outside the box.

L ‘range anxiety even she managed to get her out of everything, and it was one of the things I most wanted. Sin. However, get back on a “normal” car with an internal combustion engine and manual transmission was like stepping back in time, to the Jurassic era of mobility and in which we are all still immersed. A question bounces in my head: are we too far behind or 2021 Model X too far ahead?


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