2021 Mazda 2 Trunk Capacity Impovement

2021 Mazda 2 gets some retouch and hybrid engine. He makes the verse to his sister, the slightly more adult one, and the exercise succeeds in her being a marvel. Mazda2 is 6 years old and feels that it is time to change: a nice facelift, an injection of electronic and electrothermal technology.

Since January 2020, the entry-level of the Hiroshima range has exchanged its “old” engine for a completely new edition, codenamed Skyactiv-G Mild-Hybrid. You have already understood what it is. But let’s go in order and find out together how it is made and how it changes.

2021 Mazda 2 Redesign & Changes

Unchanged in the external dimensions ( 4 meters and 6 cm ), Mazda2 2021 marries the  Mazda3 and Mazda CX-30 family feeling: new honeycomb front grille, newly designed front, and rear bumpers, LED headlamps of series on all versions. Last but not least, the automatic emergency braking system in the city with pedestrian detection even at night.

Inside, new shades in black and brown for the Evolve version, while at  Exceed Mazda it gives black / Blue Navy upholstery. The new top of the Exclusive range is distinguished by the leather (dark or light of your choice) and the Granlux suede finishes. The Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integrated into the Mazda Connect infotainment with central 7 ” TFT color display and HMI Commander is now standard.

Thanks to the adoption of Skyactiv Vehicle Architecture technology, the suspension has been updated and the steering revised. The seats, made more comfortable through a new conformation. The 2021 Mazda 2 also debuts the G-Vectoring Control Plus technology. Now, the main course.

Engine – Mild Hybrid Engine

Mazda2 is available with the new  1.5 Skyactiv-G engine with 75 hp and 90 hp, now equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox (and no longer only 5) and above all with Mazda M Hybrid technology, a small electric engine provides a They “help” the thermal engine in the most expensive phases, helping to limit consumption ( 4.1 l / 100 km in the NEDC cycle) and CO2 emissions ( 94 g/km ). The scheme falls under the mild hybrid type, but for local administrations, Mazda2 is a hybrid in all respects.

2021 Mazda 2 Release Date & Price

The new Mazda2 has already been in dealers since mid-January with a list price that starts at $19502 for the base Version.


The 2021 Mazda 2 is aesthetically sweeter thanks to the family feeling updated to the older sisters Mazda3 and CX-30. A style that has become appreciated and known with the name of Kodo Design that enhances the shapes and shades of the bodywork of the little girl from Casa Hiroshima. I could not fail to choose the classic Soul Crystal Red color for the test car, that shade of red that plays with light, creating dynamism even when the car is stationary. A show is already seen on the rest of the range but still manages to amaze even on the new entry-level of the Mazda world.

Maybe sweeter in look but surely she did not let go because the weight is still the same as the featherweight with 1025 kg in running order. A determining factor that stands out immediately from the first corners with the 2021 Mazda 2. The steering has improved compared to the previous model, it is more full-bodied in the steering wheel handle and more precise both when entering corners and when traveling fast on the highway and the asphalt is not exactly perfect.

It does not copy the disconnections of the road surface and always gives me the idea of ​​being safe when cornering. Even when I exaggerate the new G-Vectoring Control Plus system with gasintervenes on the brakes, clamping the external wheel, helping me to quickly realign the steering wheel in the central position. So, thanks to the new help, I am always precise and monitored … including emergency maneuvers!

Hybrid Engine Performance

If they hadn’t told me that I was driving a hybrid car I would have had a hard time understanding it. There are no menus dedicated to its operation because the fulcrum of the mild-hybrid system is the 0.012 kWh and 22.5 V capacitor which intervenes during restarts from a standstill and during a higher gear change.

In fact, these are the most wasteful phases of the use of energy and fuel and this “light hybrid” system intervenes promptly to reduce fuel consumption and, consequently, emissions. In addition, it manages to stabilize the restarts and changes without causing repercussions.

90 HP MA The 1.5 Skyactiv-G M Hybrid is available in two powers: 75 HP (dedicated to novice drivers) and 90 HP. Unfortunately, the 115 HP version is no longer present and to make the naturally aspirated 1.5 go cheerfully, you often have to resort to a manual transmission.

Not bad, because the manual transmission is a source of pride in the Casa Mazda and also on the new Mazda2 it is always confirmed precise and very enjoyable: the pedal and the steering wheel are perfectly in axis with the driver and the driving of the vehicle is very pleasant. I do not deny that I would have liked to have shorter ratios and a few more CVs, however, the start from standstill helped by the power released by the condenser and the progression up to 6,000 rpm make me discover a hidden side of the new Mazda2.

If incited to run it is really fun to play with the distribution of his, little, weight and the deeply revised shock absorbers (new design for the valves and increased rear excursion) roll little and adapt to travel speed. If to go in a hurry you often have to resort to changing during low speeds the set-up filters holes and disconnections while it stiffens when I increase my pace. Another noticeable change on the 2021 Mazda2 is the quietness of the engine and the soundproofing of the passenger compartment that Mazda technicians quantify in a -35% compared to the previous model.

On-board comfort is also increased thanks to the seats specially designed to have the most natural seat possible with support for the lumbar area. In fact, they are better finished, softer and at the same time containing: they adapt to my posture and I never feel tired while driving. Finally, we come to consumption: the data approved by the manufacturer in the mixture is equal to 4.1 l / 100 km while that verified by an on-board computer during the test is 5.8 l / 100 km.

2021 Mazda 2 Trunk Capacity Impovement Pictures

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