2021 BMW X7 Engine Specs With Hybrid Engine

INCREDIBLE BUT TRUE When I saw the New BMW X7 for the first time, I was thinking of an exercise in style. It was a concept and it seemed to me so boldly designed, in size and detail, that it could not be true.

Then I thought about the US and Far East markets, where size is often not a problem and where, indeed, a nice brand should be worn in bold. And the BMW X7 really arrived, excessive in size but less excessive in style compared to its 2017 concept.

2021 BMW X7 Exterior

Large is large, the BMW X7 measures 515 centimeters in length, 200 in width and is taller than the average Italian, exceeding 180 centimeters. It has a shadowy presence, it is certainly impressive, but it would also be less massive visually if it were not for the straight and high tail suitable to accommodate, as the stolen shell of a hermit crab, the third row of seats that can also be used by two adults, with as well as armrests, cup holders, USB sockets, Isofix connections and dedicated air conditioning (optional, standard with four zones for the first two rows of seats).

Seen from the side, the tail is really high, while it is slimmed down as soon as you move to the rear three quarters. The station wagon rails on the roof don’t make it more slender, I prefer it with a clean roof.

Tail aside, the imposing dimensions of the BMW X7 xDrive 30d make its 22-inch monstrous rims (optional, 20 ”as standard) seem normal-sized, but the end result is pleasant. Even that double giant kidney on the front, the largest in BMW history and which on the concept presented at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show had seemed gaudy giant, on the definitive X7 I don’t mind, and it is essential to streamline the forms, function also performed with large air intakes like ferry hatches in the lower part of the bumper.

On the flanks the slimming task is entrusted to the hockey stick-shaped molding that starts from the front mudguard, where it hides a ventilation outlet, to run under the doors.

2021 BMW X7 Interior

Inside I find what I expect from a BMW X7, so much space, finishes, and technological equipment at the maximum production of the white-blue Helix of Monaco. Starting with the fully digital instrumentation, with the 12.3 “screen of the standard Live Cockpit Professional, which also includes the Control Display, also 12.3”, in the center of the dashboard.

If you have an obsession with control, the Head-Up display is also standard. With the BMW infotainment systems, I have always found myself well and continue in this experience on the BMW X7, despite the fact that the functions with each new release are more and more numerous and sophisticated.

The X7 also adds the voice command that responds to the “Hey BMW” call: it works well, but it may understand my commands better. Or maybe we should have more time to make friends.

The BMW X7 xDrive 30d arrives with maximum comfort in the configuration of the seats (standard upholstered in leather), which however does not correspond to maximum practicality and space.

It comes with the second row of seats consisting of two single armchairs, complete with armrests and electrical adjustments, comfortable for those who use them and for those who have to access the third row, but not the best for practicality, not letting himself be completely folded up to make room for luggage. Speaking of luxury, the BMW X7 that I try also has the gear lever with the top in the faceted glass like a diamond, luckily it is part of the optional CraftedClarity package that includes other glass details.

Gigantic yes, but at the wheel its dimensions are slimmed down immediately. 13 meters of steering diameter are not few, but in maneuver, even in the narrow courtyards of the editorial staff, they seem less.

The excellent perception of the dimensions I think is the magic of the New BMW X7, it is one of the tricks that make you feel immediately at home and never embarrassed even when you have to move the hermit crab in narrow streets.

To the physical perception is added the perimeter system of cameras to envy a vault that makes a 360 ° view on the central screen or detail of one of the four sides of the X7.

The ease with which it moves in confined spaces for which the BMW X7 is not designed is part of the package it offers in terms of comfort.

X7 is one of the most comfortable cars I have ever tried. Feeling of well-being that makes me forget the need to find a parking space for a 515 cm long vessel arrived at its destination.

It is comfortable in the seats and spaces, obviously, with a passenger compartment made even brighter by the standard panoramic roof divided into three parts, the first of which can be opened, available as an option also in the Sky Lounge version, illuminated by more than 15,000 bright spots.

Key Features

The X7 checks and upgrades the software of its numerous OnTheAir LINK control units and offers the Digital Key as standard to be opened via smartphone. The BMW Connect app offers a number of remote functions, from informing about the liters of fuel in the tank and the relative autonomy to the possibility of activating air conditioning and GPS location, but also a function that I really like, the possibility to see in remote what happens around the car, through its four external cameras usually used for parking.

Trunk Capacity

For access to the boot of the New BMW X7, the choice fell on the system adopted by the X5, with the opening divided into an upper hatch and a flap at the bottom. A solution that I like to place luggage before thinking about how to best distribute it, but which limits the possibility of pushing inside the trunk.

To stretch, however, I can sit or climb on the flap that easily holds my weight, or use the two buttons on the edge of the flap, one to lower the rear suspension by 40 millimeters, and the other to open and close the flap and get closer to the luggage further away. The closing buttons on the tailgate also close the flap. Even in seven (six) seat configuration, the trunk offers 326 liters of useful space, which becomes 750 if you are traveling in five or four.

2021 BMW X7 Performance & Fuel Economy

The acoustic comfort is made by excellent insulation of the passenger compartment and by the almost total absence of aerodynamic rustles even at high speed, but also by the soft buzzing of its 26500 three-cylinder six-cylinder engine. Soft in the roar, therapeutic for my eardrums, and soft and powerful in driving, with 620 Nm between 2,000 and 2,500 rpm well exploited by the eight-speed Steptronic gearbox, with the excellent operating logic in which BMWalways excels.

Soft but powerful engine, so much so that the battleship Potemkin of Monaco accelerates from 0 to 100 in just 7 seconds and reaches 227 km/h, light sports numbers not from a studio with 24 quintals abundant. The soft six-cylinder also brings another pleasant surprise in store, more fuel consumption than you can expect from so much stuff on four wheels: in my test between the city, the highway and hill roads in fast style without waste I was quiet over the 10 km/liter, but who is less fast can easily stay between 11 and 12 km/liter.

The other side of the comfort and pleasure of driving a BMW X7 xDrive 30d lies in its traction and chassis. The Xdrive drive is not only used for climbing on slippery terrain but is an active part of the X7’s ease of driving, dosing the torque on the two axles also according to the driving dynamics. It manages to send all the power even to the rear axle only, to reduce consumption, but it is always vigilant to help the Bavarian Potemkin move through the curves with unexpected lightness.


An active part of the chassis of the 2021 BMW X7 is also its standard Adaptive Suspension air suspension with a dedicated compressor for each wheel. They offer a soft set-up that Americans will definitely like and that I like too for its ability to smooth even the most difficult cobblestones and a Sport mode that sensitively changes the reaction on disconnections, up to swinging the bridge as if at the mercy of a storm on rough roads like the Apennine ones. Sport mode lowers the set-up by 20mm just as Offroad mode can lift it up to 40mm.

Square Steering & Laser Light

The chassis hides another technological magic: Integral Active Steering. The four steering wheels are the trick that makes the BMW X7 surprisingly agile in relation to its size. They shorten the 515 centimeters in the city and when maneuvering and help it to turn when the speed increases, making driving particularly pleasant and even fun if one takes into account the high center of gravity and the mass.

The Laserlight active-matrix full LED headlights also contribute to the comfort in night driving: the difference is seen on the high beams and I realize the laser power when I am on roads outside the city, with the laser high beams that illuminate so far ( up to 600 meters, twice that of high beam LEDs) to make the road signs look like cars lit with headlights on.

2021 BMW X7 Price – What a Beautiful Suprise

With the New BMW X7 I faced one of the most boring journeys that I often face, in which more or less always, before reaching the middle of the trip, less than 200 km from the start, I start dreaming about teleportation. Rarely have I offered to volunteer to syrup two weekends in a row these boring 800 kilometers between there and back.

Malefic engineers from Munich, they managed to make even a car with the dimensions of a tug boat fun. The starting price for the 2021 BMW X7 30d xDrive is $106310 but the standard equipment already offers almost all the best of the BMW price list.

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