2020 Seat Tarraco Review – 7 Seat SUV Based on Ateca

2020 Seat Tarraco Review – 7 Seat SUV Based on Ateca

With the 2020 Seat Tarraco, the Ateca’s long 7-seater SUV version, Seat brings the third piece of its offensive SUV. For now, it rolls camouflaged but reveals its qualities. No surprises: the same as those of the VW Tiguan Allspace and Skoda Kodiaq, his quasi-twins.

In this early morning of July, the airport of Barcelona pours streams of vacationers. And a small handful of journalists, less than a hand does not count fingers. An Alhambra awaits them at the exit of the international terminal. He takes them to a discreet parking lot near the national terminal. Over the floors, fewer and fewer cars parked. The 4th level is empty. The Alhambra continues its ascent and goes to three vehicles parked alone in a corner of the 5th floor. They are hidden under black tarpaulins, and watched. In the distance, the sun is shining. But the light is dark in this concrete block. The atmosphere evokes a mafia date or a spy movie. This is actually the first try of the 2020 Seat Tarraco, six months before its launch.

2020 Seat Tarraco Seat Capacity – family friendly

The guards remove the tarpaulins. Without revealing the precise shape of the three Tarraco. They are in camouflage: white and black stickers of all sizes, arranged in all directions to blur the view. Tarraco quésaco? The new Seat family SUV. In other words, the stretched version (4.74 m) to seven places of Ateca (4.36 m). Or, stated differently still, the milk brother of the Skoda Kodiaq (March 2017) and the VW Tiguan Allspace (December 2017): same chassis, same size, same wheelbase (2.79 m).

And the same mechanical elements: the usual strand of TSIs and TDIs, mechanical or robotic double-clutch gearboxes, front or full gearboxes, from the VW Group’s organ bank. Not really an unknown land, so, this Tarraco. So why so much mystery? Because it is the third and last act of the revolution operated by Seat since the launch of the Ateca in 2016.

Every Seat carries an implicit promise: to be more dynamic than its Volkswagen and Skoda sisters who are based on the same platform. Otherwise, what’s the point? But from then on, the Tarraco goes into the race with a paw to the paw: the playful driving, signature of the house Seat, is not the first criterion of choice of a family SUV, vehicle structurally badly cut for this exercise with its long wheelbase and its high center of gravity.

2020 Seat Tarraco Engine & Transmission

In the 190 hp TDI version, it adds a standard all-wheel drive to the scale, which weighs in at 1,845 kg in a 7-seat configuration. It’s too much for the Taracco to respect the Seat values. Power, the nervousness of the DSG gearbox, adaptive suspension and progressive assistance steering allow him to save the face: 8.0 s from 0 to 100 km / h, rather straight support in the sequence of curves after a dip in the registration. But the vivacity and the joyous spirit of his little brother Ateca are nothing but a memory.

“With 20 cm of ground clearance, the Seat Tarraco can go far on the roads”

The Tarraco looks more like a 150-hp TDI Seat with a front-wheel drive. The weight falls a big notch: 1735 kg. The 0-100 km / h remains under 10 seconds (9.8 s). And disappears the feeling of inertia sensitive on the version 190 ch during the changes of course. But who likes the rises of reports prompt will keep the DSG7 (1 600 €): lever with long travel and blurred guidance on the BVM6. Suspensions filter well the inequalities of the soil. Vast glass surface, not as much soundproofing as on an Allspace to contain the tariffs: the sound of the TDI enters the cockpit, without attacking the ear or disrupting conversations.

The 2020 Seat Tarraco is comfortable, rather skilled on the road, and versatile: it does not fear the paths, with its ground clearance of 20 cm. In TDI 190 configuration, it can even be pushed in far: the off-road mode that delays the intervention of its electronic railings, very effective downhill speed control.

The Tarraco did not just hide his line. In the cockpit, a black veil hides its dashboard, its instruments, and its center console. It is pierced with a horizontal mesh opening, at the height of the aerators. Burka atmosphere. There is gayer… Fortunately, lift the veil is not sacrilege: prohibited photos, but allowed look. Surprisingly, the Tarraco does not fully take over the Ateca dashboard. The multimedia screen has taken volume: 8 ”, instead of 7 ”. Suddenly, he lost the line of chrome that, on the Ateca, surrounds it down from the instrument cap.

On the lower part of the center console, two rows of buttons surround the gear lever, against a single on the Ateca. Finally, the Tarraco starts in life with digital instrumentation, a proposal that has just arrived in option on his little brother. The rest is identical: foamed plastics above, hard plastics down. No frills, no mistakes, but no originality either.

2020 Seat Tarraco Interior; Safety, Comfy & capacity

A family SUV is worth its transport capacity: volume, modularity. The Tarraco is doing worse than the Peugeot 5008: 60/40 bench in the 2nd row rather than three independent seats. But better than the Renault Koleos: possibility 7 seats with removable seats in a 3rd row, sliding bench. And of course, as well as Allspace and Kodiaq since their interior layout is identical. It has a good chest: 700 l. Keep a flat cargo area in two-seater configuration.

The third rank, as usual, can decently receive only children. But the occupants of the 2nd rank do not lack space, in all directions: head, shoulders, knees. No aviation tablets. Only downside: the seats of the central bench are fluffy. But everyone knows that in the matter, the tastes differ from one country to another: a seat that seems hard in France is considered comfortable in Germany, the land of 2020 Seat Tarraco design.

There is no crowd in this segment promised yet with good future since it aspires the customers of the minivans 7 places. The Taracco rivals can be counted easily: his brothers Allspace and Kodiaq, Peugeot 5008 (4.64 m), Nissan X-Trail (4.69 m). Even Renault Koleos (4.67m), whatever he forgot, before entering the battle, the two essential weapons for a family SUV: 2nd sliding row, 3rd-row seats. The 5008 evolves a notch above behavior, modernity, independent seats in the 2nd row. But it is expensive (from € 37,250 in HDi 150), and no version 4×4. The Tarraco has a card to play. If it arises under the Kodiaq on the price scale or offers a richer endowment at a nearby price.

But to compare, you have to know the rates. The seat will broadcast them in the autumn: nothing presses, the Tarraco will enter the career in early 2019. A translation from gaps Ateca / Karoq and Karoq / Kodiaq, however, allows seeing more clearly. If it keeps the same positioning as the Ateca – a little more expensive than Karok, a little better equipped – the Tarraco should start in configuration 5 places TDI 150 BVM6 4X2 around 33 500 €. That’s about 2,800 € higher than the Ateca, with same engine and finish Style. The version TDI 190 BVR7 4×4 then culminate to 41 500 € inexperience. The 7-seater version will be charged € 1,000 more. Remains an unknown, and it is not thin: the penalty, which hits heavy these models with large size and high roof: what will it be in 2019, the Release date of 2020 Seat Tarraco?

How would he disappoint? His camouflaged outfit does not hide the essential: the Tarraco is, with the snout close, the twin brother of two models whose qualities are known, Kodiaq and Tiguan Allspace. He strengthened his guidance because he wears a coat of arms. But the difference is not sensitive enough to trigger a transfer of affection from the public Skoda and VW. A priori, it will be the same for the design of its front panel. The success of the Tarraco will depend essentially on its price, value so far unknown and that Seat does not set freely: VW watches the function of each brand within the group.

But there is another criterion, more subjective: any builder, because of its history, has a natural territory. The seat came to compact SUVs like a fish goes to water, of course. In family-oriented SUVs, is the Spanish manufacturer as much in its element as Skoda? Not sure

Moreover, the Tarraco goes down in the arena two years after the Kodiaq. Inverse calendar in compact SUVs: Ateca had started two before the Karoq. Proof that VW knows both the public and the priorities of both brands

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