2020 Mitsubishi Space Star Redesign, Specs, Price | Mirage

2020 Mitsubishi Space Star Redesign, Specs, Price | Mirage

2020 Mitsubishi Space Star (Mirage) gets a new look and update. While some mini-cities have bowed out and many manufacturers are renouncing this segment, Mitsubishi is betting on restyling its small Space Star (Mirage) a second time in 2020. A reportage that unfortunately does not hide its weaknesses.

2020 Mitsubishi Space Star Redesign Exterior

Seen from the front, the Spacestar changes substantially. It receives the new front panel called “Dynamic Shield” from the brand’s other models. More dynamic, it modernizes well this small car, whose profile remains however as bland as before.

At the rear, only the arrival of new LED lights and a slightly modified shield is to be noted while inside, it is white cap and white cap, if we except the new door trims, the revamped meters and the new multimedia system similar to that of the large L200 pickup and the Outlander, screen aside.

Finally, there is the arrival of new driving aids: autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian recognition, lane departure warning and automatic headlight code-switching on the top of the range.


The finish of the dashboard of the new Spacestar is not the most polished, but nothing scandalous at this price. The equipment remains the strong point of the Spacestar, which can, in particular, receive GPS navigation, which is rare in the segment. The five-speed mechanical gearbox can be replaced by an automatic CVT type transmission charged at € 1,000. Larger than the average mini-city car, the 2020 Mitsubishi Space Star offers decent roominess and is approved for five seats. With 210 liters, the trunk volume is correct for the category but, with 251 liters, the Volkswagen up! does better.


The biggest change, therefore, concerns the range, completely redesigned. Mitsubishi has not yet released the prices but is talking about an increase of a few hundred euros. However, it still announces an actual “transaction price” below the €10,000 mark for the new “In” access version.

An attractive offer at first glance when you consider the generous standard equipment which includes air conditioning, radio, electric mirrors or even rain and light sensors. It is this access version, with the 1.0 hp 71 hp engine that Mitsubishi plans to sell the most. The range is then declined on three other levels, the last two of which are fitted with a 1.2 82 hp engine.

Finally, note that the Spacestar is one of the few of its kind to be able to receive an automatic gearbox on this last engine, in this case, a CVT, billed € 1,000 on the current model. To be completely complete, note that the car has a 5-year warranty.

2020 Mitsubishi Space Star Performance

The first impression when boarding the Space star is bad, especially for large sizes. Impossible indeed to find a satisfactory driving position despite the height-adjustable seats. Those over 1.85m will find it difficult to avoid touching the ceiling, which is still rare and annoying behind the wheel of a car that is neither a supercar nor an old car. The seats, which are too bulging, turn out to be very poorly designed and will quickly make sensitive backs suffer.

The three-cylinder 1.2 80 hp of our high-end model is perfectly up to par and even lively despite the very long five-speed transmission with which it is associated. The car, therefore, has no problem keeping up with the traffic and is even swift enough on the road and on the highway, while showing a reasonable appetite: we recorded 6 l per 100 km despite a fairly dynamic driving. Unfortunately, the chassis is not at all up to the events. The very imprecise and sticky steering acts on one of the worst front lines of contemporary automobile production.

t is necessary to regularly correct the trajectory while the course keeping is reminiscent of that of models that the under the 40s cannot know. Crossing a truck becomes an adventure again! Even the Renault Twingo with rear engine manages to do better in this area, especially since its restyling. Finally, comfort appears spartan, due to the stiffness of the suspensions but also to the running noises, very present. We do not understand how Mitsubishi could leave the chassis settings intact after the torrents of criticism that had already aroused the first two iterations of the model. In short, the Mitsubishi Space Star is a model to be reserved exclusively for urban use: we will, therefore, have no regrets to opt for the less powerful version of 60 hp.

Competition & Price

Competition is becoming scarce in the A-segment. The Space Star still faces a lot of rivals, starting with the Renault Twingo which was restyled in 2019. More attractive from the point of view of style, a little better amortized, it is however much more expensive with a price of access to the range located at 11,400€ in Life finish, much less equipped. Same observation with the Peugeot 108 and the Citroën C1, which now only offer a 72 hp engine, but are still offered in three and five-door versions, from € 11,100 for the Peugeot and € 11,050 for the Citroën.

These two models reveal a handling behavior infinitely superior to that of the small Mitsubishi. Finally, we obviously can not ignore the Japanese cousin of this duo, the Toyota Aygo positioned a little more upscale and available from € 12,990.

We should also mention the small Kia Picanto and the Hyundai i10, which is renewed at the start of 2020. Infinitely more refined than the Mitsubishi, the Koreans also offer long-term guarantees. At Fiat, the more livable and practical Panda remains in the catalog from € 10,490 while Suzuki still offers its Celerio, more successful than the 2020 Mitsubishi Space Star from € 10,290.

Finally, when we talk about a low-cost car, it would be improper to ignore the elephant who is pawing in the room: the Dacia Sandero, certainly less well equipped but much more versatile, comfortable and livable, and whose price access of €8,290 is even lower than that of the Space Star.


Mitsubishi makes no secret of it: with the restyled Spacestar, it hopes to conquer the customer base lost by the manufacturers who are leaving the A-segment. An opportunistic position that unfortunately relies on a product that no longer has its place on the European market.

Despite its lively engine, the Spacestar suffers from a totally outdated chassis which makes it a car with very limited benefits. Its purchase is only justified for those for whom the price-equipment ratio is the first purchase criterion. Given the many alternatives that exist in new and used, we hardly see how we could recommend this model.

2020 Mitsubishi Space Star Redesign, Specs, Price | Mirage Pictures

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