2020 Mercedes GLE SUV Redesign; Advanced Suspensions & Transmissions

2020 Mercedes GLE SUV Redesign; Advanced Suspensions & Transmissions

Mercedes unveils gradually its future SUV, the GLE. If his line remains camouflaged, we know a little more about his underwear. It will be equipped with a power transmission and a suspension resulting from that of the S-Class.
After the powerful AMG versions seen in the testing phase, Mercedes says a little more about its 2020 Mercedes GLE SUV. Indeed, journalists were invited to the United States to perform a small tour … as a passenger.

Thus, we learn that the future competitor of the Audi Q7 and BMW X5 will heal its running gear. Indeed, it will accommodate the technology “Magic Body Control” seen on the S-Class. It is a system that, thanks to the reading of the coating by cameras, adjusts the pneumatic suspension by anticipation. The comfort then had to be royal.

Also from the Mercedes limousine, the GLE can bow in turns to reduce the lateral forces that passengers experience. The attitude of the SUV then tilts inside the curve.

Taking care of his comfort and his behavior on the road, the GLE does not forget his abilities in any way. He innovates a new function of the suspension. It can perform fast movements (like a low-rider car) to increase the tire pressure on the ground. A phenomenon that improves the skills on the sand for example. This new system is called Free Drive

The all-wheel-drive seems to be evolving but the details are missing. A central differential (controlled clutch) is used and the distribution between the right and left wheels is via the braking system.

2020 Mercedes GLE SUV Release Date & Price

Lastly, the GLE will be based on a new MHA platform with a weight gain of around 150 kg. It will be presented in autumn, logically at the Paris Motor Show, and marketed in early 2019.¬†Until now, we don’t know what the price of this SUV is.

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