2020 Mercedes AMG GT63 S 4-Door Review: Beautiful!

2020 Mercedes AMG GT63 S 4-Door Review: Beautiful!

2020 Mercedes AMG GT63 S 4-Door Review: Beautiful! – Previously available in coupe and roadster, the Mercedes-AMG GT draws a version with four doors and five seats. An AMG for “grandpas”? Well woke up then: at 639 hp, the 2020 Mercedes AMG GT63 S with 4 doors becomes simply the most powerful Mercedes of the range. To tame before retirement!

No need to exhume Mercedes brochures more or less yellowed: V8 6.2 of the sublime SLS, V12 6.9 of the terrifying CLK GTR, V12 6.0 biturbo of the last S 65 AMG, none reaches the 639 hp of the V8 4.0 biturbo of our Mercedes- AMG-GT-coupe-4-door-63-S-4Matic + (to our wishes). This is to say the escalation to power among premium brands, at least equal to the explosion in the number of bodies: three models at Mercedes in 1996, twenty-six in 2018.

That said, this 2020 Mercedes AMG GT63 S 4-Door is not exactly an extended Mercedes-AMG GT. Rather a close cousin of the Mercedes CLS , launched six months earlier: same dashboard, same flying flag, same windows without frames, same hull here provided with aluminum elements. And a difference in wheelbase (and track width) just due to the revised shock mounts. The ultimate evolution concerns the abandonment of the trunk in favor of a hatchback … which would have justified a name “five doors” and not “four”.

As if to further complicate its positioning, the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door coupe is not limited to the evoked V8, and descends lower power: six-cylinder in-line of  435 hp for the GT 53  and  367 hp for the GT 43 … which also exists in the CLS range under the name 450. More than a cousin, a twin!

For fans of anecdotes, let us add that the French market has not retained the GT 63 version without “S” (driven by the V8 Biturbo “deflated” to 585 hp), and that the GT 43 and 53 have the system of EQ Boost Light Hybridization: A small 22hp and 250 Nm electric motor assists their six-cylinder low-revs, to increase flexibility and reduce fuel consumption.

For this first test of the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door coupe, we will try to tame its advanced version 63 S, not only more powerful than the GT 43 and GT 53. The front discs go from 360 to 390 mm in diameter and are mounted on the bowl. The piloted suspension houses three-chambered air springs. The rear wheels become steered, turning the opposite of the front under 100 km / h (maximum 1.3 °) and in the same direction beyond (0.5 ° max).

The nine-speed automatic gearbox swaps its converter by a wet clutch, while an active differential is introduced on the rear axle. As for the 4Matic + all-wheel drive, it features the Drift mode inaugurated by the E 63 S, which transforms this integral of 900 Nm into single propulsion

On The Road – 0-300 km/h in 30s

Five seconds. This is the time it took for me, my passenger, our luggage and our carriage of 2.1 tons empty, to go from the stop at 130 km/h. And as Mercedes hates frustrating his guests, he had privatized an airport runway, just to reach the maximum speed. Verdict? Less than thirty seconds to reach 300 km/h, and a 312 km / h displayed on the screen before having to slow down, for lack of tarmac length.

On the open road, the real one, the one to share with other users, this health allows almost everything: erase a line of a heavyweight as fast as a pair of cyclists. Doubling a car after the last drawdown arrow, without biting the line continues. Or annoy anything that rolls from the toll, unless you start at the same time as a Lamborghini Aventador, a Ferrari 812 Superfast, a Bugatti Chiron, or one of the few supercars buckling the 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3.2 s.

On the one hand, we can doubt the usefulness of a 2020 Mercedes AMG GT63 S 4-Door. On the other hand, recognize the know-how of its wizards of parents, having made this rocket also manageable in town, comfortable on road, well soundproofed on the highway. And much more agile turns than letting think of its weight, and the feeling slightly “cottony” of his direction.

Without even reaching the limits of adhesion of the liner, the driver thus becomes embittered by the effect of the four-wheel steering, more sensitive than on board a Porsche Panamera: the steering, the GT 4-door seems to pivot around his axis rather than pulling its front axle outward, for the benefit of both efficiency and driving pleasure.

The way you get out of the bend then depends on your level of control or rather, your self-confidence when shunting the antiskid. You can let the 900 Nm catapult the car forward in a total traction, force the line (throttle and steering wheel) to make him sketch a slight comma of the rear train, or even switch to “Drift” mode for test your own reflexes in terms of counter-braking, which is necessarily quick to avoid the router.

A triple personality that concerns almost every element of the car, with three laws of steering assistance, three air suspension, three antiskid, three engine/pedal/ car box and two exhaust positions. In sports mode, it releases its valves and hosts controlled misfires, to fill the cabin with a voice hoarse (but felted) acceleration and crackling at deceleration. The last situation often encountered, as this firecracker requires to release the accelerator immediately after crushing. A mechanical cyclone, forcing 12.

2020 Mercedes AMG GT63 S 4-Door Interior

The purpose of a GT coupe 4 doors not being to reach 300 km/h every morning, this august sedan also knows how to be docile, with a handful of exceptions: 20-inch wheels slightly shake passengers on the manhole covers, the extra large tires (up to 305 mm at the rear!) generate significant road noise on bad roads, and changes in traffic jams reveal a few jolts of transmission, inherent to the abandonment of the torque converter in favor of a clutch.

To quibble, we can also mention the slight inertia of this “new” box when a need for power in Comfort mode, which must drop many reports at once and then causes a small jolt. But, nothing insurmountable in this cabin otherwise spectacular: instrumentation broadcast on two digital plates 12.3 ” customizable ‘, propeller vents, 64-color mood lighting.

As an option, the steering wheel is covered with Alcantara and accommodates shortcut keys, controlling the driving modes on the right, and two elements of its choice on the left (exhaust, suspension, anti-slip, etc.). These settings are also available directly on the center console, and no longer use physical buttons but mini-screens displaying a pictogram.

Futuristic to look at, the environment of the driver is a little less in use: taking over the architecture of the CLS, and therefore, the E-Class launched in 2016, the GT 4-door does not have a central screen touch (this order via an imprecise pad) or the famous voice command “smart” available in the latest Class . Exciting, for the customer having disbursed 170 000 € minimum.

Our test model finally had what is more “sporty” in terms of seats, wraparound (and a little firm) at the front … but also at the back: an option, the seat 40/20 / 40 homologated three seats ( left picture ) is replaced by two non-folding seats ( photo right ), which molds two real bucket side seats.

A third configuration calls for more comfortable seating and a touch-screen center console, to better enjoy welcoming legroom and surprisingly generous roof clearance for this type of body. The trunk carries up to 456 l of luggage, 60 l remain hidden under the floor. Fast transportation, yes, but troops!


At Audi, the RS7 based on the latest generation of the A7 Sportback has not yet come. No more rival at BMW, which has unsheathed neither the “real” M8 ( read our test M850i ) nor the four-door version of its Coupe 8. As for the Aston Martin, Rapide S launched in 2010, its underwear has aged more than its sublime dress: V12 atmo 560 hp, 0 to 100 km / h in 4.4 s, no all-wheel drive, a cabin as confined as obsolete, and all the same 197 500 € in the basic price.

Therefore, for 2020 Mercedes AMG GT63 S 4-Door, the only competitor is to find at Porsche, author of the Panamera Turbo S E-hybrid. Price (189 000 €, against 181 000 € for the AMG malus included), power (680 ch against 639 ch), 0 to 100 km / h (3.4 s against 3.2 s), efficiency in turns, motor skills in a straight line, everything matches

With the exception that the Porsche is a plug-in hybrid, 136 hp comes directly from its electric motors. With its breathtaking performance, comparable to that of the AMG, the Porsche adds a range of about 50 km in 100% electric mode once its batteries charged. An additional argument, at this level of range and price.


the promise of a 2020 Mercedes AMG GT63 S 4-Door is not quite respected, the model being more twin of the last CLS now private version AMG. So what? With two exceptions (perfectible management feeling, a lazy box in comfort mode), the GT 63 S coupé 4 doors shine in all areas: performance, efficiency, agility. And remarkable versatility … and welcome, the aforementioned qualities are rarely exploitable on the open road.

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