2020 Kia Proceed Review: Price, Specs, Concept & More

2020 Kia Proceed Review: Price, Specs, Concept & More

The third body of the Ceed range, the 2020 Kia Proceed is the first shooting brake of the Korean manufacturer, but also that of the general automotive industry.

After its first crowd at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, the 2020 Kia Proceed GT is ready to roam the European routes for which it is intended. Designed by a Frenchman in Germany and made in Slovakia, the Ceed range plays a full role in the European map, with Proceed being the third bodywork in a family of four declinations. Within a year, a compact SUV developed on the same platform will complete the lineage.

The Proceed is a shooting brake that takes the name of a couple ( Kia Pro-cee’d ), the bodies with 3 doors no longer recipe in the heart of the general lines. With her, Kia hopes not only to increase its market share but also its notoriety, its brand image, and its margin. Just that. After having carefully studied the behavior of high-end segment buyers (they spend on average at least € 10,000 more than for a “standard” model), Kia not only hopes to position itself as an alternative to conventional breaks, such as Peugeot 308 SW or the Renault Megane Estate, but also to more exclusive cars such as the Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake, much more expensive but is the only one to offer a body of the same type.

2020 Kia Proceed Concept

The Kia Proceed uses the K2 platform, that of  Ceed and Ceed SW, and logically displays the same wheelbase: 2.65 m. But it nonetheless meets other proportional criteria. Borrowing only the bonnet and front fenders at the 5-door Ceed (which is 4,31 m long), the Proceed has the same length and width as the SW wagon (4,60 m and 1,80 m) but its roof is much lower: 1.42 m against 1.47 m. His cantilevers seem larger then, and his pace is more dynamic.

On the other hand, it has a trunk a little less habitable and practical to use (less useful height) than that of the SW version: from 594 to 1545 liters, when the conventional station wagon proposes from 625 to 1694 liters of loading. Equipped with modularity that varies according to the level of finish – 60/40 bench in GT Line and 40/20/40 on other finishes – the Proceed is certainly not a real break but offers habitability of good level and a touch of exclusivity.

2020 Kia Proceed Price

Offered from € 26,590 with the 1.0 T-GDI engine of 120 hp 3 cylinders and a manual gearbox, the Kia Proceed is charged € 1,000 more than the SW version. Just above, the 1.4 T-GDI engine of 140 hp (4 cylinders) is available from € 27,590. The finish GT Line, which is the entry level, is quite well endowed (see page Prices and equipment). Just above, the livery GT Line Premium, requires a significant financial effort: € 3 800 regardless of the engine, for equipment this time plethoric (panoramic sunroof, leather upholstery and heated steering wheel, the audio system by JBL) and, de facto, few options.

The 2020 Kia Proceed 1.6 T-GDi, object of our test, culminates at 204 hp for a price of € 34,990, gearbox DCT 7 serial reports (and charged € 1,500 on other versions). At this price, everything is included and only one option appears in the catalog: the pearly paint, proposed at only 100 €. A very curious marketing choice, and certainly a gift that the dealer will be happy to offer to its customers.

In a diesel, the New Kia Proceed starts at 29 990 € with a single engine: 1.6 CRDi 136 hp. It is well positioned against the competition. For example, a Peugeot 308 SW HDi 130 GT Line costs € 31,400, and a Renault Megane Estate 1.6 dCi 130 Intent costs € 31,100 with the GT Line package. If you look at Mercedes, the Sensation CLA Shooting Brake 180 is billed € 38,525 with a diesel of 109 hp of Renault origin and exceeds € 40,000 with a superior engine.


The dashboard of 2020 Kia Proceed takes the elements of the Ceed from which it derives. The quality is at the rendezvous, but all is quite classic. It should be noted that the windscreen amounts are not final, the model entrusted to us being pre-production. seating the 2020 Kia Proceed, the rear seats are fairly easy to access, and the central passenger is rather well-off: seat quite wide, no or almost tunnel transmission. The roof guard is necessarily thinner than the station wagon, but we sit lower.

The counters, very classic wells, encircle a digital screen that tries to give a touch of modernity to the Kia Proceed. The Korean manufacturer has not yet moved to the digital cockpit. The automatic gearbox of the 2020 Kia Proceed 1.6 T-GDi DCT7 can also be controlled via paddles located behind the steering wheel. In fast driving, they bring more sensations but no additional reactivity

2020 Kia Proceed Trunk Capacity

With 594 liters of cargo volume, Kia Proceed has a good average. But the profile of its body makes the useful height is more limited than on board a conventional break. The bar to compartmentalize the space is removable and easy to use.

2020 Kia Proceed Performance

By pressing the start button, we launch the 1.6 turbo whose noise is much more evocative than the prototype we had taken the wheel a few months ago. And at a time when sports versions sometimes try to minimize the noise of their mechanics, the Proceed assumes its sportiness through a sound that was no longer used to hear. And we must admit: it feels good! For once, we do not have the impression that the mechanics are muzzled by anti-pollution standards, which lessen the character of the most sparkling mechanics. It is the time to take the road to check it.

The first kilometers are spent in urban areas, which allows us to see that the car is firmly depreciated. But the comfort, despite the 18-inch wheels, remains correct for a dynamic car. In a word, at low speed, this 2020 Kia Proceed GT is fun to drive, especially as its automatic gearbox perfectly follows the movement.

Escaped from the urban area, the good mechanical provisions are confirmed. A sporty touch, which activates a valve in the exhaust and modifies some parameters related to the consistency of the steering or to the mechanical reactivity, increases the sensation. However, when the pace accelerates, the gearbox has more trouble following. It suffers from a mechanical inertia, and use the manual mode and the pallets do not change anything. This is not unacceptable but encourages more thoughtfulness and anticipation.

In terms of handling, the Proceed offers a healthy behavior with a rear-end geared to the ground. At the front, it is a question of taking the torque and the power out of turn, and without differential self-locking, the exercise is sometimes difficult. The management is perceived as consistent, offering good road accuracy and a correct road reading.

Apart from a sub-tackiness (a tendency to shoot straight during sharp turns, a characteristic feature of the tractions) and a tendency to widen the trajectories at the go-around, this colorful version of the 2020 Kia Proceed gives satisfaction. , thanks to a very solid mechanics and homogeneous services.

2020 Kia Proceed Gas Mileage

Then remains to address the chapter of the consumption, homologated with 6.2 l/100 km in mixed cycle and 7.1 l/100 km in urban area, our Proceed consumed 8.4 l / 100 km during our first loop, which mixed downtown and surrounding roads, but climbed up to over 12 l / 100 km on mountain roads and in intensive driving. It is then allowed to consider an average consumption of 8 to 10 l/100 km depending on the driving style.


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