2020 BMW X2 18i sDrive Review: Performance, Specs & Price

2020 BMW X2 18i sDrive Review: Performance, Specs & Price

The 2020 BMW X2 18i sDrive starts its range with a petrol version of 140 hp worthy of interest to enjoy this SUV with unusual lines.

The rush to SUVs encourages automakers to imagine all forms of bodywork. The “SUV coupe” are those and BMW is the pioneer with the X4. With the new X2, the brand propeller explores another track: this model looks more like a “Sedan” SUV than anything else. In any case, it catches the eye of the passersby, even in our Lounge Plus version with a wiser aesthetic than the X2M Sport X.

2020 BMW X2 18i sDrive Price & Equipment

No BMW without high power and all-wheel drive, incidentally the X2 has just revealed its new version M35i with six cylinders of 306 hp. We are already licking our chops but our test of the day has another goal: to avoid drying the wallet by offering the services of the X2. For that, go to the other end of the range with the X2 18i. The menu is less appetizing but it allows to taste without sourness to the X2 thanks to the sparkling gasoline engine three cylinders turbo.

The basic price of the BMW X2 18i sDrive starts at € 32,450 in Première finish. A reasonable price for a premium SUV but the bill climbs quickly if you want to have amenities worthy of the rank of the car. For example, our trial version in Lounge Plus finish (the minimum to take) climbs to € 38,150, and even € 40,350 with the double clutch gearbox DKG7 that we strongly recommend. In this configuration, the standard equipment enhances the use of the X2 and will allow easier resale. Always question budget, note the penalty of € 253 low compared to other gasoline SUV (€ 1,490 for example on a Volvo XC40 T3 of 156 hp).


The BMW is an SUV neither too big (4.36 m, 8 cm shorter than the X1), neither too high nor too heavy. It should, therefore, be content with reasonable power and this is indeed the case with this petrol engine of 140 hp. It must be said that this three-cylinder turbo is full of goodwill. On the road, it allows driving quite sparkling, well in line with the responsive chassis of the X2. The new DKG7 dual-clutch gearbox shifts the gears quickly and makes up for the lack of punch in low revs.

If all goes well on the road the table is a little less exciting in the city. At low speed, the three-cylinder does not offer the roundness of a four-cylinder in its way of operating and the vibratory level is a little disappointing for a gas car, without this being unacceptable. And then we have to deal with a few jolts in the start-up phases: the Stop & Start management, 3 cylinders, and double clutch gearbox does not offer the flexibility of a 4-cylinder duo and ZF 8-speed automatic gearbox.

The small grievances in the city are forgotten when it comes to more sinuous sectors on the road where the X2 shows a nice ease in the changes of supports. It is pleasant to carry because it feels light and the incisive direction participates in the pleasure when we check the DirectDrive M direction option (260 €) to more direct multiplication as our test model. In exchange for his footwork, the X2 imposes a little firm comfort on the degraded roads. Nothing serious but the most sensitive of the back will have to choose the option controlled suspension SelectDrive (550 €) to be serene. Finally, led to the usual pace on the road, the X2 was fairly frugal with a consumption observed at 7.2 l / 100 km in our test.

2020 BMW X2 18i sDrive Interior

The BMW X2 Lounge Plus is equipped with Dakota leather upholstery (€ 1,750). The bright atmosphere in this configuration, impeccable finish, and neat materials. The traditional counters of the BMW X2 are completed, at the bottom, by the small screen of the onboard computer. The set is well readable. The ConnectedDrive Pack (€ 2,850) includes the large touchscreen, head-up display and induction charging. No sliding seat like the X1, but the rear seats remain very habitable. The rear seats of the BMW X2 bow to the benefit of postural comfort. The trunk volume of 470 l includes this deep receptacle under the floor. Folding 40/20/40 backs allow you to modulate the rear space.

2020 BMW X2 18i sDrive Rivals

With its offbeat design and premium offer, the BMW X2 has few direct competitors. However, he has strong SUVs in front of him in a reduced size like the Range Rover Evoque, soon replaced, and the recent Jaguar E-Pace. Two rivals who do not offer such modest petrol versions in their range: minimum 200 bhp / 9660 € penalty for the E-Pace and 240 bhp / 10 500 € malus for the Evoque! All the strength of the X2 is there: offer in the universe of premium SUVs a petrol version that responds well to the times in terms of power / CO2 emissions.


There is better in the range of the BMW X2: 20d 190 hp for big rollers or 20i 192 hp for those who like more torquey engines. But this BMW X2 18i sDrive is not a cheap version, quite the contrary. The approval on a daily basis is real and the road is not afraid of this version that can limit the soaring price while driving in an SUV rewarding: count € 5,050 less than the X2 20i.

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