2020 BMW 3 Series New Generations – Specs, Interior, MPG & More

2020 BMW 3 Series New Generations – Specs, Interior, MPG & More

Pillar of the BMW range since the first version in 1975, 2020 BMW 3 Series will continue its journey in spring 2019, with this seventh generation. The shape changes significantly while, basically, it finally goes to all digital

The seventh-generation BMW 3 Series gets its first crowd at the 2018 Paris Motor Show (October 4-14) in Paris. Under the internal code G20, it succeeds the current (F30) launched in 2012 and restyled in 2015.

2020 BMW 3 Series Redesign – An even more expressive style

From the outset, this new Series 3 stands out clearly from its predecessor. Its muzzle is adorned with a large double bean implanted lower than before. If the chrome strapping that unites the two air intakes is a bit massive, the grille imposes, it opens wide! It is obscured by moving fins to optimize the temperature rise of the engine – as on the latest achievements of the brand.

The headlights are crafted, highlighted by a setback that is not without evoking a stylistic gimmick dear to Peugeot. And to combine aesthetics and technology, the projectors adopt a laser li

In profile, the proportions do not change. We find, with pleasure, a long hood and a cockpit picked up on the back. Note however that the famous ” Hoffmeister Knick “, this fold that wraps around the rear window, is now attached to the rear quarter and no longer on the door. A styling trick that visually stretches the lines of the 2020 BMW 3 Series New Generations.

In the same vein, the stern sports fine L-shaped lights that protrude laterally from the wings. It can detect false Lexus tunes, but it remains subtle and remains the antipodes of the heaviness of the lenses of the 2020 BMW 3 Series (E90) of 2005.

Dimensions new BMW 3 Series

The new BMW 3 Series stretches 8.5 cm to 4.71 m long. It is 1.6 cm (1.83 m) wider and retains the same height as its predecessor (1.44 m). It is based on a wheelbase increased by 4.1 cm (2.85 m).

The Series 3 now has a size quite comparable to that of its direct rivals: Audi A4 and Mercedes C-Class. Finally, the front and rear tracks are widened by respectively 4.3 and 2.1 cm. In addition, it is 55 kg lighter than its predecessor, with equivalent engines, thanks to its hood and aluminum front fenders. To close this chapter of dimensions, the trunk volume has not changed, it remains at 480 ls. However, the double bottom that generates on the current model a compartment of 30 l under the floor has been removed. It is now easier to load suitcases vertically.

And, in terms of modularity, the 2020 BMW 3 Series systematizes a cutting of the seat backs in a 40/20/40 format. For the record, the current had a 2 / 3-1 / 3 architecture on the basic versions and 40/20/40 on the high end.

Interior The dashboard is digital

Onboard, the new Series 3 goes digital by adopting 100% digital instrumentation on a slab 12.3 inches diagonally. Referred to as ” BMW Live Cockpit “, this equipment, which is now essential for a premium brand, meets the virtual cockpit of the Audi A4 and comes with a perfectly integrated 10.2-inch touch screen at the top of the center console.

A head-up display, identical to that of the BMW 5 Series, complements the dowry. However, this is the most up-to-date configuration. The entry-level BMW 3 Series New Generations will feature needle instrumentation with a digital display in the center and a touchscreen of just 8.8 inches. Another technological delicacy, the new BMW 3 Series can unlock its doors with a smartphone. The formal furniture register of the new 3 Series will not disappoint the followers of the current model. On the other hand, the drastic reduction in the number of buttons and the perfect integration of the touchscreen bring a lot of modernity and really outdated the current 3 Series F30.

The NEW BMW 3 Series takes advantage of its slightly larger dimensions to properly accommodate two passengers in the rear seats. The access is relatively easy and, once on board, there is no lack of space in the legs or the level of the roof guard. As usual, the use of the central square is prohibited, the seat and the backrest are steeper and the transmission tunnel is cumbersome.

The BMW 3 Series will also be available as a long-wheelbase version for the Chinese market.

2020 BMW 3 Series Engine Specs

At launch, on March 9, 2019, the range will revolve around two gasoline engines: 320i (184hp) and 330i (258hp) and three diesel blocks: 318d (150hp), 320d (190hp) and 330d (265hp). True to the propulsion architecture, the new BMW 3 Series will also be offered with the xDrive all-wheel drive, initially only on the 320d, then will be extended to other versions. The automatic transmission will be delivered as standard, however, a manual transmission will also be available on the 318d and 320d (non xDrive).

A hybrid plug-in but no electric

The BMW 330e rechargeable hybrid version will arrive in the summer of 2019, like the M-Performance 40i with a six-cylinder engine. Finally, the BMW 3 Series Touring Estate will be launched in the autumn of 2019. In addition, BMW does not provide a 100% electric version of the 3 Series while this will be the case of the BMW X3 SUV based on the same technical platform CLAR. This role will be left to the future BMW i4 which will take the appearance of a coupe with four doors.

2020 BMW 3 Series New Generations – Specs, Interior, MPG & More Pictures

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