2020 Bentley Continental GT Review, Specs & More; Perfect GT?

2020 Bentley Continental GT Review, Specs & More; Perfect GT?

The style of the 2020 Bentley Continental GT is muscle but still remains elegant. Yet, the most interesting is inside: high-tech equipment, 635 hp W12 engine, fully revised running gear … Is it the best GT to go fast and far?

The Bentley Continental GT was released in 2003. Since then, it has benefited from several evolutions but it had to wait for the 2017 Frankfurt Motor show to retire. An eternity in car production. This second generation Continental GT takes on the sleek and elegant style with a touch of dynamism. The grille still imposes as much but the profile wins more pronounced folds, and the back is less massive. The gently sloping trunk and almond fires are no strangers to it. However, the template remains close to the old (+ 5 cm in length).

If the 2020 Bentley Continental GT has taken its time to renew itself, perhaps it is to better take advantage of modern technologies. It changes everything, or almost everything: aluminum body, except the composite material box, three-chamber damping, active anti-roll bars thanks to the 48 V architecture, double-clutch gearbox, transmission favoring the rear suspension … The elements Volkswagen Phaeton techniques that have served the older generation are no longer of this world. The second GT of the name is now inspired by the Porsche Panamera.

This Bentley has still retained the essential: its engine. The W12 6.0 biturbo has reduced its CO2 emissions but its power (635 hp) and especially its torque (900 Nm from 1350 rpm) give the smile. Precisely, it is time to put the contact.

Try a 2020 Bentley Continental GT is a rare event to want to enjoy it. Unfortunately, the weather is not of this opinion, our test begins in the rain, a time quite British.

Ride reasonably allows appreciating the refinement and the comfort on board. In the city, the “generous” engine is free of vibration and noise, the automatic double clutch transmission and eight reports are completely forgotten, the suspensions absorb without blinking potholes and paved streets. It is more the imposing size and the reduced visibility which disturb the tranquility of the driver.

As the name suggests, it is on the road that this GT makes sense. The motorway tape highlights the quality of the soundproofing, especially concerning the filtration of air noises. Perfect for enjoying the excellent Naim audio system.

” This W12 catapults you with strength from the lowest regimes ”

The small roads of the Perche (dried by the sun) are ideal to judge its dynamic qualities. The GT offers four driving modes: Sport, Bentley, Comfort, and Custom. The latter allows configuring the car as it pleases by changing the parameters of the suspension, the engine, the gearbox …

Comfort mode, soften the suspension and erase the irregularities of the roadway flying carpet, a treat. If the cash movements contained preserve the approval, the direction, too light, lack of return of the level of adhesion.

In contrast, the Sports mode makes you want to increase the pace. Open exhaust valves, the engine expresses itself more, in a haunting sound, but without ever becoming invasive. This W12 catapults you with strength from the lowest speeds to the point of passing the heavy GT (2,245 kg) for a compact GTi. But by taking a look at the counter who panics, the performance is closer to that of a supercar … A great flexibility and available at all speeds, this engine would be perfect if its operation was not also linear.

The Sports mode also acts on the dynamic part, the director wants to be communicative and incisive, the anti-roll bars do their job to keep a horizontal attitude in the curves approached at a brisk pace, and the damping perfectly stabilizes the car without making it uncomfortable. Good job.

Add to that a strong grip of the front axle and a rear axle that rolls out of the corner (up to 83% of the torque on the back) and you get a very efficient and pleasant GT in fast driving. In addition, the braking is at the height even if the long stroke of the pedal can baffle at the beginning. Finally, the gearbox chaining reports quickly, which is less the case for downshifts.

The last mode, Bentley, is logically between Sport and Comfort. It’s a bit of the default configuration, who knows how to do it all. In everyday driving, it’s the best fit.

2020 Bentley Continental GT Interior

The 2020 Bentley Continental GT has a sense of hospitality. Leather in abundance, real wood, neat layout, difficult not to remain contemplative in front of the interior furniture. At startup, the rotating touchscreen completes convincing. Yet, to look more closely, some finishing details (assembly, chrome, Audi controls …) detonate.

Finally, these details are quickly forgotten by settling in the seats with multiple settings. It is even possible to adjust the heating function separately from the seat back, same for the ventilation! Equipment invoiced € 3,180.

The controls of the aerators are a nice nod to the past but the 2020 Bentley Continental GT does not miss the modernity. On the contrary, the driver benefits from a digital slab as a counter and a touch screen of 12.3 inches at the top of the dashboard. It has three facets to choose between information infotainment system, three dials (thermometer, compass, and stopwatch) and a wood veneer. An optional gadget at € 5,640.

To benefit from a complete equipment, the resort to a financial supplement is often necessary: 4 752 € for the City Specification (parking aid with 360 ° camera, reading of the panels, safe with opening hands-free …), 7 434 € for the Touring Specification (adaptive controller, night vision, head-up display …), € 1,490 for mood lighting, or € 7,200 for the excellent Naim audio system. Surprising detail, the pedal of our model of a test is satisfied with a vulgar rubber coating!

The ergonomics are neat and we find quickly its benchmarks despite the many types of equipment. The practical aspects are not forgotten with sufficient storage and the rear seats are not a punishment. Two medium-sized adults (approximately 1.70 m) will travel comfortably. Finally, the trunk of 358 liters is enough for a getaway for two over a weekend.

2020 Bentley Continental GT Rivals

GT V12 engines can be counted on the fingers of one hand. The other luxury coupe is called Rolls-Royce Wraith. Great refinement, almost infinite customization, V12 engine of 632 hp, mix between tradition and technology … They share many common points. But the Rolls is much more expensive (from € 311,400) and it has a picture probably too elitist for some.

Always on the other side of the sleeve, the Aston Martin DB11 released in October 2016, is desirable. His line is breathtaking, his V12 biturbo engine of 608 hp has no lesson to receive from Bentley and its base price is close: 206 430 €. But she admits a few weaknesses: a finish to perfect, a habitability and a trunk set back and especially a road behavior well below that of our English of the day.

Finally, the Mercedes S-Class Coupe in its AMG S 65 version is certainly the closest in terms of performance. Like the Bentley, versatility comes with a welcoming interior, outstanding handling, and great comfort. But it makes pay dearly its 630 hp V12: 256 600 €. The price of the V8 engine of 612 hp (AMG S 63 4MATIC +) is more “wise”: 196 300 €.

The Bentley Continental is an accomplished GT. Silent, comfortable, livable, very powerful …, it is perfect to swallow the kilometers. But it also knows how to ride fast thanks to the quality of its running gear and depreciation. The finesse of the settings of his driving modes is also to his credit. We could quibble about some details of finishes but it is very little considering its qualities. So, the Perfect GT? Yes!

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