2019 Volkswagen Polo Review; Our Opinion on the New polo

2019 Volkswagen Polo Review; Our Opinion on the New polo

The most sold Volkswagen in France presents its sixth generation. On the program, for the new Polo? A clear upward template, a much more modern cockpit and an on-board technology worthy of the higher categories. First Test of the 2019 VW Polo in petrol version of 95 ch.

If the big sister Golf is the most sold car on the European scale, it is the Polo that dredges the most buyers in France: 40 000 copies registered last year (against 30 000 Golf), or 30% of Volkswagen sales on the territory.

An honorable score for this city-dweller launched in 2009, the second versatile imported behind the affordable Dacia Sando … and the unassailable French trio: Renault Clio, Peugeot 208 and Citroën C3 receive three 60% of the segment’s registrations. Only solution, for the new Polo? See Bigger!

2019 Volkswagen Polo Dimensions

By adopting the famous MQB platform (in an “A0″ version adapted to the small models Seat Ibiza and future Audi A1), the new Volkswagen Polo enhances its dimensions dramatically: 8 cm in length and 7 cm wider, for a template Now higher than a Golf 3 of 1991!

This is the direct use of the space on board (now the reference of the segment, we will return to it), and allows the Polo to inaugurate rare or unprecedented technological equipment on this segment: Speed controller to maintain distance, monitoring Angle-dead and keeping in the way, smartphone charger by induction, and customizable digital slab of 10.25 ” chasing the needle counters.

Equipment and Prices New VW Polo

A new generation often lengthens the list of its standard equipment, and the Polo 2019 respects this tradition: curtain airbags, emergency braking, automatic headlights, LED daytime lights, touch screen 6.5 ”, USB and Bluetooth connections come soon Trendline, the 8 ” glass screen from Confortline and Carat, and the 17 ” rims and 100% LED lights from R-Line.

The Polo does not benefit to increase its rates, stable or even frankly down on the high-end versions: 1 400 € falling in TSI 95, and even 2 000 € in TSI 115! This is the new Polo shirt that has become more competitive in the face of its rivals. although it remains about 1 000 € more expensive than the French stars with comparable equipment and engine (see Competition chapter on page 4).

Volkswagen Polo petrol and diesel engines

Farewell, 1.2 four-cylinder gasoline. Above the three atmospheric 1.0 cylinders of 65 and 75 HP, the new Polo opens their turbocharged versions, which point to 95 and 115 hp (90 and 110 ch for the old Four cylinders). All will be available from the launch in October 2017.

Diesel-powered polo shirts will follow in November (1.6 TDI 80 and 95 hp), the Polo GTI as of January 2018, but it is necessary to wait until November 2018 to arrive at the 1.5 TSI 150 with petrol already equipped with the restyled Golf (it will equip itself with a particle filter). For this first test of the new Polo, we have retained the version which will represent the bulk of the orders: the TSI 95 gasoline and mechanical box. Let’s go!

Driving a Volkswagen does not require any period of adaptation and this new Polo confirms it: the beautiful amplitude of adjustment of the seats and the steering wheel allows to quickly find its ideal driving position, the controls of boxes and clutch combine Smoothness and precision, and the natural location of the various functions do not “dry” at the time of adjusting its mirrors or hastening the ventilation.

The 1.0 TSI 95 is hardly noticed. This is a compliment for a three-cylinder block: No tremor at idle speed, no vibrations at low-rpm reliance, perfectly gummed in an accordion circulation. And a very discreet stop & start system, which cuts the engine a little before stopping and then restarts it promptly. In town, it’s a first without fail!

“Very soft in town and enough on the road, the 1.0 TSI 95 appears as an excellent companion of the new Polo”

The smile does not falter on the road, where the 1.0 TSI does not lose its means despite its modest displacement: sparkling accelerations from 1 500 rpm, correct raises in fifth despite the absence of sixth report, and a sound well contained at speed Stabilized, even on motorway at 130 km/h.

Our low-demand test route has unfortunately not allowed us to evaluate the new Polo under certain conditions, particularly in turn or on a very bumpy road.

Damage: This test model had the “Sport Select” suspension, which lowers the 15 mm case and leaves the choice between a normal or sporting setting with a pressure on the sport button near the gear lever. An option to €440 a priori superfluous on a versatile city-dweller of 95 hp.

In comparison to the previous generation, Polo still seemed to be better able to contain its cash movements on the succession of moguls, without being “dry” at low speed despite the optional 17-inch wheels. A notice to be confirmed in the next take on an appropriate course.

Our Polo Carat test did not have the famous Active Info Display, this 10.25-inch digital slab replacing the needle counters (option to €470, or series on Exclusive carat polo).

However, the latter appear to be very legible, and surround a complete onboard computer (from Confortline) which recalls the GPS instructions, the radio station being listened to or, among other things, the engine oil temperature.

Our test Polo Carat also had the 8-inch touch screen, with the glass front and the excellent resolution, with excellent perceived quality.

“Even without digital display meters, the Carat Polo gives off a nice perceived quality”

The intuitive menus and the compatibility of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay serve everyday comfort, but it is necessary to use the options to attach DAB digital radio (€220), voice commands (€220) or Smartphone charger by induction (€440 With improved reception of the Bluetooth connection and reduction of the airwaves in the cockpit.

As an option at €160, decorative inserts (oranges like here, or blue) brighten the cockpit. If the hard plastics of the counter doors swear a little, the materials and assemblies breathe the quality.

The front passengers will finally be seduced by the good finishing quality and the number of available storages: console foot receptacle, cup holders near the hand brake, pocket vacuums under the armrest, and door bins and a generous glove box Able to accommodate large bottles of water. Practice Every day!

The Polo extends its small attentions to the rear seats … and simply becomes the most welcoming multi-purpose city on the bench. The knees of the large stencils are far from rubbing the front files, the long and raised seat maintains the thighs perfectly, and the central backrest remains as fluffy as the lateral: in this segment, it is rare!

The trunk finishes to seduce with, again, the best-advertised volume of the category behind the cousin Seat Ibiza: 351 L (counting the space allotted to the optional spare wheel), against 300 L for a Renault Clio and 285 l for a Peugeot 208.

The removable floor allows it to get a virtually flat floor folded backs, but beware of the chosen equipment: with the 300w audio beats system, the subwoofer located below it forbids the low position and trims over 30 L on the volume of Safe.

2019 VW Polo Rivals

To say that the new Polo arrives in a competitive universe is an understatement. In addition to a market share that gives the dizzy, the segment of the multipurpose Citadines (more than 30% of new cars in France!) has dramatically renewed in recent months: Citroen C3, Ford Fiesta, Kia Rio, Nissan Micra, Seat Ibiza, Suzuki Swift, without Forget the recent restylages of the Toyota Yaris and Renault Clio.

Not known as the most affordable of the band, the French are still better placed than the German: 18 030 € for a Polo TSI 95 Confortline, against 18 650 € for a Clio TCe 90 intensity. Which additionally offers the GPS, the hands-free key, the automatic air conditioning and the recoil radar. The gap is still widening in front of a Citroen C3 PureTech 82 Shine: Certainly less powerful, it is displayed from 17 100 € Despite its superior series (recoil radar and automatic air-conditioning in addition).

As on the previous generation, however, the new Polo will be able to count on its incessant special series (including the First Edition of launch, see details on the following page) to sharpen its competitiveness

Test results for Polo 1.0 TSI 95

The Volkswagen Polo has not missed its renewal, and becomes the new reference for the segment of the versatile Citadines in several domains: onboard technology, perceived quality, space on board. And a driving approval served by the three cylinders 95 hp soft, sober and efficient.

If its compromise between comfort and handling appears at the same level (the test route borrowed does not allow us, for the time being, to confirm it), it will appear as a real small Golf. And the new nightmare of its rivals, just saved by a price/equipment ratio always better placed.

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