2019 Mercedes X Class Review; Price, Performance, Interior, MPG

2019 Mercedes X Class Review; Price, Performance, Interior, MPG

Here is our short review of 2019 Mercedes X Class Pickup Truck Feature, Specs, Engine Performance Base, Interior, Price and Release Date.He has profoundly improved the technical base of his cousins 2019 Nissan Navara and Renault Alaskan, to land where a Mercedes must be: top of its class. But The 2019 Mercedes X Class will only rule on the planet of pickups in a year when it will receive a diesel V6 and a permanent 4WD transmission.

Any regulatory net would be inhuman if it did not let the small fry menu pass. The pickups escaped the tax’s STS as commercial vehicles. Their template is imposing, but the segment did not weigh heavy when the green taxation began to surge: 8 500 sales in Europe in 2009, most often of the simple cabin or cabin deepened. Since then, this wave has taken the SUV. The car having horror of the vacuum, the pickups are fitted in a range, with double cabin versions upholstered with leather that seldom frequents the mud of the yards.

With the exemption of Malus and tax on the company’s vehicles, the SUV has followed the movement: the pickups are going to cross this year the bar of the 20 000 sales, with a majority share of the double cabin. At the same time, the growth of the world market is being brought by the emerging countries, fond of pick-up: agrarian economy, half-asphalt network half-land. From then on, new entrants flock Volkswagen Amarok (2011), Fiat Fullback (2016), Renault Alaskan and Mercedes Classe X (2017).

Mercedes class X and Renault Alaskan; Same Platform?

The know-how is not decreed when it comes to the SUV. Pick-up specialists count on the fingers of a hand: Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Mitsubishi, Isuzu. Only Volkswagen left a white sheet. Fiat spoke to Mitsubishi, Renault, and Mercedes to Nissan, their partner. Renault just put a new grille on the Navan. Mercedes, nobility obliges, was more ambitious. The 2019 Mercedes X Class takes over the chassis, the integral transmission, the automatic gearbox and the original Renault Diesel 2.0 of the NAVARA.

2019 Mercedes X Class Price

All the rest of class X is homemade: not a common body piece, dashboard, and Mercedes seats. Or modified: widened lanes, ground clearance from 22 to 20 cm, four disc brakes, powerful front to Big star taken in two chrome blades that inscribes the class X in the style of Mercedes SUV. Its loans to the Alliance Renault-Nissan allow it however to contain its prices. It starts at 36 780 € in diesel 160 hp propulsion and mechanical box, culminates in 50 243 € in diesel 190 hp, 4x4WD transmission, and BVA. But the best remains to come, in 2018: A version 100% Mercedes off the chassis, at V6 Diesel 258 HP, Permanent 4WD transmission and BVA7 paddles at the wheel.

Photo Credit: Mercedes

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