2019 Mercedes class G 500 4X4 V8 Review; Interior, Engine, Price

2019 Mercedes class G 500 4X4 V8 Review; Interior, Engine, Price

2019 Mercedes class G 500 4X4 V8 Review; Interior, Engine, Price – For its last test, we tested the Mercedes G-class on hostile and the Norway frozen roads. Battering of the V8 and session slides of this icon of more than 2 tons, we still have chills.

“Are you crazy!” said a colleague when I told her I’ll do 400 km on the roads icy Norway in the antique class G, while my choice could focus on the delicious Mercedes C43 AMG, the nervous A45 AMG or the comfortable GLC 350 d.

But the G-class, it’s 4×4 Sir, a design icon and the oldest car market since this model was released in 1979 (it evolved a bit since.). So, we wanted to taste one last time in the Mercedes legend since the new G-class will arrive in 2018 and will put a point final to this first generation, in the catalog for 38 years and again recently declined in versions crazy.

2019 Mercedes class G 500 4X4 Price

Our class G test is almost wise version 500, still powered by a V8 essence of 421 c. The price reached €107 100, inflated by options €23 150 and €10 500 Max Malus. Total € 140 750, it is completely unreasonable. That’s probably why some indispensable judge, and Mercedes has thought about them with a final series Limited Edition which closes the long career of the class G

2019 Mercedes class G 500 4X4 V8 Performance Review

It’s snowing in Oslo where we recover the car, and it is-12 degrees. We rub the hands, it’ll be fun! In fact, we’ll soon realize he’ll instead have to spit in hands to properly complete this imposing stature of 2 595 kg.

The expression climb to door edge well his name here and we find ourselves behind the small right windshield like a glass bathroom. The furniture has gotten old, but it has its charm and all exudes strength. The hand-hold in the face of the passenger and the three commands of the differentials are typical of the G-class. It is really installed in height and the low belt adds to the sense of domination. The modern SUV can say that.

The class G is quickly disconcerting because of his leadership worthy of the 1980s. To do wheel towers at no end to maneuver and the midpoint is incredibly blurry as if we had front tires foam! But these are four winter tyres that wear our wheels. Minimum in Norway at the time, even if the best is the tire studded as the local driver.

No doubt, the G-class at the age of his arteries and road precarious grip amplifies her flaws: Steering loose so almost no reactivity, then a suddenly single mass that takes the high carcass of the class G (1.95 m) to the outside of the turn. I understand my colleague’s response and it is therefore “on eggs” that we go into the forest, on frozen roads. In fact, our average consumption down to 14 l / 100 km. IE if it was not driving fast

Pretty comfortable so that ice does not form a kind of unpleasant corrugated, the trip takes place at the sound of the V8 Mercedes who grumbled nicely under the hood less than 2 000 rpm. Well we will test his strength, but deadline of the motor (421 HP and 610 Nm) shots were quick because of our recklessness and 4Matic to 50/50 split transmission: slides quickly and it goes into the crab output turn without really knowing when this will stop.

Anyway, the awful weather on the course (snow, wind and temperature passed to-16 degrees) will calm us down: you don’t see anything! Indeed, despite the defrost at the bottom and the heated washer wipers freezing and to stop several times to remove the ice that forms around. As it is well known: an ice cube that wipe bad.

A windshield heating would have been welcome, but 2019 Mercedes class G 500 are not entitled to this refinement. He has others: Adaptive damping variable, detector angle dead, cruise control. when we tell you that the G-class has changed. Of course, all that is of the option. On the other hand, what is not optional, it’s mode luge! Downhill on the frozen road, nearly 2.6 tons it grows stronger!

In these circumstances, a PIN to 40 kph, it does not. We tested it for you and we came nicely plant ahead of our G-class-beautiful in the snow, it would have been with another big SUV also. The advantage with the G-class is out of this misstep in no time by playing with the blocking of its three differentials (the central disables the ESP to force if necessary). So all the talents of penetrator of the G-class who began facing the road with a slight blow of gas can be found. Too strong, the G-class!

Interior 2019 Mercedes class G 500

The design of the dashboard of the G-class seems a bit dated for a Mercedes. But we found all almost all the facilities of a modern model and overall appears strong. The passenger has a good handful in front of him to stand. The differential locks are easily accessible. No touchscreen, but in a class C either after all!. Once climbed aboard, it is sitting up straight and the seat is worthy of a Chair. Similar to the back, but instead the legs is really just too much for a 4 x 4 of 4.67 m. A door rather than a hatchback is not really convenient to the opening. but required when you want to carry a spare tire in the back.

After our journey in 2019 Mercedes class G 500 4X4, we did a few laps in the C 43 AMG 4Matic: fun, agility and safety, modernity is good! We have one wish, that The new G-class benefits from the expertise of the latest Mercedes while keeping his inimitable build and its off-road capability. And especially to make drastic dieting! With the class G 2018, it seems good. See you in Norway the winter next to check?

pros and Cons


  • A 4 x 4 iconic and inimitable
  • Dominant driving position
  • Crossing capacity
  • Solid appearance and smooth V8


  • Weight/Direction
  • Behavior exceeded
  • Price and operating budget

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