2019 Mercedes B-Class Review – less optimal updates! [ 200d Test]

2019 Mercedes B-Class Review – less optimal updates! [ 200d Test]

The 2019 Mercedes B-Class takes the road with a cinemascope screen that illuminates the dashboard. But no mechanical box or sliding seat announced for the spring of 2019. So, why hurry? Just wait until the new Class B is completely ready.

The B-Class is decorated in its buttonhole: in 2005 it was the first compact high-end minivan. Hence its success: a part of the clientele was waiting for a premium offer to enjoy the joys of family transportation in a model with high cockpit and reasonable size. But apart from the BMW 2 Series Tourer, the B-Class has not attracted many vocations. And fourteen years later, the context has changed: the wave of SUVs has swamped the market.

Some deserted the ship: Peugeot, Nissan, Fiat etc. Others do not believe much anymore, like Citroën, which gave the Picasso a go-anywhere name, C4 Space Tourer, probably because the sales were no longer worth the money paid to the painter’s heirs. So, why a Class B Generation III? Essentially because the Mercedes lineup aligns twenty-three models! Same number or almost at BMW, Volkswagen or Audi, proof of the strategy followed by the German manufacturers: to stifle their competitors by the offer, occupying every corner of the market.

Admittedly, the 2019 Mercedes B-Class has taken note of the public appeal for SUVs, and the welcome welcomed to its debut Series 2 Tourer features more dynamic than his own. So it goes in this direction: low roof (1.56 m, -1 cm), stretched (4.42 m, + 3 cm), fluid lines. And above all, asserts its modernity by bringing to the category the endless screen inaugurated by the new A-Class: two thin digital tiles of the same surface, 10.25 inches, for GPS and digital instrumentation, laid without separation or cap in the extension lateral one of the other. A dashboard in cinemascope, a foretaste of the future.

The range of engines of B Class at launch is more traditional: five engines, which avoid the penalty or keep it in a painless area: two gasoline (136 hp, 163 hp), three diesel (116 hp, 150 hp, 190 hp) . Curiously, no mechanical box: it will arrive at the end of the winter, at first on the petrol offers which they will reduce the price of 2 250 €. For now, the new B-Class starts at an estimated price of € 31,850 in gasoline and € 34,100 in diesel. The 200d 150hp version, the heart of the range here tried, starts at 36 100 € (estimate).

2019 Mercedes B-Class Engine Specs

The 2019 Mercedes B-Class 2.0 diesel engine, 14 hp, and 20 Nm more than the old generation 200d, climbs into the towers with enthusiasm. With eight gears instead of seven previously and shorter first gears, the new automatic gearbox climbs faster at acceleration, especially Sport + mode. As a result, the B-Class is feeling its wings: 8.3 s from 0 to 100 km / h, a nice score for a 150 hp compact MPV and half a second better than before. Without fooling the penalty: a priori, no penalty in 17-inch wheels in series. Neither skin ears: his voice is discreet, the cabin is well soundproofed.

The chassis, taken from the last A-Class launched in June 2018, perfectly supports the pace: no laziness in the curve registration, support without a roll, direction frank, and a point of understeer to prevent the driver when the limits are crossed. Large glass surface, high center of gravity: do not ask a compact minivan the agility of a ballerina. But the Class B, as long as it is conducted smoothly, admits perfectly a dynamic rate on winding road when only the first rank is occupied.

It also happens to him, because it is his vocation, to embark troop and luggage. A return to the comfort mode encourages not to shake his passengers. The Class B is then worth its other quality: firm suspensions, “the German”, but which filter the inequalities of the soil. Thus, it makes a good family ride in Class B, ambient luxury and brightness adding to the well-being on board.

2019 Mercedes B-Class Interior

As on Class A, the giant 20.5-inch thin screen catch the eye, and rock the Class B in modernity. It is convenient, with the possibilities of modulating the display to favor the desired information. It is also elegant, to cross the whole dashboard without being massive since much longer than high. But suddenly, the three aerators round the central console seem too big. An upheaval such as an endless screen probably involves a total rethinking of the architecture of a dashboard. Mercedes did not do it. Not yet. This screen is now laid, as a cornerstone of the automobile of tomorrow. The rest will come, naturally, and bring the harmony that is missing today to the design of the interior of B-Class , which seems to straddle between two eras: the old times whose central aerators are the inheritance, and the future with the cinemascope screen. This future is not free: the double 20.5-inch screen comes only from the Progressive finishing (€ 39,300) and provided you contribute € 550 extra to the deposit and options fund.

Mercedes requires, the materials seduce to the look as to the touch, the seats envelop and maintain. The increase in the wheelbase (+ 3 cm) benefits passengers in the second row: space is not lacking for the head or for the legs. The trunk (488 l) lost 33 l: roof leaked, hatchless vertical. In itself, not very serious, especially since it is well square and a two-level floor preserves a flat loading threshold when the rear backrests are folded. The problem is elsewhere. Modularity is the bread and butter of a compact minivan: the staple food. If not, both go to a compact SUV. However, in this chapter, the B-Class offers nothing special: where are the sliding seat and the folding right front seat (700 € optional) of his eldest? Mercedes promises them for the spring. This is where we no longer understand: why launch a compact minivan when it is not ready?

2019 Mercedes B-Class Review – Verdict

It has become fashionable: the 2019 Mercedes B-Class Generation III enters the semi-dressed career. It is tempting: “cinemascope” screen, dynamic talents, new diesel 150 hp 150 which response well without annoying the penalty. That it does not align all engines or an all-wheel drive, right? The delayed arrival of the mechanical gearbox (25% of the sales of the former B-Class) is more troublesome: it pulls up the prices already pretty. That of the sliding bench, more on a compact minivan. Mercedes engineers certainly have a lot of work: twenty-three models on the bench, engines, boxes and transmissions to no longer know how to count. But since the B-Class will finish furnishing its interior within a few months, the buyer will also come back later.

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