2019 Land Rover Defender Price, News, Interior

2019 Land Rover Defender Price, News, Interior

2019 Land Rover Defender overview – This iconic motor vehicle will look more different from its predecessor. The original land rover design that has retained its image since the early 80’s will now be given a significant face-lift. The change is part of a revolution the British manufacturers say has been in the books. It is said to be the next land rover.

2019 Land Rover Defender Interior, News

This work of art will have a more luxurious look that boasts of a sleeker and smooth edged body as compared to the boxy and sharper edges taken by its predecessors. This change will serve to make the defender more dominant in the market as it will capture those who seek the strongest all-terrain vehicle, and also at the same time with an eye for that luxurious and beautiful car.

The 2019 Land Rover Defender has a classy, luxurious look that its predecessors did not have. The finish is more modern and more beautiful. The manufacturers justify this change as relevant to evolution of this legendary off-road king.

The exterior is enhanced for that smooth off-road experience. It is built to be a future vehicle. The change in appearance does not only retain the power of the preceding models but also has enhanced performance that will cause ripples in its target market. The stronger aluminum body serves to be an improved safety feature.

This All-New Land Rover Defender boasts of a luxurious interior. It has more features that include hands-free phone adaptability, Bluetooth and a modern stereo system. It has airbags and top of the line, comfortable seats. The vehicle combines power, comfort and luxury all in one to give you that prestigious feel that the previous models did not have.

2019 Land Rover Defender Engine

This new model will have a monster of an engine. The manufacturers have put a “most-capable” tag on the engine even though it will have a four cylinder engine. It has a V-6 engine option and an 8-9 speed automatic transmission. This model does not come with a manual transmission option. The fuel consumption is more economical than that of its predecessor due to the engine.

2019 Land Rover Defender Release date, Price

This 2019 Land Rover Defender has a price tag of between $60,000 and $100,000 in the United States, and between £40,000 and £70,000 in the U.K and It is set to be released in the last half of 2018

2019 Land Rover Defender Price, News, Interior Pictures

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