2019 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Interior & Features

2019 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited Sports Review – It will be this one! In an era that no longer resonates with adventurers, the Jeep Wrangler is the last of the Mohicans. Especially when he puts on his combat tunic: short chassis 3 doors, diesel 200 Horsepower, finish Rubicon.

This brand of family, the Wrangler carries her on her body and her face: round lights, grille with seven vertical openings, square shoulders, powerful look, high ground clearance (25 cm), spare wheel in a backpack. He also carries it in his bowels: chassis ladder, mandatory all-wheel drive, gearbox, downhill speed control. Or, in its Rubicon finish, designed for Baroud, front / rear differential lock, anti-roll bar before the disconnectable, all-wheel drive and specific bridges.

Like its predecessor, the 2019 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon offers two bodies: 5 doors (4.88 m), or 3 doors (4.33 m) with a wheelbase (2.46 m) reduced by 55 cm. Both leave the choice between hard-top with removable panels and soft top, or a mixture for the long configuration. Since the parity definitely appeals to him, the Wrangler finally aligns two engines: 2.2 diesel of 200 hp and 2.0 turbo petrol of 272 hp, associated with a BVA8 of origin ZF.

2019 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Price

Placed € 2,500 lower than its long Unlimited version, the Wrangler starts at € 46,000, in diesel as in gasoline, but climbs quickly: € 52,600 under Rubicon label that brings the front / rear differential lock and anti-bar -roulis before disconnectable which cannot have other finishes, even optional. The jump is therefore sensitive from one generation to another. On the order of 10 000 €: his eldest started at 35 400 € in diesel 2.8 200 ch BVA5, and asked 44 500 € in Rubicon. The time when the Wrangler was offering basic equipment but friendly prices is gone, especially since the penalty does not grateful to him to have reduced his CO 2 emissions from 237 to 195 g / km of diesel to the other with equal power: maximum penalty, € 10,500.

In his defense, the new 2019 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon can, however, evoke another leap, qualitative that one. BVA 8, 7-inch multimedia screen, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto applications, modern diesel less rough and greedy than the old 2.8 CRD, aluminum in the doors and hood, more neat finish. Certainly, his equipment record seems tainted by some absences. But, on reflection, these omissions honor him. Why only four airbags, for example? Because like the Willys, the Wrangler can lower its windshield and dismantle its doors, which prohibits the installation of side airbags. Why not electric seats on the Overland floor (€ 55,000)? Because the floor is jet-washed, with drain drains to drain the water. Its price is less friendly than in the past. But the Wrangler, to follow his own path, is always so.

Test Drive

First, before driving, you have to climb the Wrangler. It’s not an image, it’s an effort in a Rubicon version with no running boards, and the grab handle in the door frame is welcome to accompany the movement. But then comes the reward: even on the road, the Wrangler gives a real pleasure to its driver. Dry suspensions, more bouncy on the Wrangler than on its 5-door Unlimited version due to a shorter wheelbase? We get used to it. Air noises that give the impression of riding in a storm even in a young lady’s day? We forget them. The flexible direction that requires frequent correction of course on the highway? We forgive him. In fact, what would otherwise be a defect here becomes the consequence of a choice: square features, ladder frame, high ground clearance. And these choices open up benefits: design with a strong personality, talents of the fielder on tracks and paths. From then on, a bond of complicity between man and machine is born.

The 2019 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is no longer tricky on wet roads as in the past: its transmission can now automatically switch to 4×4 mode as soon as it detects a loss of grip. The BVA 8 sags faster than the old BVA 5. The 2.0 diesel rumbles less than the 2.8 IDRC. And the driver is surprised to appreciate guiding such a mass friend, with gentle and anticipated movements. The force will come later and off the bitumen, short box engaged, differentials blocked, anti-roll bar disconnected. When the 2019 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited crosses a torrent or climbs a mountain, he does not give his driver the feeling of omnipotence that a man feels when he drops trees with an electric saw. The 2019 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon gives him an entirely different gift: it reminds him of the taste for freedom.


8.4-inch touchscreen, large colored headband, clear instrumentation, much more precise assemblies than in the past: the dashboard of the new Jeep Wrangler is both functional and joyful. A nice wink, and especially a tribute: placed next to the lever of the short box, the head of the BVA Wrangler is struck by the profile of the Jeep Willys, the grandmother. A commodo on the left to block the front and rear differentials, a button on the right to disconnect the antiroll bar before: the Wrangler plays the score of the perfect 4×4.


As a rival, the Wrangler no longer has. The little pixie Suzuki Jimny does not evolve in the same category, either by price or by size, and does not offer a discoverable version. Ditto, on the other side of the spectrum, for the large Mercedes G-Class, which has lost over the generations its version 3-door convertible.

Nissan Patrol and Mitsubishi Pajero folded their luggage. The Land Rover Defender, its real historical competitor, is slow to return and will not be what it was.

The Toyota Land Cruiser 3 doors, although a proud franchiser, is aimed at another audience: not the same personality as the Wrangler, not the same story, no offer equivalent to the finish Rubicon cut for the Baroud.

No happy tints or hood to roll head outdoors in the paths or eyes in the summer stars. But the Land Cruiser, him, knew how to remain reasonable on the prices. Those of Wrangler, longwise, have just flown away with his generation IV.

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