2019 Cupra Ateca Review: Sporty, Powerful & Comfy

2019 Cupra Ateca Review: Sporty, Powerful & Comfy

2019 Cupra Ateca Cupra, Seat’s sports signature, becomes a full-fledged brand. His first model is an Ateca that smells of powder: 300 hp, four-wheel drive, chassis lowered. And 5.2 s from 0 to 100 km / h, record value for a compact SUV!

2019 Cupra Ateca Overview

It’s a moving moment, a brand that is born. True, the name Cupra does not fall from the last rain. Since his relationship with an Ibiza in 1998, he became the sporting signature of Seat. Sounds the hour of autonomy today, value dear to Catalonia, land of Seat: the muscular version of Ateca is not called Seat Ateca Cupra, but 2019 Cupra Ateca just short. At first glance, the choice of Ateca can surprise. Free of its calendar, Seat could have given the primer of the name Cupra to a light and vitamin sedan: Ibiza and Leon were left. Inaugurating the Cupra saga with a compact SUV is therefore not innocent. This decision reflects a change of era and a shift in the notion Cupra.

Formerly, its meaning was clear: contraction of “Cup Racing”, she meant radical sedans, shuddering front wheels, stiff as cudgels, who liked to tease the circuit at the weekend. This is not the path taken by the Cupra brand, which targets another clientele: sporty, okay, but not radical, concerned with elegance and modernity. High roof and high ground clearance, an Ateca, whether Cupra or Seat, has nothing to do on a circuit. However, the 2019 Cupra Ateca comes out of the tribe of SUVs: 300 hp, all-wheel drive, robotic box, internal treatment both tonic (carbon applications, aluminum pedals), high-tech (digital instrumentation) and luxurious (saddlery and door panels in faux suede). In short, a different SUV, almost unique, for a public that likes to spawn outside the mainstream.

The first floor of the Cupra rocket, this Ateca 300 hp proposed in a unique and richly endowed has not yet revealed its price. It is easy to estimate. The Seat Leon (4.28 m) requires 39,950 € in its version Cupra 300 hp 4Drive BVR6, only available in bodywork break ST (4,55 m). At equal mechanical parts, an Ateca (4.38 m) costs € 1,500 more than a Leon break. A further report on his BVR, some additional stylistic refinements (grille, coat of arms, atmosphere bronze and black) to show that it moves away from the warm colors of the universe Seat: the Cupra Ateca should land around 42 500 €.

For the record, a Seat Ateca starts at € 25,425 (let’s forget the false finish Reference) in 1.0 TSI 115 hp. And then pay 50 € ecological penalties… The Cupra Ateca evolves in another sphere, both by its tariff and its penalty (3 113 €). Its equipment is high-flying: GPS, piloted suspension, LED headlights, 360 ° cameras, panoramic sunroof, 19-inch wheels. But it will be necessary to put back the purse to endow it with all the distinctive signs of the Cupra family: bucket seats, carbon packs, brake calipers Brembo.

His engine has arguments: beautiful sound, breath (300 hp), hock (400 Nm). The DSG7 box mounts the reports in a flash. The all-wheel-drive distributes the shock. And the Cupra driving mode has a
“Launch Control”. The result, in a straight line, the Cupra Ateca is resolutely sporting: 5.2 s from 0 to 100 km / h! Better than the Seat Leon Cupra300 hp (5.7 s), slightly worse than the same Leon in ST 4Drive configuration: 4.9 s. Who is the glove, compact SUV? But sometimes, on a course, it is also necessary to turn, to break. On this last point, difficult to judge. The first Cupra Ateca tested were equipped with Brembo calipers. On the circuit of Castelloli, carved in the rock 40 km from Barcelona, they fully supported the pressure on the left pedal, despite several sharp turns downhill. Would series brakes have resisted? Probably not.

Especially that the 2019 Cupra Ateca did not make a vow of counting, like an athlete. Transmission 4×4 and beautiful equipment shake the scale: 1 632 kg. In addition, high placed: ground clearance of 18 cm, roof planted to 1.61 m. And like any compact SUV, it is intended to carry a small family: no question of stiffening its suspensions beyond the bearable, even if their firmness evolves according to the selected driving mode. On the circuit, this Ateca cannot claim the same efficiency as his cousin Leon Cupra. It is, however, both easy and exciting to lead, very healthy thanks to the superb chassis of the Ateca family. But to favor the front end, the return of the torque of the all-wheel-drive says it well: the Cupra Ateca is not a racing beast, and has no intention of becoming one. Its purpose is broader than the pleasure of the driver. He must also offer comfort and space to his family. He achieves it very well while attacking the curves cheerfully and pushing hard when he comes out. Sincerely, what more can you ask for?

2019 Cupra Ateca Interior

Sports steering wheel, aluminum pedals, digital instrumentation, and well-defined center console, but the austere atmosphere, even a little sad, aboard the Cupra Ateca. Some extra touches of bronze, Cupra color, would have enlivened and enhanced the cabin.

These Cupra bucket seats, one piece, and wrap around will be available as an option from spring 2019. Typically upscale, the Cupra Ateca offers standard digital instrumentation. The display is configurable. SUV trimmed really compact (4.36 m), the Cupra Ateca, however, has a good wheelbase (2.64 m), a guarantee of space for the legs in the back row. In the field of family virtues, the Cupra Ateca does not do any worse than the Seat Ateca: 485 l trunk, 510 l with space under the floor.


The Mercedes GLA 45 AMG evolves on another planet: 381 hp, 63,850 €, 10,500 € of penalty. And with its roof at 1.47 m, is more of a sedan than an SUV. So you have to get up early to find a Cupra Ateca rival in compact SUVs.
The BMW X1 is back in the ranks: it removed before the summer its offer 25i 231 hp 4×4 BVA8 and gasoline, now culminates to 192 hp in a 20i version available only two-wheel drive. The time to reconfigure the configuration 25i 4×4, it will return in 2019 on the X1, and will also be available on its derivative X2, more sporty features

But the BMW X2 will not stay there: a declination M35i 306 hp is approaching. For now, the beautiful Jaguar E-Pace is the only one to climb as high as the Cupra Ateca. Alas, his heavy Range Rover chassis cut for the Baroud restricts his vivacity (6.5 s) and leads him to the side of the indecent side of the malus: 10 500 €. While waiting for the M35i version of the X2, scheduled for March 2019 at a price that should be around 57 000 €, and announces a 0-100 km / h swallowed in 4.9, the Cupra Ateca is alone on the track.


The BMW M spirit transferred to compact SUVs: discreet exterior line, preserved family values, but fiery temperament.

The Cupra Ateca proposal is all the more coherent as it is in keeping with the mood of the times: compact SUVs are on the rise, and a fringe of their audience certainly wants to assert their personality in a different way than by a roof with a distinct hue or other similar frills. To be the first to follow this path, the Cupra Ateca has no rival.

Finally, the Cupra universe is attractive: powerful coat of arms, the marriage of bronze and black even in a line of Cupra branded products (clothing, luggage, hi-fi, etc.). The only reservation concerns the penalty: € 3,113. A less thunderous and 4×2 version of the 2019 Cupra Ateca would get around the obstacle. Its 0 to 100 km / h would suffer. But, honestly, who needs to run this distance in 5.2s driving an SUV?

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