2019 BMW series 4 Coupe Facelift Reviews; 440i BVA8 Test

2019 BMW series 4 Coupe Facelift Reviews; 440i BVA8 Test

2019 BMW series 4 coupe Facelift Reviews – Invisible, this restyling of 4 Coupe series? Yes, but not useless: beyond a new light signature, the 440i reviews his suspension and his direction to pick up to the dynamism of the Audi S5 and Mercedes C 43 AMG Coupe. Discovery of the 326 ch 440i, in its pure propulsion variation.

In the contest of the most discreet restyling, the 2019 BMW series 4 Coupe could closer. Judge rather: daytime headlights in a semicircle rather than in a circle, fires back now entirely led and a pair of subtly redesigned shields, which looks always evolves according to the finishes.

On board, it is better to keep the sharp eye for spotting new dashboard skins, backgrounds of reworked aerators, or modernized GPS multimedia system menus. As to 100% digital counters, they are systematically in addition as a BMW as well endowed as a Hyundai would really be a BMW.

2019 BMW series 4 coupe Restyled Price

The 440i BMW starts at €51 900, first finish Lounge and six-speed mechanical gearbox. Coated M Sports level and an automatic transmission in eight reports, our test 440i climbs €62 800 or €65 900 with controlled suspension, the Connected Drive pack and pack Innovation present on this model (see all details of equipment on page 2 )).

High tariffs to still add the, more or less high depending on the chosen transmission: €2610 ecotax for the automatic, €4 460 for transmission integral xDrive BVA8 (charged €2 400…), and especially €6 810 for the mechanical box. which therefore requires a surcharge of €1,800 compared to the BVA!

Fortunately, we came not until Germany to try new lights of day. 4 coupe series and Gran Coupe also receive minor changes technical, intended to improve their dynamic in turns without degrading their comfort level: slightly firm shock absorbers, suspension driven refined, rigid front anti-roll bar management.

And a management support recalibrated, to improve his accuracy around the midpoint. A reconfiguration of the ABS and the ESP anti-skid was finally necessary to adapt to new settings of trains (increased front camber) and the aforementioned developments. Let’s go!

2019 BMW series 4 coupe Test Drive; At the wheel of the BMW 440i BVA

Our grip took place near Munich, in conditions less lenient that don’t show these pictures: 0.5 ° C maximum, showers of sleet and wet roads. Nothing insurmountable to judge the qualities of a chassis (instead!) to this near BMW decided to equip our 440i, simple propulsion, of winter tires.

Thus pavement, series 4 coupe seduces us yet: in normal mode, the suspension effectively filters the irregularities and seems to have eradicated its pumping movements adversely affect the comfort of handling (after a bump, the relaxation of the spring was badly hampered by the shock and could relieve the wheels).

Sports mode appears him more radical than in the past: the irregularities date back more in the kidneys of passengers, but round 4 becomes more incisive turns input and contains its roll even better. A positive first impression so… to confirm on the ground dry (where the grip more forced the suspension) and classic Runflat tires (whose rigid sides often alter the depreciation).

If the suspension seems to have improved, the management lacks the same compliments. Very light in normal mode, it shines during maneuvers but less in the corners, where its low consistency night precision of trajectory as to the feeling of the available traction.

As for the sports mode (making the very ‘heavy’ wheel to the stop), he’s still unpleasant changes to support efforts. Confirmed here still classic tires, winter tires that can slightly degrade the driving experience.

“Less agile than an Audi S5, less accurate than a Mercedes – AMG C 43 coupe, the BMW 440i BVA8 still higher on one point: what engine!“

In this fickle set, a duo still works perfectly: the torque engine/box. The first, a six-cylinder turbo 326 HP, continues its demonstration of the strength of 1 400 rpm to 7 000 rpm, in a melodious to ridicule the four sound cylinders of a 430i (252 HP).

The second, an automatic to eight reports, does nothing to regret the absence of robotic dual clutch box: extreme softness in normal mode, great responsiveness in sport mode, amazing speed in manual mode, which punctuates the passages of a small jolt to hasten the sensations again (if the “sport” € 2 600 BVA has been selected).

Anything for this magnificent duo, round 4 is recommendable and retains the advantage on the Audi S5 (to the V6 more voiceless and no less elastic) and AMG Mercedes C 43 coupe (boxless “connected” to the wishes of the driver). And for nothing to spoil, the 440i remains the only one to keep as many variations: mechanical box and propulsion for the purists, or transmission integral xDrive automatic for those who like to fly the six-cylinder whatever the weather.

Interior the 2019 BMW series 4 Coupe

Adjustments do not reach the Audi rigor, but perceived quality remains excellent. The wheel of this M Sports trim is sublime. New menus for the “Professional” GPS multimedia system, It adopts a more modern view, to “tiles” rather than list. Digital display meters come with the Pack Innovation. Their appearance changes according to the selected driving modes (Sport here).

Competition BMW 440i coupe

If the 440i BVA8 can take this M Sports trim, is not a full-fledged declination as its rivals to such powerful essence. 354 ch, the Audi A5 becomes S5, while the AMG Mercedes C 43 coupe (367 HP) also has a name which differentiates it from the rest of the range.

A specificity that is, unfortunately, fly off the purchase price: €68 800 (€ + 6 553 Malus) for the Mercedes, and even €75 700 (€4 673 Malus) for the Audi. It remains higher than the BMW M Sports Coupe 440i automatic and AWD (€65 000 + 4 €460), however less well endowed.

Review of the BMW coupe BVA8 440i: Conclusion

Neat comfort, modern equipment, welcoming interior: round 4 had all the ingredients of a true coupe grand touring. The fabulous six-cylinder of the 440i brings a little extra something, allowed by its inexhaustible vigor and its irresistible melody. Thanks to this piece of choice, the BMW resists its modern rivals. and forgive its initial flaws (direction, depreciation), not all fixed during the restyling.

We love

  • The engine/box of top flight approval
  • Depreciation in light progress
  • The cockpit rather welcoming for a coupe

We regret

  • The always unclear direction driving
  • The very top in mechanical box
  • Not ideal test conditions (winter tires)

2019 BMW series 4 Coupe Facelift Reviews; 440i BVA8 Test Pictures

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