2019 BMW M550i Reviews; The Test Of The New 5-Series

2019 BMW M550i Reviews; The Test Of The New 5-Series

Before the commercialization of the real M5 in 2018, BMW pulls this 2019 BMW M550i which the sheet already dizzy: Biturbo V8 gasoline, 462 HP, 650 Nm of torque. And just 4 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h, in a cocoon comfort of the seasoned road. And if it was the perfect car?

The BMW 5 series knows (almost) drive to your place up to 210 km / h. can complete its parking without a driver on board. And rejects less CO2 than a Prius in his latest hybrid rechargeable declination (44 g/km). This is precisely why, a year before the arrival of his Majesty M5, the 5 series wants to reassure those who like BMW for his first picture: the pleasure of driving.

The downsizing? Very few for the M550i, which hosts a big V8 4.4 l stuffed by two turbos. The rodeo then? No taste either, because secured by an AWD or the active anti-roll bars and rear wheels as an option. A kind of great compromise between a high-performance sedan and the kilometers swallower, whose ‘saur polyvalence’ logically results in billing.

2019 BMW M550i Prices and Rivals

In his great goodness, the BMW M550i just scratched the symbolic bar of the €100,000: €88 500, plus €10,000 of ecotax, € 98 500 before the lesser option is checked. Including Malus, is certainly €6 060 less than an Audi S6 in the end life, but… €23 700 more than a BMW 540i xDrive BVA8 M Sport (340 ch). And always €8,000 more than a Mercedes-AMG E 43.

The 2019 BMW M550i V8 spit, however, more horses: 462 ch exactly, against 401 HP for the Mercedes that’s simply a V6 in this version. And if the Audi RS6 Performance and AMG Mercedes E 63 S culminate respectively to 605 HP and 612 HP, these ultimate versions rather tackle the future M5, expected to 600 minimum ch and holder, like the Mercedes, of an AWD knowing become simple propulsion on request. But each thing in its time.

If he had this New M550i logo in the center of the digital counters, the driver might think in a series 5 “base”. Controlled suspension filter smooth deformations, the drum unwinds its eight reports with the sweetness of a Tomcat, and the V8 purrs at 1.800 RPM at 130 km/h for the happiness of the relentless rise in progressive temperature of the engine.

Fatigue points? Simply push the right pedal, then of tensing his muscles pending the imminent storm: box go three reports of a sudden, the V8 comes out of his lethargy and catapult this heavy roadway departure of attraction “Space Mountain”. While linear thrust so reminiscent of a supercar, and does not doubt pretty chronic announced 0 to 100 km/h.

Then, there is still the driving modes, Sport, and Sports plus, which firm suspension and steering, hastening the sections of reports and punctuate them to a small jolt. However, we prefer to keep to simple hearing reasons comfort mode: the sound of the V8 is less present but also more ‘pure’, Sports mode amplifying its vocalizations artificially through speakers. Fortunately, the new Sport Individual mode lets you adjust each item independently (engine, box, direction, suspension), to stick to the likes of demanding drivers.

The most stunning? That this Olympic form disturbs no motor skills of the 5 series, which does not even turn on his light traction control on the first reports despite our test conditions: wet road, thermometer under the 0 °, and 18-inch winter tires (instead of the Michelin Pilot Super Sport in 19 or 20 inches!). This pneumatic month, unfortunately, prevent us to gauge the road behavior of the M550i, a little cartoonish in this configuration.

Little incisive, nosewheel expands its path soon enough turns, then the back generates a nice comma to the resumption if the trimming ESP is unplugged. To appear small temperament “propulsion” xDrive transmission. and the relative lack of agility of the M550i on the sinuous course. I bet that the result would be different with the original tires, and suspension SelectDrive M Professional (!) option combining the active anti-roll bars and the rear wheels guidelines charged €3 650 in addition. A detail at this price level.

2019 BMW M550i Review; Conclusion

Humiliate the supercars on the green light, climb snowy slopes, do travel family and luggage in first class comfort: the new BMW M550i knows to do everything and do it perfectly. The future M5 will probably a sharper handling and a more suggestive dress, but for a certain segment of customers, comfort and discretion of the M550i are precisely its benefits. And for the big rollers: the M550d happens

We love

  • The inexhaustible health of the engine
  • Box fresh and responsive
  • Comfort and mobility

We regret

  • The artificial sound into sport mode
  • Not ideal test conditions (winter tires)

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