2019 BMW 520d Touring Review, Prices, Interior

2019 BMW 520d Touring Review, Prices, Interior

2019 BMW 520d Touring Review, Prices, Interior – Available from May 20, the BMW series 5 Touring offers its launch two types of diesel (520 d from €48 950 and 530d) and two (530i and 540i x Drive) petrol engines. Two types of diesel of high-end will complete the offer in July (540 d) and end of the year (M550d).

A few months after the sedan, the series 5 2017 comes in its Touring version. A chic break at the stature of high range mover that takes a few pounds to the passage. His attack of 190 HP diesel manages to cope? Response to the outcome of this trial of the 520d.

The owner of the new 5 series could almost be the James Bond. His faithful Steed pulls by remote control, rolling virtually alone and obeys his orders with a simple finger movement. Apart from the coffee, she knows almost everything done! In its Touring version, this road also offers a safe (slightly) larger and (much) more convenient. Ideal to go antiquing or play the second-hand dealers of luxury.

Unlike Mercedes and Audi, BMW went the time before converting his grand tourer in the break. Must wait until 1991 to generation E34 comes in Touring Variant. Today, this body is half of 5 series in Europe sales, compared to a third in France. Great success!

Compared to the sedan, Touring break lengthens its rear overhang of only seven small mm. This insignificant growth allows it to maintain a harmonious profile and avoid the effect bag backpack. When you buy a break for his line, it is essential.

2019 BMW 520d Touring Prices

Charged € 2 600 more than the sedan, the series 5 Touring benefits the launch of two (252 HP 530i and 540i 340 HP) petrol engines and two types of diesel (520d 190 HP and 265 ch 530d).

It also includes the same joint of range. Available from € 48 950 with the base, finishing Lounge diesel includes just the basics for a full-size: GPS with a screen of 8.8 inches, radars of f/r parking, starting hands-free, customizable driving modes, Bluetooth and leather upholstery. For €4 400 in addition, the Sports version brings more technology: GPS more evolved with a screen of 10.3 inches, the system of automatic parking, Wi – Fi connection, a backup camera, services connected BMW and 18-inch alloy wheels.

The Luxury model adds a luxurious presentation, before electric and heated seats, comfort access with safe hands-free liftgate opening and a phone by induction charging. Then €3,500 additional plan.

By adding € 3 550 relations to Sport, finishing The M Sport still favors the dynamism: belittled Sports chassis (-10 mm), bodywork and full LED headlights kit.

As always at BMW, it must pass through the box options (see table) to take advantage of all the technology. Safety Pack with semi-autonomous driving, controlled suspension, parking by remote control or gestural command were quick to increase the Bill. The Apple CarPlay invoiced 300 application appears very petty to this level of standing.

At the wheel of the BMW 520d Touring

Becoming a Touring, the 5 series is increasing according to the versions of 100 to 115 kg compared to the sedan. So this is a much requested on this 2019 BMW 520d Touring entry-level diesel.

Use this four-cylinder 190 2.0 ch meets the expectations of its driver. Once noisy and a little rough, this block take insulation treated to be more discreet, despite a few still perceptible rumblings on acceleration. The automatic ZF eight-speed gearbox makes additional high costs (€2 460). She brings a sweetness and an approval to this standard while maintaining eat like a bird.

Without as much lightning acceleration, this diesel is sufficiently well armed to take advantage of this massive break. Availability at low revs and tone allow strong enough reminders even supported. Of course, the strong 530d a 265 HP six-cylinder brings a velvety, incomparably superior performance and a pleasure. Still does cost a whopping 10 090 to 12 €550 extra compared to the 2019 BMW 520d Touring.

Perfectly installed in ergonomic seats, the driver lines up the kilometers without fatigue. With serial and optional controlled suspension (€1 350) a specific rear pneumatic amortization isolates this break of the terrain of the road with an incredible talent. His comfort typing (even in Sports mode) and a little informative direction filter, however, the thrill of driving, despite a very efficient chassis. The effect four steering wheels which benefit our test model is also smaller than on some competitors. The extra weight compared to the sedan feels here in subtle ways, even if the road qualities remain exceptional.

2019 BMW 520d Touring Interior

Quality manufacturing pulled four pins, polished ergonomics and impeccable presentation: the 2019 BMW 520d Touring Luxury cabin makes you can feel immediately comfortable on board. My only complaint: a style too similar to the old 5 series.

GPS to the 10.3-inch screen is standard on Luxury. The gestural command is charged €260. Remote-controlled autonomous parking costs €600 on this Luxury finish. Rear seat reserve more space for the legs than previously. As always, the central space closed and cluttered with the transmission tunnel is used in troubleshooting.

Available with the comfort access (standard on Luxury, 900 on other versions), motorized tailgate handsfree opens by the way of the foot under the rear shield. Easy!

Standard on all series 5 Touring, the opening rear window allows installing small objects in the trunk without manipulating the tailgate. Practice!

Compared with the sedan, the volume of loading of the series 5 Touring passes 530 to 570 liters. Reached capacity 1,700 liters after having pulled the files back using the buttons located on part and sides of the trunk.

Competition from the BMW 520d Touring

As always, direct competition comes from two other German premium manufacturers. The 2019 BMW 520d Touring (from (€48 950) findAudi A6 before 2.0 TDI 190 ch. behind an equivalent ticket (€48 760), the integrated Ingolstadt break in series a dual-clutch S-Tronic box 7. From our model test (€56 850) Luxury, Ambition luxury finish is a bit cheaper (€55 960), tech (small screen of) 7 inch), but all too well endowed (four air conditioning areas, hands-free access, etc.). Very soon replaced and hardly less powerful (0-100 km/h in 8.5 s) A6 front still accuses the weight of years in terms of comfort and driving AIDS. Their coffers are equal to five small liters close: 565 liters at Audi and 570 at BMW.

Another direct rival, The Mercedes E-class 220 CDI shows 194 ch and barely superior performance with his automatic nine-speed gearbox mounted automatically. His broad chest of 640 liters and a tad higher road qualities allow him to take the ascendant. Remains a base fare higher (€ 52 000), especially at comparable finishing. Charged at €56 400, the Executive version is less generous than our Luxury BMW. When the version high-end Fascination, she returns to €65 000.

Finally, the Volvo V90 D4 offers an exotic alternative. She compensates for a less alert diesel (0 to 100 km/h in 8.5 s) and a less dynamic chassis by a more attractive price (€ 47 550). Despite the lack of camera back, Finish registration (€56 050) is provided as well as that of our 5 series. With a more singular presentation yet.

A 5 series, is above all an absolutely incredible comfort to align the kilometers. His Touring version adds a hint of extra safe and practical aspects which make it even easier to live on a daily basis. Despite his commoner sound, his attack diesel is perfectly armed to animate with dignity this break yet more heavy than the sedan. Despite a very high-quality chassis, it lacks, however, this ounce of feeling to the conduct expected of a BMW. Series 5 Touring has gentrified. On the part of a grand tourer, it remains perfectly consistent.

Picture Credit: BMW

2019 BMW 520d Touring Review, Prices, Interior Pictures

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