2019 Aston Martin DB11 Reviews: the Most Fascinating of the GT

2019 Aston Martin DB11 Reviews: the Most Fascinating of the GT

Aston Martin is the favorite brand of James Bond, but the most famous spy has never tried the new 2019 Aston Martin DB11. We so, then get on board with us to verify that this DB11 climbs in the firmament of the GT of exception. His masterful 608 HP V12 gives the first indication.

Just for your eyes, we wanted to try the new DB11. As an Aston Martin, it is first a work of art, a Masterful pencil stroke, a body that we never tire of the look. It was the case of the graceful DB9: 13 years of service, not a wrinkle but technically indented. Presented at the show of Geneva 2016, the DB11 has no single mission to replace the DB9. It must also show that the prestigious brand British is able to produce a real novelty and bounce after years of famine.

The new Aston Martin DB11 is dressed in a body all-aluminum. But its measurements, its curves and its stylistic details that fascinate. This delicious blend of sportiness and class is a real gem that manages the tour de force to renew the House design while respecting its codes. In short, if diamonds are forever, then this DB11 will be also. She also who hold: some of his features were inspired by the DB10, a model designed to measure in 2015 for ‘Specter’, the last James Bond to date. See all 007 cars.

Price and Power 2019 Aston Martin DB11

A beautiful body, that’s good, but it takes also a mechanical height to compose a worthy of the Blazon Aston Martin GT. This has not always been the case, then the engineers have launched Operation Thunder to develop a new V12 House. Great novelty is the first turbo engine to Aston Martin (he has two).

The Aston Martin DB11 is one of the last cars to the V12 engine.

Tradition, the block is still signed to the motorist who assured his editing: on our 11 DB to test it’s Craig Elwell who worked. Thanks to him! This V12 Twin-turbo 5.2 develops the trifle of 608 HP and it is the only engine available on the 2019 Aston Martin DB11. There is therefore only one price for the Nice English – €206,430 – but none will exactly the same rate as there are many options and customizations.

If Sean Connery with you only live twice, we got only one life. So finished talking around the car, jump on board – or rather down in the cockpit because the car is low – and driving.

At the wheel of the Aston Martin DB11

This is the time of grace. The one where the “Engine” button located in the middle of the dashboard is pressed. The V12 embarks on a deep and immediate, ROAR up to the expectations: what a sound! Besides, during our test, never the musicality of this big block of 5.2 l disappoint us despite the pair of turbos. Mode Sport +, which releases the exhausts, the concert is even masterly and everyone benefits passengers and pedestrians.

But an Aston Martin engine that sounds good, it is not new. What is expected of this DB11, is the chassis and transmission authorization which had some lead in the wing on the DB9. With the new automatic ZF 8-speed, the GT Aston Martin finally has a height transmission: fast, responsive, she slams the reports with violence in Sports mode + and is sweet in GT mode. A real success.

Sitting on a new chassis with a double triangle in the front suspension and Multilink in the rear, the 2019 Aston Martin DB11 left nothing to chance for its dynamism. Thanks to the wheelbase lengthened by 6 cm, the engine is, for example, positioned a little more back to refocus the masses. We come to a 51% weight distribution on the front and 49% on the back. Almost the perfect balance.

“The Herculean force of the V12 is impressive. Violent or voluptuous, the DB11 led to the map “

The sensations at the wheel surpass almost all that we know. The Herculean force of the V12 is a blow to each pressure on the accelerator. As a result of the huge torque (700 Nm), the rear tires crash in hot bitumen before propelling the 2019 Aston Martin DB11 at the speed of a missile. The 100 km/h are reached in 3.9 s only. It’s violent, but it can be voluptuous with three driving modes (GT, Sport, and Sport +) which act on the direction, engine responsiveness, Adaptive damping, the exhaust and the passage of the BVA8 laws.

If you want to ride hard, this DB11 has the respondent. In addition to the 608 ch of his untiring V12, she nursed his brakes (calipers with six pistons at the front), its rear train (differential locking, active torque vector) and aerodynamics (air flow slides along the rear quarter windows out through the rear grille in order to tackle the car on the ground). But do not be mistaken. This 2019 Aston Martin DB11 should be seen for what it is: a bulky GT (1.94 m wide without the retro!), quite heavy (1 770 kg) and which makes no concession on the luxury and comfort on board.

Therefore, you don’t have to look for the path to the millimeter or the agility of a Berlinetta on winding roads. And force the pace, when it loses some its homogeneity: management lacks teeth and the rear axle waddles too easily under the heavy load of the motor. She so leaves to others the real sport, being the most delicious to rack up kilometers at a good pace with a mechanical refinement, comfort, and ambiance unequaled.

In short, for a Paris-Milan, a London-Nice or a Geneva-Lisbon, it is the best Companion. At motorway pace, build on 12 to 13 l / 100 km: reasonable compared to the pedigree of the craft.

2019 Aston Martin DB11 Interior

If the beauty of the body causes a lot of emotions, we are not disappointed either at the opening of the door. Our test model with his taut leather cockpit Sahara from floor to ceiling is gorgeous. Seams, stitching, perforations in the leather and aluminum inserts sign on a refined and luxury package.

The center console is a bit more common and there is Mercedes original multimedia system (screen 8 inch, menu, and commands). Mercedes, we also recognize some keys and the left handlebar. This “intrusion” of the German mark in the beautiful English is the result of a technical partnership between the two marks which will also lead to the supply of engine V8 AMG to Aston Martin.

In this setting of exception that everyone can customize, bothersome details. As the key that operates the electric armrest which even stood us between the fingers or the ice of the driver mirror which trembles at 130 km/h. Besides, luxurious and quality as is, the 2019 Aston Martin DB11 does not reach the domestic care of a Bentley Continental GT or the amazing technology of a Mercedes class S Coupe.


Finally, as most of the large cups 2 + 2, square on Board went after the constraints of style. Need to deal with a little box of 270 l little practice. And to reach the narrow back seats, must the flexibility of the man with the Golden gun. In real life, the place is reserved for young children.

On this segment of the large GT about 600 HP and 200 €000, the specter of competition is narrow. There are the Bentley Continental GT W12 (575 ch/202 €000), the Ferrari GTC 4Lusso T (610 HP/230 €260) and the Mercedes S Cup AMG S 65 (ch/253 630, €800). If this GT speak roughly the same language as the DB11, all do not sing with a V12.

2019 Aston Martin DB11 Conclusion

Aston Martin succeeds his bet. The 2019 Aston Martin DB11 added its exclusivity, prestige and custom values, temperament and mechanical thoroughness that were lacking in the DB9. And rivals sometimes sports or technology, the beautiful English face has in its genes that others are looking for: emotion. With the DB11, of the opening of the door of the garage until the extinction of the V12 morning evening, the fascination is permanent.

2019 DB11 Specs sheet

Standard equipment:

  • Upholstery leather, Alcantara Pavilion
  • Front electric and heated seats
  • Parking with camera 360 ° radar
  • GPS navigation on screen 8 inches.
  • 400 W. Bluetooth/USB audio system.
  • Automatic climate control two areas.
  • Cruise control
  • Alarm
  • Chrome pack outdoor
  • 20-inch alloy rims

Aston Martin DB11 options

  • Contemporary body color: €1 735
  • Special body color: 5 079 to 5 €897
  •  Roof painting ‘Gloss Black’: €1 475
  • Painted brake calipers (gray, black, red or yellow): €1 475
  • Color contemporary leather upholstery: €1 735
  • Seats leather perforated “Celestial”: €715
  • Aston Martin embroidery on the headrests: €715
  • Wheel color upholstery: €715
  • Pavilion leather: €1 475
  • Ventilated front seats: €1 475
  • Bang and Olufsen audio system: €7 930
  • Acronym V12 outdoors: €140
  • Oil CAP and dipstick Golden / quilted cover: €2 157

Picture Credit: Aston Martin

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