2018 Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport Review, Price, Interior

2018 Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport Review, Price, Interior

At 4.90 m long, the new Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport arises at the edge of the road segment. is a 136 hp diesel still enough to animate it? Answer in this test of the Insignia Grand Sport 1.6 Diesel 136, associated with the automatic six-speed gearbox.

If Vauxhall Finally adopts the platforms and mechanics of its new owner PSA (the Crossland x proceeds from the future Citroën C3 Picasso and the Grandland X, of the current Peugeot 3008), the Insignia Grand Sport remains the ultimate novelty of the General Motors era.

This does not prevent the last family Vauxhall from having seriously modernized its “underside”, boasting of Paradoxal progress: a new battery of technological equipment on one side, the consequent diet of the other (up to 175 kg less compared to the old Insignia).

One last argument that falls to peak for our test Insignia, Private 2.0 diesel 170 hp tested in the first Contact: Today it is satisfied with 1.6 diesel from 136 HP 6-speed automatic transmission, more at the heart of the fleet market which absorbed 70% of the Insignia’s sales.

Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport 2018 Price

If the Insignia 1.6 Diesel 136 starts at 30 550 € in finish Edition, its price rises to 33 800 € with the automatic six-speed box, only offered from the Innovation level.

The series endowment becomes generous (8-screen GPS and voice recognition, induction smartphone charger, panel recognition, AV/AR parking radar), but does not embed “latest” equipment.

LED Matrix Lights (1 450 €), digital meters/head-high display (€950) and adaptive speed controller with bottling function (1 000 €) remain to be added as an option, while the 360 ° camera (coupled to the semi-automatic parking system) comes in addition only to the Elite finish at 37 100 €. Therefore, the Insignia Grand Sport appears to be little more generous than its general rivals in terms of price/equipment (see competition chapter).

Test Drive

With its driving position lowered by 3 cm and its template stretched to 4.90 m (like the old BMW 5 Series!)), the Insignia Grand Sport is not exactly the ideal city-dweller: Long, poorly visible hood and large dead angles of ¾ make adore the new camera 360 °, far from being superfluous during a parking attempt.
The traffic lights light up the light inertia of the Stop & Start System on reboot, then the subtle vibrations of low-rpm diesel. Last defect, in the ramparts of the city? An automatic box that never completely locks its torque converter, and gives a strange impression of “pedaling in the Semolina” during low accelerations.

“The small 1.6 diesel of 136 HP guarantees correct performance, but the automatic box does not offer the approval of modern rivals”

Once escaped from the clutter, the Insignia Grand Sport regains accreditation. Its light direction serves an efficient front train, its suspensions swallow the distortions without shaking, its air noises remain well contained on the motorway.

As for its 1.6 diesel of 136 HP, modestly reported to the template of the car, it is finally enough in most situations: sufficient accelerations, effective raises by crushing the accelerator pedal.

Pity that this Vauxhall diesel remains a little sound and vibrating in charge, and poorly accompanied by an automatic box improved: Strange floor (large hole between the fourth and fifth), lazy reports in manual mode and lack of series Sport mode cause the comparison with the modern ZF automatic boxes to eight reports of rivals “premium”.

At a time when the converter boxes do not cause any more fuel overconsumption, the values announced by the Insignia BVA finally confirm its lack of modernism: 0.8 l more than 100 km (5.1 l in the mixed cycle) and 20 g of CO2/km additional (135 g). Almost painless for individuals (small malus of €173), more annoying for businesses, subject to TVS.

Interior Insignia Grand Sport 2018

For €950, the Insignia hosts a high-head display and partially digital meters with a complete instrumentation (oil temperature, voltmeter). A lot of functions for the IntelliLink system (WI-Fi access, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, voice commands …) which requires a slight adaptation time. Seat slightly slanted backward, well-dug backs, generous legroom: the side squares reserve an excellent welcome. Very long, the Insignia’s chest (490 l) lacks a bit of depth and does not form a flat space, files folder. The break Sports Tourer (560 L) costs € 1 550 more.

Competition Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport 1.6 Diesel 136. The new Insignia Grand Sport puts its rates in the average of the general family segment. In version 1.6 Diesel 136 BVA Innovation, it is displayed as well 33 800 € against 33 600 € for a Renault Talisman dCi 130 EDC Zen (quieter, and with hands-free key and massaging driver seat series) or 34 490 € for a Kia Optima IDRC 141 DCT7 Premium very well equipped (hands-free key, backup camera, leather upholstery, heated front seats and electric driver seat in addition).

Only the Volkswagen Passat TDI 150 DSG6 presents a price/equipment withdrawal ratio: 35 570 € in Confortline (with adaptive speed controller but without GPS and no 17 ” rims), even if its special Connect series, 1 000 € more expensive, enhances the endowment.

Its cousin is, therefore, to be preferred: the Skoda Superb TDI 150 DSG6 starts at 33 950 € (without front parking radar and with 16 ” rims) and offers an impressive habitability …

Test results for the Insignia Grand Sport 1.6 Diesel 136 BVA

Agile chassis, efficient damping, modern equipment, beautiful space on board: the Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer could become the ideal traveler. However, it cannot pick up this title in this version 1.6 diesel 136 BVA, whose approval suffers from a somewhat sound and vibrating diesel and an aging automatic box. This pretty family deserves better!

We love

  • The general presentation
  • Space on board
  • The correct performance

We regret

  • Diesel not discreet enough
  • The improved automatic box
  • The price/equipment ratio of any

2018 Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport Review, Price, Interior Pictures

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