2018 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Reviews, Prices, Dimensions

2018 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Reviews, Prices, Dimensions

Its restyling embellishes it, enriches it and brings it a new 1.5 petrol engine. But it is in a hybrid version that the New 2018 Toyota Yaris Hybrid gives the best of it: softness, sobriety. On condition of being led as she loves, with a foot of velvet.

Life is tender for the Toyota Yaris Generation III. Launched in 2011, this versatile city car in a rather short format (3.95 m) broke its record sales in France last year and rose to 5th in its category.

This success, the Yaris has essentially two factors. First, it is not imported. It is even the most produced car in France: 238,000 Yaris assembled in Valenciennes in 2016, of which
207,000 are destined for export. A strong argument at a time when France is mourning its deindustrialization.

Secondly, it is alone in its segment to propose a hybrid solution. The public is grateful to him: despite the suppression of the bonus granted to hybrids (750 € in 2016), the 100h version represents 61% of Yaris sales since January, with nearly 6,000 units. Renault Zoe (5,191 sales, 10,000 € bonus), why do you cough?

Technical innovations for the New Yaris Hybrid

Toyota is not in a hurry to replace the Yaris III, and is extending its career so that its heiress benefits from the new hybrid chain of the future Auris, expected at the end of 2018. A decision, however, with a second restyling after The one operated in 2014.

The change is obviously about the shape, but also the bottom: new petrol engine 1.5 of 110 hp which replaces the 1.3 of 99 hp on the version 100% thermal, automatic emergency braking and alert of the crossing of the line of the line, direction parameter . Special attention has been given to the soundproofing of the hybrid version: modified engine brackets, additional silencers in the exhaust line, better-insulated cabin.

Toyota Yaris 2017 Price

The 90 hp diesel now reserved for companies, the Yaris range is short: two petrol offers also offered on a 3-door version (600 € less), a 100-hp hybrid offering available only on the 5-door body. In its flagship Dynamic 5 doors (more than one sale in two), the Yaris now costs € 16,450 in gasoline 69 hp, € 17,600 in 110 hp gasoline and € 20,250 in a 100 hp hybrid. Before restyling, she asked finishing equal 450 € less side petrol and 750 € less in a hybrid.

Let those who like to drive ” pedal to the metal “, as the English say, go their way: the Yaris hybrid is not made for them. Its transmission by epicyclic train is approximated by the principle of a variation box but requires a foot of velvet. Too much pressure on the throttle is useless, otherwise, increase the engine sound towards the treble and produce the unpleasant feel of a clutch that patinates in vain. On paper, it is not mollassonne: 11.8 s from 0 to 100 km / h. But in real life, the Yaris hybrid can not offer the same vivacity to relaunch as its sisters with the thermal engine. It’s pride lies elsewhere: to keep the best energy efficiency in all circumstances.

After all, everything is a matter of custom. On a winding road, it is better to use the 110 hp (11.2 s) thermal version, even if it is not without faults: a mechanical gearbox with a long and blurred guide, noisy motor. But on an urban route, the hybrid solution is unequaled. The permanent and imperceptible transfer between the two engines reduces the gasoline engine to 50% of the driving time. The benefit is not only reflected in sobriety: 3.1 l / 100 km in a standardized cycle in the city, about 5 l in practice. Yaris 100h also provides a rare softness: it starts in silence, is inserted smoothly into the flow of traffic.

The 1.5 engine of the 2018 Toyota Yaris Hybrid is not the same as the new 1.5 petrol. 1 497 cm3 and 75 ch for the first, with Otto cycle, only compatible with hybridization. 1 496 cm3, 110 hp and extended variable distribution range for the second so that it can switch between Otto and Atkinson cycles.

This calmed mode of driving requires an adaptation period for which comes from a thermal model. But the noise runaway of the transmission indicating the limit not to be exceeded, the transition happens naturally. The proof, the loyalty of buyers of hybrid models at Toyota: 70% of them then take back another hybrid model. It remains a regret, the 100h version does not fully do justice to the dynamic qualities of the Yaris: well-held chassis, catchy front train, precise and consistent steering. The 1.5 110 hp either, because it lacks brilliance. But a configuration 1.8 210 hp will arrive early 2018.

In the city, an EV engaging mode keeps the Toyota Yaris 100h in 100% electric mode for two kilometers. Practical not to wake the neighbors in the morning at the start

2018 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Interior Redesign

Redesign of the Yaris also concerns interior design. The instrumentation is now composed of two round dials of the same size separated by a 4.2-inch color computer, flash and chrome keys call the multimedia touch screen menu. The overall design of the dashboard, deeply modified in 2014, has not changed: it remains modern, sober, elegant. Its broad central stripes brighten the cockpit with a welcome color by taking up the exterior color of the Yaris. The quality of the materials and their assembly contributes to the ambient well-being.

The Yaris hybrid less noisy

The seats are rather firm, like the suspensions. A little more softness would have suited better to the general character of the Yaris 100h, but the comfort remains satisfactory. And the soundproofing of the 2018 Toyota Yaris Hybrid has borne fruit: when it is driven at a peaceful pace, without disturbing its transmission, the sound of the engine is well contained. To the point that by comparison the version 110 ch gasoline now seems noisy because it has not benefited from this attention.

The Toyota Yaris has a high roof height (1.51 m), a good wheelbase (2.51 m) for its gauge (3.95 m), and is hospitable to the rear row: two adults can travel without missing space Nor for the head.
Chest new Yaris 2017

The Toyota Yaris 100h houses its extra batteries under its rear seats. Its chest (286 l) therefore remains in the good average of the category. But the Yaris lost the sliding seat of her elders.

Like the Auris, the 2018 Toyota Yaris Hybrid knows how to store its extra batteries under the bench seat. It keeps the same volume of the trunk (286 l) and the same modularity as its sisters with gasoline engine: the floor of a boot with two positions, loading area almost flat when the bench is folded down. Its short overhangs allow the Yaris to maintain a good wheelbase (2.51 m), in favor of knee space at the rear row. The roof being high (1.51 m), two adults can travel right head. However, they should be wary of the handholds placed too close to their foreheads. Another small defect, the Yaris is stingy in the closet.

Its gasoline versions do not lack rivals in the most supplied segment of the French market. Starting with Renault Clio (from 13 900 € in 75 c and 18 950 € in 120 hp), Peugeot 208 (12 700 € in 68 ch, 19 250 € in 110 hp) and Citroen C3 (12 950 € in 68 Ch, 16 900 € in 110 ch).

But since the withdrawal of the Honda Jazz hybrid, the 2018 Toyota Yaris Hybrid is alone in its world. It can, therefore, prolong without fear its nice course thanks to a second Restylane which enriched it on the form as on the bottom. And has a nice map to play with businesses, territory that Toyota has not yet cleared. Due to threats to diesel, companies are seeking to diversify their fleets to protect their recoverable value. The gasoline models are expensive to use, the hybrid solution will inevitably seem tempting.

It is to understand nothing of it. Manufacturers are investing fortunes in electric vehicles, hybrid rechargeable, or hydrogen, solutions that foreshadow the future of the automobile but today cost too much for mass distribution. On the other hand, they neglect the hybrid technology. Which, it corresponds to the market price. They leave a boulevard to the Toyota Yaris and Auris.

Certainly, the Yaris 100h does not bring in road use the same pleasure of driving as a thermal model. Seduced in the city by its sobriety and softness, while offering the same boot volume and the same modularity as the other multifunctional city cars with the thermal engine. His restyling refreshed his features. It’s high versions fulfill all the desires: backup camera, tinted roof. Its rates remain reasonable, its recoverable value is now certified. As a bonus, it is produced in France, which serves both employment and foreign trade. Its success will therefore increase, and the Yaris hybrid deserves.

WE love

  • Its smoothness and sobriety • Its road behavior
  • Whether it is produced in France

We regret

  • Its transmission, elastic and strident in recovery phase
  • Not much proximity storage on board
  • A second restyling rather than a new Yaris

2018 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Equipment

Toyota Yaris Active

Seven airbags. Line crossing alert. Automatic braking. Steering wheel-mounted steering wheel, USB port and Bluetooth. Mirrors and electric front windows. Steering wheel adjustable in height-depth,
driver’s seat height. Folding bench 60/40. Double floor chest. 14-inch wheels.

Toyota Yaris Dynamic equipment

In addition: Reading of the panels. Speed regulator. Rear view camera. Fog lights. On-board
computer with a 4.2-inch color display. Defrosting mirrors. Electric rear windows. 15-inch alloy wheels

Toyota Yaris Collection and Chic Equipment

In addition to Dynamic: Dual-zone automatic climate control. Height adjustable passenger seat. Disc brakes. Daytime running lights and diode AR. Rear glazed window. 16-inch alloy wheels.
Collection: Honeycomb grille. Roof, uprights and black mirrors. Roof spoiler.
Chic: Semi-leather upholstery. Interior mirror anti-glare.

Options Toyota Yaris:

Red / metallic / pearl paint: 230/520/675 €. GPS: 650 €. Backup radar: 300 €. Spare wheel slab:
150 €. Anti-fog lights: 250 € (France). Manual air conditioning:
1 000 € (Active). Panoramic roof: 600 €
(Collection, Chic). Leather upholstery and heated front seats: 1,300 € (Chic).
Packs. Comfort (automatic headlights, electrically adjustable mirrors, height adjustable passenger seat):
400 € (Business *). Zen (Keyless entry, power folding mirrors) / + automatic headlights):
350 € (Chic) / 500 € (Collection).

2018 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Reviews, Prices, Dimensions Pictures

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