2018 Skoda karoq Review; Most Affordable SUV?

2018 Skoda karoq Review; Most Affordable SUV?

Read our most comprehensive review of the 2018 Skoda karoq standard features, Redesign and Changes Interior Exterior, Price and Release Date. Known for its SUV breaks, Skoda has discovered a taste for SUV’s, The real ones: after the great Kodiaq early 2017, here is the new KAROQ, a compact SUV of the Volkswagen Tiguan and Seat Ateca. First Test of the KAROQ in TDI version 150 4 D DSG, equipped with the unreleased modularity system Varioflex.

The launch of a new car is often accompanied by crisp anecdotes and the young Skoda KAROQ does not escape the rule. On the occasion of his essays, one learns that the first “SUV” Skoda goes back to 1966 with the Trekka (a 4 x 4 beach pick-up based on the Octavia, assembled at 3 000 copies in New Zealand!)), or that the name KAROQ comes from the contraction of the words Kaa’r (car) and Rahil (arrow) in the Alutiiq language, an Alaskan people.

To shine at dinners in town, the pragmatics will prefer to know that the new KAROQ proceeds from the cousins Volkswagen Tiguan and Seat Ateca and carries to 17 the number of compact Suvs (off Premium!) available on the market: Peugeot 3008, Renault Kadjar, Nissan Qashqai. And the others: their exhaustive list would occupy a whole paragraph!

2018 Skoda karoq Dimensions

The new KAROQ measures 4.38 m long. is much less than the large Skoda Kodiaq appeared in March 2017 (4.70 M and seven possible squares), and slightly indented the cousin Volkswagen Tiguan which points to 4.49 M. The KAROQ promises, however, a maximum upper chest volume, thanks to the Varioflex system whose Tiguan and Ateca do not benefit.

This system divides into three parts the rear seats that slide, tilt, refocus, tuck, or even fully deposit to peak the volume in two places at 1 840 l, against 1 655 l maxi for the Tiguan. A difference that is confirmed in terms of the supply of engines.

2018 Skoda karoq Price and Trims

Pending the 2.0 TDI 190 expected Mi-2018, the KAROQ has a simple range, operated by “pair”: two TSI essences, two TDI diesels, two types of box on each motor (manual, or DSG with double clutch for 1 600 € more) and two levels of finishes Pou R individuals:

To companies (60% of buyers), Skoda plans to sell a majority of 1.6 TDI 116 to four cylinders (a Business finish is reserved for them). To individuals, and this is a first, it table on a victory of gasoline, thanks to the new 1.5 TSI of 150 hp to disable cylinders.

For the first test of the KAROQ, we opted for a version with full transmission and robotic box, not so common association in this segment of SUV invaded models “4 x 2”. This duo is inevitably associated with the 2.0 TDI of 150 hp, charged 37 790 € in the high Style finish of our KAROQ test.

Two difficulties perfectly crossed by the Skoda SUV, even without controlled damping: bumps, holes, fittings, nothing disturbs the trajectory of the KAROQ, certainly equipped with a multiarm rear gear on this version 4 x 2 (more efficient than the torsion axle of KAROQ 4 x 2).

A dry and noisy nothing on low-speed bleeding, its suspension then ensures a good level of comfort, and absorbs deformations without generating pumping movements on the succession of humps. On this point, the Karoq heels a Peugeot 3008 or a Vauxhall Grandland X  without however showing their dynamism in curves. But this is not the vocation of a family SUV.

The limited “grip” of our test roads has at least allowed the 2018 Skoda karoq to shine its integral transmission, always of the Haldex type. Thanks to its sensors also used for ESP, it sends the motor torque back to the rear axle with a slight anticipation, thus avoiding any skating or understeer bait (tendency to pull straight) to the acceleration at the pin output. Good omen for use in snow or mud!

For the Mountaineers, the KAROQ 4WD has an optional Offroad driving mode (€190 with a selection of better protected driving profiles and subwoofers), which adapts box and differential management to low adhesion conditions and does not engage More Office the annoying Help to descent (practice in steep slopes, but generating an excessive motor brake on the plate).

Not enough to transform the KAROQ into authentic franchisor, since it goes from the optional beveled front shield of Volkswagen (to increase the angle of attack), and limits its ground clearance to 17.6 cm, against 20 cm for the Tiguan 4Motion.

2018 Skoda karoq Diesel

Less and less acclaimed, the 2.0 TDI 150 is not a bad choice for road use. Its torque of 340 Nm is not too much to move the 1 600 kg of the KAROQ TDI 150 4 G/D DSG (the heaviest of the range, let alone in high finish!), and is particularly appreciated with the double clutch robotic box.

This gum under light hollow of the TDI under 1 500 rpm, combines smoothness and speed with the rise of reports, maintains the right speeds in coast or downhill. and takes advantage of its seventh report to lower the diet under 2 000 rpm at 130 km/h, for the benefit of the sound level. Good: high acceleration or higher rpm, the TDI retains its characteristic rumble.

The robotic box finally softens the driving in the city, where the 2018 Skoda karoq feels good despite its stencil above that of the old Yeti (4.38 M vs. 4.22 m): High driving position, very soft direction, good steering diameter, and series back camera in Finish Style.

Interior and Trunk

This was the main complaint against the Seat Ateca, compared to the Volkswagen Tiguan: An internal quality perceived in retreat, suffering from the sad board of the compact Leon. The “third thief” 2018 Skoda karoq suffers alas from the same evil, and presents a cell before very little cheerful: classic drawing, inferior materials or rigid counter doors, dark colours.

As an option, the KAROQ can however take advantage of the large 9.2-inch touch screen (appeared on the Golf and the Octavia restyled) charged 1 460 € with Wi-Fi relay, voice commands, gesture controls to change stations and DAB digital radio.

On a daily basis, the 2018 Skoda karoq also cares for its ergonomics, its storage, and seduces by its typical Skoda tricks: Umbrella organizer under the passenger seat, garbage cans or telephone cleats in accessories, ice-scraper hidden in the fuel trap.

Like the Tiguan, the KAROQ can accommodate a sliding rear seat. Charged €450 or series in Style, it stands out from the Tiguan by its three-part composition (60/40 at VW), tiltable and slippery on 15 cm at the side squares. By completely removing the center seat, it is even possible to refocus the lateral to increase the width at the elbows during four trips.

A tedious operation and obliging to store the seat at home (way Scénic of the 2000 years), such as that of depositing all the seats to take advantage of the maximum Volume: 1 810 L seats removed against 1 605 L seats simply reclined, but the space as well Created a difficult step to occupy.

Except in rare cases, the system of the Tiguan remains more logical and easy, with a less rugged floor folded seats, a folding passenger file series (€95 on the KAROQ, except in Style level with seats before Sport …), and a volume in five places equally Generous than that of the KAROQ. Sometimes it’s better to make it simple!

In this detail, however, the Skoda remains one of the most welcoming SUV in the segment, with a more generous leg space than on a Peugeot 3008, a rather comfortable central square and options to further enhance the long journeys: roof Panoramic at 1 100 €, 230v and USB rear socket for €200, aviation tablets at €100. Three of the (rare) missing equipments to the generous KAROQ Style.

Before being affordable, the KAROQ TDI 150 4 D DSG remains generous: GPS navigation, hands-free key, recoil radar and alloy wheels 17 ” come from the first level Ambition at 34 490 €, and camera recoil, upholstery leather/fabric, lights 100% LED and regulator of Adaptive speed from the second Style level to 37 790 €.

To approach this series of Volkswagen, it is necessary to go check the Tiguan Carat at 41 960 €, which certainly offers the digital display meters and the panoramic sunroof series, but not the hand-free motorized tailgate, nor the front seats Electrically-operated heaters on the driver’s side.

At this level of power and equipment, the Skoda karoq Style is moreover one of the only to remain under the 40 000 € with the combination diesel engine/integral transmission/Automatic box: 40 650 € for the Ford Kuga TDCi 150 Powershift Vignae, 40 120 € for the Jeep Compass 2.0 MultiJet 140 4wd BVA9 Limited, 41 800 € for Kia Sportage 2.0 IDRC 136 4 BVA6 GT Line Pack Premium (Malus included for the last two cities).

The comparison is complicated elsewhere, since not all SUV’s offer also provided: Mechanical box and transmission 4 x 4 imposed for the Peugeot 3008 BlueHDi 150 (37 350 € in GT Line), diesel of 120 HP Maxi for the Opel Grandland X, auto box or 4WD transmission for Nissan Qashqai and Renault Kadjar dCi 130

Apart from its ageing modularity, the new 2018 Skoda karoq really has nothing in common with the old Yeti. More livable, more comfortable, quieter, it now recovers the qualities of its technical cousin VW Tiguan, while remaining 4 000 € cheaper to comparable version. Enough to enrich the cockpit with a few modern options (“giant” screen GPS navigation, 100% digital meters to come), and compensate for its slightly sad dashboard. Still a hell of a customer in the compact SUV jungle!

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