2018 Seat Ibiza Reviews, Prices, Interior, Dimensions

2018 Seat Ibiza Reviews, Prices, Interior, Dimensions

The new 2018 Seat Ibiza is coming in June 2017. This essence of 95 HP version will be the most requested. How it positions itself in the face of the Renault Clio and Peugeot 208? Here’s our answer with the Ibiza 2018 test.

With 33 years of seniority, four generations and 4.5 million units sold, the Ibiza is the best known of the Seat. Besides, the French appreciate it: 500 000 models have been sold on our market since 1984. The Ibiza is the fifth installment and novelty is obvious very quickly with a style inspired by that of the Leon (front they merge) and a dynamic look. On this last point, the Renault Clio and Peugeot 208 French stars can envy its very design and makes ‘big car’.

These three models are held in a handkerchief in terms of dimensions. The new 2018 Seat Ibiza retains its 4,06 m length, which is identical to that of the Clio while the Peugeot 208 is a bit shorter (3.97 m). The Seat has especially increased to its width (+ 8,7 cm!) to overcome the defect of the old model – too narrow cabin – and return to the standard of the segment.

2018 Seat Ibiza Prices and Comparison

The launch in June 2017, the new Ibiza decline with three powertrains essence of 75, 95 and 115 HP. At the end of the day, it will take muscle with the new engine 1.5 TSI 150 HP, then as the TDI diesels arrive that early 2018.

2018 Seat Ibiza prices are between €13 860 and €21 020 and the range revolves around the four finishes Reference, Style, Xcellence and FR. 1.0 95 TSI engine ch is offered only with the Style (€16 585) levels and Xcellence (€18 550). The Style offers a level of correct equipment, but the Xcellence (model pictured) is much more attractive: touch screen of 8 inches, access and starting hands-free, parking AIDS and more comfortable upholstery (see details of standard features).

Compared to our Ibiza 1.0 TSI 95 ch Xcellence €18 550, the Peugeot 208 PureTech 82 ch Allure is slightly less expensive: €18 250 for a level comparable equipment. The Renault Clio TCe 90 ch Intens is displayed €18 650 with GPS in the series which is an option on the other two competitors.

At the wheel of the Ibiza 1.0 95 ch TSI

The Seat Ibiza 2018 is built on the new platform MQB A0 will be on the future Volkswagen Polo and the next Audi A1. Seat has the scoop of a vital element within the Volkswagen Group (that’s a first) and intend to take advantage. It is checked from the first kilometres. Taking the wheel of the new Ibiza, the owners of older models will stop their therapy session to calm their back pain and remove their helmet anti-noise (Oh, the clapping of little TDI). Ibiza has been transformed with a good level of comfort, a silence of significant market on road and an engine almost inaudible gasoline in town.

The new 2018 Seat Ibiza  platform associated with the revised suspension and a new rear cross working in the right direction. Soft on its supports, the Ibiza is also accurate in its trajectory. She’s fought with ease and does not mind when the pace is accelerating. Nice consistency of management and control of Frank box participate in accreditation. This balance between dynamism and comfort allows the Seat to position between the Peugeot 208 to the agile chassis and the Renault Clio less alert behavior.

Petrol 1.0 95 HP TSI engine contributes to the building to make a versatile city of Ibiza. This very flexible three cylinders in low revs brings fluidity to the developments in the city. No need to play without stop of shifter. Too bad however, we can’t add box DSG7 (declination 115 HP), a real plus in urban areas. Once on the road, this TSI 1.0 can count on his turbo for reminders without softness.

“The TSI 95 Ibiza 1.0 engine is more valiant than PureTech 82 of the 208 and the TCe 90 of the Clio”

The engine is slowing somewhat in the towers, but a sporty driving isn’t the point here where flexibility is preferred due to the good response of the engine at the bottom and in the middle of the tachometer. The engine approval of Ibiza is in the end much better than that of the atmospheric PureTech 82 of the Peugeot 208 that dire need of ‘safe’ on the road. As the TCe 90 of the Renault, he cannot claim the same vitality as the TSI of the Seat 1.0. Finally, consumption, side Ibiza just 6.2 l / 100 m in mixed use.

2018 Seat Ibiza Interior

Readable and nice presentation with the big screen 8 inch (Xcellence series) and despite a skin entirely in hard plastics. In comparison, the dashboard of the 208 is more deconstructed and the Clio more gadget. The Ibiza did better than the French in terms of storage. This entertainment system is compatible Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The quality of the screen 8 inch is greater than that of french models. The Ibiza 2018 can equip as a large, the image of the proposed 200 smartphone induction charger. Xcellence finishing seats are wide and comfortable. A real plus. Thanks to the wheelbase on the rise, the livability is now among the best. Trunk volume reached a value referring with 355 l It’s better than the 208 (285 l) and Clio (300 l).

The new 2018 Seat Ibiza is more than ever an underdog of choice in the face of the 208 and Clio. Design, conduct and equipment work in his favour. It is also more versatile than ever with its habitability in progress and now better than the competition. In Exchange, the Ibiza does not gift on its price, comparable to that of the French superior reputation on our market.

But the current dynamism of the manufacturer with including the success of the new Acer will play for the Seat brand image. And it is not over, Seat will launch this year market juicy of the urban SUV with the new Arona, competitor of the Renault Captur. This small SUV based Ibiza will replace the wagon ST version which is not renewed.

2018 Seat Ibiza Test: Conclusion

We love

  • Dynamic exterior design
  • Quality saddlery and equipment in Xcellence
  • Driving pleasure and comfort
  • Habitability and trunk

We Regret

  • Price without a gift
  • Classic interior design
  • D safe g unavailable on this engine

2018 Seat Ibiza Reviews, Prices, Interior, Dimensions Pictures

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