New Seat Arona Review; MPG, Specs, Interior, SUV Performance

New Seat Arona Review; MPG, Specs, Interior, SUV Performance

Read our most comprehensive review of the 2018 Seat Arona SUV standard features, Redesign and Changes Interior Exterior, Price and Release Date. Seat descends into the arena of the urban SUV with the New Seat Arona SUV to battle with the Renault capture. Spacious, serious and well in legs, the Arona will count when choosing. Here is our test in gasoline version 1.0 TSI of 115 hp

After the ATECA which successfully entered the market of the compact SUV, here is the little brother Arona who takes his name from a city on the island of Tenerife. The city will be the favorite playground of Seat Arona as it comes to inflate the ranks of the urban SUV whose offer explodes this year.

To get out of the lot where the French Peugeot 2008 and Renault capture dominate, the Seat Arona presents itself in a dress with dynamic lines, well in the spirit of the productions of the brand. The whole is serious and gives it an exterior look of urban chic. It is the antithesis of the new Citroën C3 Aircross, which plays the map of the adventurer style. Everyone will choose their side.

Design Platform & Dimension

Arona is doubling the offer of Seat on the segment of the versatile city models. Just as there is the Clio-capture duo at Renault, there is now the Ibiza-Arona duo at Seat with a youth premium for the Spanish brand, since its two models come out in this year 2017. The stylistic affiliation with the new Ibiza also jumps to the eyes, which is normal, the two models taking advantage of the same platform MQB-A0, the latest of the Volkswagen group.

With 4.14 m long, the roof at 1.54 m and a ground clearance of 19 cm, the 2018 Seat Arona is 8 cm taller and 10 cm higher than the Ibiza. At the same version, the Arona is at least 2 080 € more expensive than the Ibiza (on the basis of a TSI Style 115, for example). But it is the SUV that will be the most conquering: it is positioned at the heart of the small SUV market whose sales have exploded in Europe from 180 000 to 1.6 million units between 2010 and 2016.

Prices and Specs Seat Arona

The Arona is marketed in November 2017 with two petrol engines: 1.0 TSI of 95 and 115 HP, the latter being able to receive the DSG7 box. From the beginning of 2018, the Arona petrol will be muscled with the new 1.5 TSI of 150 hp, married in particular to an attractive finish Fr.

Diesel is less and less popular on these small cars, but the 2018 Seat Arona will complete its offer with the 1.6 TDI of 95 and 115 hp running 2018. The fares from Arona to the launch are between 16 500 and 23 345 €. See prices and equipment Seat Arona.

The Arona does not encumber with a little-demanded SUV proposal on this segment, but it plays the map of the much more popular personalization of the small SUV clientele. Roof with a dissociated tone, color of mirrors, special paints, etc.: there are 68 combinations for everyone to have “his” Arona. Same possibility of landscaping in the cockpit (which is not an evil to brighten up the whole).

Of course, each time it is necessary to put the hand to the wallet: the contrasting roof in series of the Arona Xcellence (the high-end finish) is, for example, charged €400 on Reference and Style. And for 17-inch rims as on our test model (Style 1.0 TSI 115), it’s still €400 extra.

The good height of the roof makes it easier to get on board and the road is slightly dominated once installed. This is a first good point for the Arona because that is why the clientele leaves the lower saloons in favor of the SUV. Practical, the Arona is also in terms of maneuverability: Unlike other small SUV’s that reduce the height of their glazing ( the question of style), the Arona preserves generous windows for the benefit of peripheral visibility. It is a plus in town and on the road and, overall, you can better identify the outlines of the vehicle onboard the Seat than on the C3 Aircross for example.

Easy to grasp, the Arona continues its seduction game with a chassis that succeeds a good synthesis between a not too firm comfort and a small car agility. The steering is soft, the finely gripping rim steering wheel and the suspension does not crash at the first turn. In the category, so here is a good compromise.

Only grievances, air noises too present from 120 km/h. It is with a vehicle equipped with 17-inch rims and the basic suspension that the Arona made us the best impression. The few kilometers made with a model shod with 18-inch rims encourage us to advise you this ride: The car loses in comfort and wins rolling noises.

The 1.0 TSI engine with 115 horsepower and 200 Nm of torque brings flexibility in town and force on the road. This is the right choice to enjoy the versatility of the Arona. This three-cylinder engine manifests itself in a few vibrations in the seats and the steering wheel in the low RPM, but it passes once the vehicle is launched. It can be hard up to 6 500 rpm but in this case it braille a little too much.

At normal paces, it brings the desired flexibility but, too bad, the reports too long in 5th and 6th stifle his goodwill. The solution to take advantage of this sparkling engine is to opt for the DSG7 box (1 330 €). It erases this laziness and makes the driving more toned. Our last course with a model equipped with this DSG7 convinced us that the investment brought a real bonus on the road and in the city of course.

2018 Seat Arona Interior and Trunk Capacity

When you board a Seat, it is seldom a joke. The Arona does not deviate from the rule and the cockpit of our version Style really lacks cheerfulness, which slices with the outward appearance promising. Seat offers a good reason to bring an extra finishing touch. For €300, it is possible to equip its Arona with an upholstery in Alcantara and leatherette, a stripe of colored dashboard and inserts on the central console and the door panels (photos below).

The best is to opt for the Xcellence finish and to choose the leatherette inserts with white stitching (€450): Thus rigged, the Arona is chicer in presentation, equipped with comfortable ergonomic seats and we almost forget that the whole is Dressed in hard plastics. The right space on board and the conveniently distributed storage bring the expected practical side.

In 2017, a small SUV must be modern and the Arona does not miss the turn. In series or optional, we take advantage of a large 8-inch touchscreen that is well integrated with the dashboard, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connections, two USB sockets and induction smartphone charging. Backup camera and access system and hands-free start can also be on the menu for ease of use. Current 2018, the Arona may even have a digital slab for its meters, as on a Volkswagen.

The good surprise comes from the installation on the bench where two adults of good size have their comforts both in place with the legs as in the roof guard. The bad surprise comes from the holding handles: there are none! The central square is hindered by a tunnel of integral transmission which, in theory, does not exist with this platform, astonishing. On the landscaping side, the Arona made in the classic with its seatback 60/40 and its double-level chest. It leaves to the capture and C3 Aircross The advantage of the sliding seat, but the safe is easy to access and well sized with 400 liters of loading.

In terms of urban SUV’s, there was the forerunner Nissan Juke. Then the pursuers Peugeot 2008 and Renault capture who took the lead of the segment in here. The 2018 Seat Arona arrives in a second platoon very supplied in 2017: Citroen C3 Aircross, Hyundai Kona, Kia Stonic and Opel Grandland X, just that!

We can add the new Volkswagen T-Roc, but the latter is a little bigger than the others (4.23 m), more powerful (up to 190 hp), can be 4 x 4WD and is, therefore, more expensive. The real Volkswagen offensive in the field of urban SUV will be the T-Cross in 2018 on the same technical bases as the Arona.

For Seat, the battle in our market will mainly be played with the French capture, 2008 and C3 Aircross: template and rates in a pocket handkerchief. The Seat and the Citroen have the advantage of youth, but each offers a different style.


The Arona has the ingredients to roll in the wake of his big brother Ateca who knows the success. By its stencil, its ease of gripping, its mechanics and its personalization, the Arona aims in the thousand to pierce in the jungle of the urban SUV. A less austere cockpit would have been welcome. Fortunately, the price charged is that of the market and the prices of the options, reasonable, allow to offer an additional finishing touch.

Pros and Cons 2018 Seat Arona SUV


  • Template/Design/peripheral visibility
  • Healthy frame and comfort correct
  • habitability, storage, and equipment


  • The sad series cockpit/No hold handle
  • Too long gearbox reports
  • Air noises on Highway

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