2018 Range Rover Velar Review; The Most Favorite SUV 2018!

2018 Range Rover Velar Review; The Most Favorite SUV 2018!

Attention favorite! The 2018 Range Rover Velar is an all new model positioned above the Evoque and has a strong power of attraction. Design, technology and driving, it sets the bar high and its price also.

It’s a detail that we see mostly on the concept-car and which gives entry game, the very high level of the Velar: flush door handles are electrically deployed ahead of the vehicle. It’s good for grandstanding and announces that the refinement and the technology of the Velar, fourth of the range Range Rover SUV.

The low speed (10 cm less than a Range Sport) made all the charm and modernity of the Velar. The roof to your reserved is charged €676.

The new 2018 Range Rover Velar doesn’t replace existing model. With its height of 4,80 m, it fits between the Evoque (4.37 m) and the Range Sport (4.86 m). The latter is much longer but more high, large and available in seven places when the Velar is an SUV five places. Conquest for Range Rover model will also stay with the customer who had fallen for the Evoque in 2011 and today seeks a more spacious and all model also crush.

The power of the Velar style positions it unquestionably in the Range Rover universe. Robustness and elegance characterize his line that plays very well with volumes and the light signatures with 100% LED lights. The large wheels (up to 22 inches!) and the reduced lateral glazing are the sign of the SUV of today, far from the old Range Rover. Yet it is his story that the Velar made reference since it takes its name from the prototype that gave birth to the first Range.

Engines Range Rover Velar 2018

The Velar of diesel is available in three levels of power: 180, 240 and 300 c. The Velar shares its technology platform with the Jaguar F-Pace and all models come with all-wheel drive, of the ZF eight-speed automatic and the Terrain Response system. A range of six engines is available at the start of the vehicle in July 2017. In essence, there are the new four-cylinder 2.0 of 250/300 HP and 380 HP Supercharged V6. The Velar diesel will be the King of sales in France (83% of initial orders) and it can count on the four-cylinder (D180 ch) and ch D240 and the D300 V6 c. The latter is the object of our test and it represents 56% of sales of Velar diesel for now.

2018 Range Rover Velar Pricing

The range of the Velar contains the Standard designations, S, SE, and HSE with a price starting at €57 500. But the average price of the Velar in France is located beyond the €80,000. It corresponds to a 2018 Range Rover Velar D240 HSE: €82 300 without options. Our test version Velar D300 HSE R-Dynamic point € 91 500! And even close to 100,000 euros with all its equipment…

“The Range Rover Velar rates soar beyond €80,000 for a well-equipped version”

So the brand doesn’t tweezer with the rates of the Velar. Fortunately, the catalog price here is only one aspect of funding: customer reason most often with a monthly rent (choice of majority funding) whose amounts are made competitive by the strong residual values of the Range Rover.

Driving the Range Rover Velar

The Range Rover is statutory, comfortable, cars often powerful and refined. Although it is lower and its chassis is shared with the Jaguar F-Pace, the Velar is part of this register. His mass consequent (2 tons for our version) and it’s running gear settings that emphasize the softness spread it dynamism found for example on a Porsche Macan, one of its competitors. For example, management deserved a more honest feeling and overall is not great agility on the twisty course.

On the other hand, the Velar plays on velvet to swallow kilometers on main roads. It provides true driving pleasure and this is, even more, the case with this 300 HP diesel V6 / 700 Nm to strong at low revs, silent and smooth breath in his regime mounted. The agreement with the box auto to 8 reports is impeccable while all-wheel drive ensures flawless traction regardless of the condition of the road. There was a consumption of 8.2 l / 100 km on a road course, either a very decent value for a so powerful SUV. Finally, the comfort is in tune on this V6 version which has series of air suspension.

“Silence, comfort, and smoothness: with the D300 Velar, we want that the journey never stops”

The Velar off road

the other advantage of air suspension is being able to vary the height of the ground clearance up to 25.1 cm for the practice of off-roading. An exercise in which the Velar excels to be worthy of his coat of arms. With the assistance of the field Response 2 system that fits the parameters of the vehicle depending on the terrain, the Velar climbs slopes crazy, dishes of the Fords of 65 cm and control automatically its speed (from 3.5 to 30 km/h) in vertiginous descents.

The Velar Towing Capacity

Few owners will go to expose the beautiful body of their Velar in the sloughs or paths lined with Brambles, but bragging about his abilities will be a satisfaction that will be shared with friends around a table. Finally, many luxury SUV customers need to tow and they’re still the Velar meets present: deployable coupling electrically system (€1 259) and assistance for towing (€437) are combined with a towing capacity of 750 kg (without brake) at 2,500 kg (with brake).


As soon as the installation behind the wheel of the Velar, we understand that he has something at Range Rover. The 2018 Range Rover Velar is not an Evoque or a Range of Sport, but a new generation model with its two bunk 10-inch touch screens central portion. The top screen swivels to vertical to the implementation of the contact to better read the indications of the GPS/multimedia and facilitate access to the menus of fingertips. Bottom, right at your fingertips, to manage the phone, air conditioning/heating block and the Terrain Response system, which loses its famous wheel in favor of a screen dedicated and illustrious.

The 2018 Range Rover Velar does stop there on the side of technology. It also has a digital slab of 12.3 inches to meters (from top) and sensory controls on the steering wheel in the form of small screens. All are impeccably presented and qualitative but it takes a time to adapt to navigate the many menus without hesitation. Especially the sensor on the steering wheel controls have not convinced us. They are too sensitive and missing a ‘noise’ validation. As for rotating commands on the screen at the bottom, they are also too sensitive (not quite pronounced rotation notch) to be easily manipulated by driving.

2018 Range Rover Velar Rear seats and trunk

The 2018 Range Rover Velar took advantage of its long wheelbase to offer a generous legroom for the rear passengers. The guard to the roof is OK, but no more, habitability being forced here by the sloping soft back. The two occupants are still pampered: records are reclining, there is a dedicated air conditioning and each has a USB plug. The third guest quickly will understand that it is inappropriate: hard, narrow place and no place in the legs because of the transmission tunnel.

For three passengers, the driver has to stay on a Range Sports interest. Ditto for loading has nothing extraordinary for an SUV of 4,80 m long: 558 l between floor and tablet. However, ergonomics uses 40/20/40 records to easily slide skis or others between the two rear passengers.


A priori, no need to go very far to find the first competitor of the 2018 Range Rover Velar. In the range, the Range Sport is close in size while offering more internal volume thanks to its more generous height (10 cm). More family (7 places), but less than technology, it is a bit more expensive to drive to equivalent equipment: + €6 900 based on 240 HP. diesel

In the lap of JLR (Jaguar Land Rover), it is naturally the Jaguar F-Pace (4.73 m) who comes to oppose the Velar, the two SUV sharing platform and mechanical. Here again, the Velar exploded its rates: a 25 d 240 Prestige advertising €58 960 ch F-Pace against €74 000 for a Velar D240 ch SE. A chasm.

Finally, the Porsche Macan target 2018 Range Rover Velar is more dynamic. Its unique 258 HP diesel V6 is less powerful than the diesel of the 2018 Range Rover Velar (300 HP) V6 and the Macan (4.68 m) is less generous in livability. The rate of the Macan S Diesel starts at €63 755. This is lower than the D300 Velar (€ 67 600) but the Porsche options are quickly climbing the invoice.

It is certainly the most desirable when SUV, especially his strong style agrees with an approval of high quality and technology that has taken the lead. Menus objections are noted, but when you have a crush, you close your eyes on what you won’t see easily. However impossible to big eyes in the face of a price that climbs quickly and hard when you tick a well-equipped version.

We love

Powerful and attractive design
Smoothness and performance diesel V6
Comfort and high level of security
Quality of finish, presentation, and technology

We regret

Some overly sensitive controls
Lack of sense of direction
Trunk without great generosity
High tariffs for the well-equipped versions

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