2018 Mercedes S-Class 400 D Review, Interior, Fuell Economy, Pricing

2018 Mercedes S-Class 400 D Review, Interior, Fuell Economy, Pricing

The restyling of the 2018 Mercedes S-Class 400 D? Discreet. The important thing is happening. Three new engines with the more powerful diesel designed by Mercedes: 6-cylinder in line, 340 HP. And still this magic: the balance between luxury and dynamism. The reign of the S-class will not be completed.

Since 1951 and his ancestor 300 S, the S-class is the flagship of the fleet of Mercedes, its standard-bearer, which expresses all the values of the brand with the star symbol model: luxury, space, comfort, power. BMW and Audi have pushed the C-class and E-class. Not she, who remains, and by far, the limo the most sold in the world. Its last generation, launched in 2013, marks an evolution in the saga: slim line (roof to 1,50 m), sculpted flanks, more dynamic temperament. And a major innovation, the ‘magic body control’: reading of the coating by cameras and reaction air suspension by anticipation.

The Mercedes S-class has adopted at its restyling of the rear lights with Crystal effect. A roof laid rather low (1,50 m) for its size (short version 5.13 m) and sculpted flanks contribute to its dynamic appearance.

Time to the restyling, the S-class has not changed much on the form: Calendars to three thick blades instead of five thin, inversion of the Rhombus of the air intake to the shield, front lights to three vertical lines of diodes, Crystal effect taillights. But she has enriched its technological content: a notch further in autonomous driving, chassis that tilts inward cornering function “Energizing” that fits various parameters of the inner atmosphere according to the mood.

The 2018 Mercedes S-Class 400 D has also modified its range of engines, with three new blocks: a six-cylinder 3.0 in (286 or 340 HP) diesel and gasoline (367 HP) online, a V8 biturbo gasoline 4.0 469 HP. Meanwhile its plug-in hybrid version, expected for December with a range of 50 km on 100% electric. At the trial, the 400 version d of course: the most powerful diesel ever marketed by Mercedes.

2018 Mercedes S-Class 400 D Price

Fasten your seat belts. The restyled S-class starts at €91 500 350 d 285 ch BVA9. Request €94 900 with this same engine in all-wheel drive. Then moves to €98 700 2018 Mercedes S-Class 400 D 340 ch. side gas, it’s even worse: €102 100 in S 450 with its new 6 cylinders 367 HP, and €124 800 for the V8 469 ch of the 560 S, only available in finishing high Fascination. If need you more space in the second row, this is the sedan version: four places 5,26 m, wheelbase lengthened to 13 cm and rate of €5,000.

If the power seems short, here’s the class S AMG: €186 000 S 63 and V8 612 HP (3.5 s from 0 to 100 km/h), €238 000 for the V12 of the S 65 which sends 630 HP to the rear wheels (4.3 s). Finally, if an S-class seems too common, here is the Maybach Limousine: €165 300 s 560, €215 200 in S 650 which includes the V12 and the S 65 AMG rear transmission. But don’t forget the malus. Moderate Department diesel, he flew gasoline RADIUS: €2 610 for the S 450, €10,000 elsewhere.

Of course, the Fascination finish fits like a glove the S-class: autonomous driving, air-conditioned seats, sunroof, auto-tinting, access and trunk hands-free, camera 360 ° etc.. But we must add a ticket of 9 €000. It’s not over: even at this altitude, vision high head, Nappa leather two-tone and all devices transforming the Afterguard in rolling living room/office are still on the list of options. Or are also delicious flutes champagne silver, with the insert in the glove and support: €3 900. Do not dream, they are reserved for the Maybach versions.

2018 Mercedes S-Class 400 D Test Drive

Normally, at the wheel of an S-class, there is a driver. The owner is sitting on the right rear. This also raises a question. No model goes so far in autonomous driving. The S-class does not simply follow the road profile, or hold its speed based on limit signs. Cameras and GPS know also estimate the curve profile, analyze the width of a roundabout: it reduces its allure to clear the obstacle before resuming its cruising speed. But then, what good a driver become superfluous? A play with him battleship during the trip? Not even: it must still keep your hands on the wheel, otherwise autonomous management system disconnects.

Well, in France at least, a driver has the right to days off. Here, we must lead. Such a monument is addressed with caution. 5.13 m, 2 005 pounds, and 3.04 m wheelbase don’t advertise not the manners of ballerina. But Mercedes knows his job, and the electronic fairy graced the S-class of all its benefits. Air suspension does not maintain only the plate in curves: warned by cameras, it adapts to the inequalities of the road she detects in advance. The result is astonishing. The S-class seems to float at 20 cm above the asphalt, but keeps the teeth to the inscription in curve: firm and precise direction, chassis that don’t bend.

She can do better still: a new equipment introduced at its restyling inclines him 2.65 Max ° towards the inside of the turn to counteract the transverse forces acting on its occupants. But reserved for time in powered versions, this function is not available in France. On Sport mode, there is no need to resort to manual control palettes: the BVA9 chooses with vivacity and doing the appropriate report. The new six-cylinder 2018 Mercedes S-Class 400 D adds the final score: 350 HP, 700 Nm of torque, 5.4 s 0-100 km / h. married tonnage, comfort of Palace and dynamic behavior, such is the miracle directed by the S-class.

2018 Mercedes S-Class 400 D Interior Restyled

The Mercedes S-class remains true to its two screens Giants 12.4 “, under common CAP and glass side by side: one for digital instrumentation, the other for the GPS and multimedia functions.

The rear rank of the Mercedes S-class is widely suitable: two individual seats separated by a console (limousine, €1 400), multimedia (€4,000) screens, seats side massage (€2,000) or air-conditioned (€1 400), right rear seat Tiltable up to 44 ° (€1 200).

The Mercedes S-class remains true to its two screens Giants 12.4 “, under common CAP and glass side by side: one for digital instrumentation, the other for the GPS and multimedia functions.

The Energizing (€300, available in December) option fits the Interior of the Mercedes S-class according to mood with six atmospheres. Freshness, joy, warmth, vitality, well-being, fitness. With different music, air conditioning and lighting, and even massage!

2018 Mercedes S-Class 400 D Rivals

A S-class only knows two rivals: Audi A8 and BMW 7 series. But with the population that it aims, his credit and reputation remain well above: 701 S class sold in France in 2016, against 638 series 7 and 223 A8.

Launched in 2009, the current A8 (5.14 m, from €89 760 for a V6 3.0 TDI quattro ch 262) will be replaced in the fall. The A8 generation IV be measured 5.17 m, will offer four steering wheels and a fully autonomous driving system when traffic slowed down on freeway or fast lanes separated by a median strip. Selectable by pressing a button, it will leave the driver the opportunity to remove the hands from the wheel. It will start around €90 600 in version V6 3.0 TDI 286 hp.

Last born, in 2015, the 7 series (5,10 m) is characterized by a weight lower than its rivals. She comes to enrich its range of a 2.5 d version 2.0 four-cylinder 231 ch 2WD that lowers its first price at €84 800, and avoids the penalty.

It became a game among journalists: wait, during the presentation of a Mercedes, that the man at the microphone calls it “new world reference.” Usually, the wait is never long, modesty is not the strong point of the House. But with the S-class, no more games: it is indeed the world reference in its class, the pinnacle of what a sedan can offer luxury, beauty, efficiency, and high technology. In the latter area, the S-class has pushed still during its restyling of automotive knowledge.

This is also its mission: clearing, including autonomous driving, territories which tomorrow will be visited by the whole production. The progress comes by it, and then descends in range. But there are even better: his new six-cylinder in line diesel, stunning strength (340 HP and 700 Nm of torque in 2018 Mercedes S-Class 400 D), his sobriety (147 g CO2/km for a vehicle more than two tons), its silent operation. Of course, there is also its price. It may seem indecent. In truth, it is incidental, since the Mercedes S-class is not designed, or very little, for the Euro market. The important thing is: as long as the S-class exists, as long as a model will go up so high, in all registers, the car will still be a happy.

We love
• Luxury, power and pleasure
• The Cathedral silence
• The height of embedded technology
We regret
• The price, stratospheric after detour through the list of options
• Its taste for flashy interior design
• Its contradiction: driver to autonomous driving car

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