2018 Jaguar F-Type Roadster 2.0 Turbo Review, Prices, Interior

2018 Jaguar F-Type Roadster 2.0 Turbo Review, Prices, Interior

The Jaguar F-Type gives way to the four-cylinder engine to support its sales. The performance is not hair-raising in spite of the 300 HP of the 2.0 turbo, but the feline keeps its GT temperament and sees its price plummet.

Jaguar is working on the reduction of CO2 emissions from its cars and this goes through the generalization of the four-cylinder engine. After the tenth and XF sedan, it is the turn of the sports F-Type to adopt the 2.0 Turbo Ingenium-a house engine-in a declination to 300 ch. available on the coupe and the Roadster, this motorization without nobility has nothing more shocking in such a beautiful bower. Before Jaguar, Porsche installed a four-cylinder flat in its Boxster and Cayman 718 (300 and 350 hp). And the future Alpine A110 will only be available with a 1.8 four-cylinder 252 hp.

2018 Jaguar F-Type Roadster 2.0 300 Hp Price

The arrival of the 2.0 turbo is a new access to the F-Type range with price and malus decreased compared to the V6 versions and a V8. The price of the Roadster starts at 64 740 € (with BVA8 in series) and its CO2 releases at 163 g/km induce a malus of 3 290 €. As a comparison, the V6 version of 340 HP starts at 76 340 € (in BVA8) and the super-Malus strikes hard with 10 000 €. In the end, 18 310 € separate the two versions. Its competitor the Porsche 718 Boxster 300 ch PDK starts at a lower rate (59 930 €) and its malus is more measured (2 453 €), but the German equipment is pinged.

“Between the four-cylinder versions of 300 hp and V6 of 340 hp, the price difference reaches 18 310 €!”

Driving the 2018 F-Type Roadster 2.0

We had the right to a short grip of this new variant of the F-Type and the first impression is good. From the first round of wheels, the sound of the four cylinders crackles at the exhaust and each reminder is accompanied by a welcome sports stamp. This is a statement we made on the Roadster with the low hood and sports exhaust activated (option at €245). In the coupe and without this famous exhaust, not sure the engine sings so much. An engine which, recall, is very technological: electro-hydraulic control of the lifting of the inlet valves, exhaust manifold integrated with the molding of the cylinder head and turbo Twinscroll with ceramic ball bearing.

The Jaguar F-Type was never rented for its mass. With the integration of this small aluminum block, it loses 52 kg compared to the V6, much of it on the front gear. That’s fine but the English roadster is still heavy (1 545 kg) compared to a Porsche 718 Boxster PDK (1 440 kg). This is felt on performance (5.7 s from 0 to 100 km/h against 4.9 to German) and it gives the tone of this F-Type 2.0 Turbo: In spite of its most powerful four-cylinder Jaguar status ever produced, do not seek with it the ultimate sportsmanship or the trajectories to the millimeter.

“This F-Type is the most powerful four-cylinder Jaguar ever produced”

She leaves this role to the wicked SVR and she prefers to take the habit of a docile, comfortable and livable GT daily. This does not prevent it from distilling a good hue dynamism to swallow long curves quickly and show some agility on the meandering routes when Sports mode is activated. The direction that lacks feeling and the cash movements give the limits of the sporting exercise, but in exchange, there is a tolerant suspension for passengers and soft controls.

About softness, the 8-speed automatic gearbox perfectly accompanies the 2.0 turbo and delivers the 400 Nm of smooth torque and softness to the rear wheels. This box, which can be piloted from the pallets behind the steering wheel, justifies the absence of a mechanical transmission by its common sense operation.

Excellent seating, deep board and neat finish for the Jaguar F-Type 2017. The 2.0 presentation is identical to the V6.

There is not the flavor of the V6, but the loss of two cylinders does not make this F-Type a model at a discount: the ingredients of a good outfit GT are well there, the Jaguar does not lose anything of its status and the economy is more than significant. On our side the hesitation will carry more on the bodywork: the Roadster provides the pleasure of the driving hair to the wind and allows to enjoy the sound of the exhaust, but the coupe offers an outstanding design and its price is even lower: 7 060 € less, or from 57 680 € a price close to the new Alpine A110 (58 500 € in the first edition launch version).

2018 Jaguar F-Type Roadster 2.0 Turbo Review, Prices, Interior Pictures

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