2018 Honda Sports Vision GT Interior Images

2018 Honda Sports Vision GT is an ultra-lightweight coupe with a central engine of 410 HP: This vision of the ideal sport by Honda is only for the moment reserved for the video game Gran Turismo, on PS4. But who knows.

Over the past few years, rumors have been multiplying on the Web about the eventual release of a new sport in the Honda range, which would be placed between the Civic Type R and the NSX. More accessible than the latter, this model would somehow take the fire of the S2000, displaying authentically sporting genes.

Sketches showing a small coupe with a central motor were also seen and contributed to give hope to the Japanese brand enthusiasts. In the end, this car does exist but will have to confine itself to a virtual existence, since it is a concept of Vision Gran Turismo developed for the eponymous video game.

Crazy 410 Horsepower 900 kg

The aggressive and râblée silhouette of the spacecraft recalls in part the great NSX, or even the drafts of new Lotuses presented in 2010 (including Elan, Elise, and Esprit). Although no measurements are given, we can guess a very compact template, confirmed by the featherweight, announced at 900 kg.

To top it off, this sport for purists does not bother with any form of hybridization and relies solely on a block 2.0 turbo VTEC developing the power of 410 Ch. placed in the rear centre position, this engine would be a priori derived Of the one that equips the recent Civic Type R.

The 2018 Honda Sports Vision GT thus displays a weight-to-power ratio close to 2 kg/ch, close enough to that of a Ferrari 488 GTB. And if no performance is announced, there is no doubt that the efficiency of the machine must be formidable.

While it is for the moment reserved for the owners of PS4 with the new game Gran Turismo Sport, one can, however, keep a thin hope to see this auto landing one day in series, since a real size model was built to be tested in Blower. Not to mention that the mechanical organs are already available in the range. All you have to do is pray

2018 Honda Sports Vision GT Interior Images Pictures

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