2019 Dacia Duster 2 Price and Availability

The Dacia Duster 1 and 2018 Dacia Duster 2 have an identical call price of 11 990 euros. But then when you go up in range, does the gap widen? And in which case, did Dacia have a heavy hand?

Dacia has just formalized the prices of the new duster. The low-cost brand of the Renault/Nissan Alliance has the principle of preserving the call price of its models from one generation to the next.

The arrival of the Dacia Duster 2 does not escape the rule, the prices of the latter start at € 11 990, which is exactly the basic rate of the current model.

4 finishes, 4 engines, 2 transmissions

The range of the new Duster revolves around four levels of finishing: Duster, essential, comfort and Prestige. It’s as much as the Duster 1: Duster, Silver Line, winner Plus and Black Touch.

This new Duster retains the same technical base as the current model. It is therefore normal that the engines and the transmission are identical.
In the range of the duster 2018 the petrol blocks 1.6 SCe 115 and 1.2 TCe 125, while the diesel supply is based on the 1.5 dCi, declined in 90 and 110 hp.

The most powerful engines are also available in 4WD. and the 1.5 DCi 110 can be associated with the EDC automatic gearbox, but only in two-wheel drive.

A motorisation and comparable equipment level the price differences are as follows:

The first level (duster) retains the same prices, with the exception of the 1.5 DCi 90 engine, which increases by €200.
The second (essential) level is charged €300 Plus, except for the 1.6 ECS 125 engine for which the markup is only €100.
The third level (comfort) climbs from €400.
Finally, the fourth level (Prestige) requires €500 more.

Duster 2 Equipment

Compared to the current model, the entry-level of the new Dacia Duster is enriched by curtain airbags, bringing the total number to six. The automatic ignition of the dipped-beam headlamps, the speed limiter, the centralized conviction of the remote doors and the electric front window lifts are also part of its standard equipment.

The second level of finishing (essential) has an adjustable steering wheel in depth and, on the 4WD versions, a Descent control system. Two unavailable equipment on the current Dacia Duster 1 Silver Line.

The third level (comfort) offers in series electric rear window lifts that did not have the winning version more of the current duster.

Finally, Level 4 (Prestige) is pared, in series, automatic air conditioning, “padded” door panels in toe with stitching, 17-inch alloy rims, two tweeters on the dashboard, a armrest integrated in the seat Driver, the lumbar adjustment of the driver’s seat and a storage drawer under the passenger seat. Equipment that does not offer the current Dacia duster Black Touch. The latter is also content with 16-inch alloy rims.

Dacia Duster 2 New Features

In addition to a more rewarding external presentation, this second generation of the Dacia Duster can have new equipment for this model and even the manufacturer.

Thus the hands-free card (option to €200 on the Prestige finish), the Blind spot alarm (option to €200 on the comfort and prestige finishes) or the camera MultiView (incorporating a pack of options to 400 euros on the prestige finish or €900 on the Comfort finish) are étrennés by the new duster.

Another novelty is that the adjustable steering column now in depth (in series from Level 2) and automatic air conditioning (standard only on level 4) value the new duster.

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