2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio VS Audi Q5; Who Is The Winner?

2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio VS Audi Q5; Who Is The Winner?

The new Alfa Romeo Stelvio wants to prevail in the small club of the premium SUV. What does the Audi Q5 just renewed? The response in three acts, at the wheel, to live, and side finances with the Stelvio 2.2 diesel 210 HP and the Q5 2.0 TDI 190 HP.

Alfa Romeo has missed the start of the SUV market while a project was ongoing with the Kamal concept from 2002! The Italian brand has made other choices at the time (including that of the MiTo) and today she wants to catch up with the Stelvio, its first SUV in 100 years of history.

The new Stelvio settles on the SUV segment premium of a median 4.60 to 4.70 m Jig where competition has already taken important positions: BMW X 3, Audi Q5, Mercedes GLC, Volvo XC60 are of them.

Just as the Giulia aims in priority the BMW 3 series (see the comparison in images), the Stelvio takes targeted the BMW X 3. The latter was soon renewed, the Audi Q5 we used the benchmark for this comparison. A Q5 brand-new, since the second generation model, was launched.

Alfa tradition against Audi technology

That’s two SUV we won’t confuse. Grille typical of Alfa Romeo, fluid lines and slender: the Stelvio brings a new style to the SUV. Powerful Singleframe grille, angular body, and solid build: the new Q5 is impressive. Same cleavage inside with a dashboard imprint of tradition in the Stelvio and technologies in the Q5.

In the Alfa, the double boss above the counters (as in a 156 or a 159) and the wheel three branches to thin rim bring a sporting temperament. In the Audi, the proliferation of screens, orders, and directions attest to the ambient sophistication.

Price Alfa Stelvio and Audi Q5 to test

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio and the Audi Q5 have close templates (4.69 m for Italian) and 4.66 m for German, but the rates more remote. For this match, we have retained versions that fill most orders of two models:

-Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.2 Diesel 210 Lusso Q4 BVA8 ch: €53 500
-Audi Q5 2.0 TDI 190 S line S-Tronic Quattro ch: €57 400

Our Alfa Romeo test Stelvio is the 2.2 Diesel 210 ch Lusso Q4 BVA8. Price: €53 500. It is equipped with optional paint layers red Competizione (€2,500) and 20 inches (€1,600) rims. Our Audi Q5 to test is the 2.0 TDI 190 ch S line Quattro S Tronic. Price: €57 400. It is equipped with optional air suspension variable height (€1 950) and the wheels of 20 inch (€1 630).

2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio VS Audi Q5 Test Drive

At the wheel of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio

The Stelvio resumes Giorgio technical platform that makes the heyday of the Giulia. And as for the sedan, the platform, which has adapted its settings to the higher Center of gravity, let’s climb the Stelvio among the most dynamic models of its class. It’s simple: take the wheel of the Stelvio, is not taking the wheel of an SUV. The Italian is agile, communicative and powerful as a sedan. A real treat!

“The Stelvio is 186 kg lighter than the Q5 and 20 HP more powerful. The performance is on his side“

Four-wheel drive Q4 that privileges the rear-wheel drive in normal conditions participate in the sporting temperament of the Stelvio. But it must also ease to his very incisive direction, his 50/50 split its weight and its mass contained 1 659 kg, the best value in the segment. Audi also accused 186 kg more. It must be said that Alfa Romeo did not stint to lighten his SUV: bodywork and suspension aluminum elements, the brand has added a driveshaft in carbon.

The “lightness” also helps the engine which is expressed with fewer restrictions. And as this four-cylinder 2.2 Diesel with 210 HP and 470 Nm of torque poster for values greater than the 2.0 TDI Audi (190 HP, 400 Nm), the punch is clearly on the side of the Italian. The 0 to 100 km/h speak of himself: 6.6 to the Stelvio, 7.9 for the Q5. Also, note that the 2.2 Italian is relayed perfectly by the box car ZF 8 reports that the laws of passing transform large pallets behind the wheel (optional € 250) in a decorative object.

We’ll be less complimentary with the comfort of the Stelvio, especially on our test model, shod with optional 20-inch wheels. This is not fatal, but the coziest will find (rightly) that this Stelvio shakes a little too much on the road imperfections. And impossible for the moment to rely on depreciation led to curbing the phenomenon. This optional equipment will be available at the end of the year.

At the wheel of the Audi Q5

Change of atmosphere on board the Q5. Perceived quality up a notch and the furniture is both larger and more luxurious. This gentrified atmosphere can be enjoyed from the first kilometers. Compared to the little too sound Stelvio (too much diesel and poorly controlled sound of air), the Audi is a haven of peace. Here, the engine plays muted and it is not only noise on board. I must say that this S-Line version that benefits windows before acoustic serial puts the odds on his side to treat the atmosphere on board.

“The Stelvio lack of comfort. Not the Q5: a Pullman real with its pneumatic suspension“

The light direction and the S-Tronic pulse command participate in General softness. The downside of this cocoon, the Q5 filter both the thrill of driving that one does not always account how road behavior is effective. Reassuring and comforting, the Q5 is a strong fellow, but not as agile as the Stelvio dominating him through his most incisive direction and more powerful brakes.

If the Q5 the guard down on the winding roads, it takes the hand on major roads. His silence, his excellent comfort with air suspension (option €1 950) and its head-up display (not available on the Stelvio) make the King of travel. In town, its technology also speaks: driving in traffic jam assistant (he manages the reboot, the distance, and direction) is one more when the traffic is stuck.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio VS Audi Q5 Interior

In the Interior of the Alfa Stelvio

Alfa Romeo wants to compete with premium models, but there is still work to do in terms of perceived quality. The inside of the Stelvio is well crafted, but in detail, the care is not also pushed that aboard the Q5. A few trembling and badly dressed controls make even a little disorder.

On the GPS screen very well integrated into the cap of the dashboard, it is less rewarding and accurate than the Audi. We prefer to remember the sporting atmosphere on board. It’s nice, and meters with speedometer and tachometer in a bottom of well, it’s more authentic than a digital slab.
In the passenger compartment of the Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 is the King of screens: System virtual cockpit for the counters and tablet placed at the top of the dash, driven by a touch pad. Many orders and information require an adjustment period to control everything. On this point, the Stelvio is easier to handle.

The extreme concern of the detail in the Audi, the rattling of the orders or the accuracy of the assemblies, shapes a referent in the premium SUV cabin. The most demanding in terms of finishing end up there more here than in the Stelvio.

Rear seats and trunk

SUVS are chosen for their family value and their capacity. The Q5 is a little better here with his chest a little larger (550 l against 525 l to the Stelvio pass) and its sliding seat (€420) that allows you to adjust the space between the passenger compartment and the trunk.

The rear of the Q5 is also more welcoming: sitting deepest and steepest folder provide postural comfort. Note that in both cases, the seat rises at two while the central square is sacrificed (narrow, hard as wood and no room for feet).
The Audi Q5 is €3 900 more expensive in the versions selected. Some important but partly justified by a superior staffing, especially in technology, a point that the Stelvio leaves somewhat. Lights LED, powerful audio system, virtual cockpit, windows before acoustic and Apple CarPlay and Android car hands-free system are for example equipment delivered in series on the Q5 S-line and often unavailable, or as an option on the Stelvio (see table).

The consumption of both models are significantly close around 6.8 l / 100 km and is anyway not a gap of 0.5 l coming to a fuel budget. Ditto for the penalty which is not decisive: €50 for the Stelvio approved 127 g of CO2 and €113 for the Q5 with 132 g CO2/km.

The warranty period of 3 years or 100 000 km of the Stelvio (compared to the Audi 2 years) is an argument that speaks. The Q5 will be talking solid resale value to justify its price. According to our estimates, the Audi sells more expensive after 3 years/60 000 km of use: 56.6% of its new value, against €53.20 to the Stelvio pass.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio VS Audi Q5 Conclusion; Our choice is Alfa Romeo Stelvio

It is ultimately a game of emotion against perfection. The Stelvio is a choice of passion, pleasure driving higher (WOW!), but also a less prohibitive price. The Audi Q5 is inherently a better vehicle that fills his role of premium SUV and traveler 100% long term (what tranquility on board!). Our choice goes to the Stelvio pass. This is victory suddenly of heart and a design centered around the driving pleasure even if everything isn’t perfect: comfort and noise level are to improve, two criteria perfectly mastered in the Audi.
Alfa Romeo Stelvio

We love

  • Chassis, steering, brakes
  • Performance
  • Engine certification / box

We regret

  • Noisy diesel and aerodynamic noise
  • A few details of presentation
  • Withdrawal technology

Audi Q5

We love

  • Quality of the presentation
  • Technological content
  • Best rear space, market silence, and comfort

We regret

  • Prohibitive price
  • Filtered driving feel
  • High mass

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